War Cadence


Format Legality
Vintage Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Legacy Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal

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Set Rarity
Commander 2013 Uncommon
Mercadian Masques Uncommon

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War Cadence


(X)(Red): Creatures can't block this turn unless their controller pays (X) for each blocking creature he or she controls.

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War Cadence Discussion

golgariizzet on Narset having fun, opponents... Not so much

1 week ago

playing these colors you ever thought about pillow forting it up having Norn's Annex and things like Propaganda, Windborn Muse, Ghostly Prison, Sphere of Safety, Collective Restraint are really good at at making your opponents fight each other while you get to just build up and go in for the kill War Cadence is another really fun one so is Blazing Archon.

Jokulmorder1 on Eh, eh, eh, eh, Energy!

3 months ago

Fun! You've got some good energy win conditions, but I would suggest adding more Displace effects to get more bang out of cards that only make energy when they enter the battlefield (and to have extra fun with Panharmonicon). Or you could add a few more instants and sorceries for Dynavolt Tower, or more artifact-synergy cards for your artifacts, Servos, and Thopters. To make room, you could probably stand to cut some of the lower-impact energy creatures like Sage of Shaila's Claim.

And of course as your collection grows you're going to want to start upgrading some utility spells like Take Down and Renegade Tactics to Whirlwind or War Cadence, stuff like that.

shaistyone on Righteous Justice

4 months ago

Alright, some cards to consider.

More extra combats: Aggravated Assault, Savage Beating, Waves of Aggression, etc..

More defensive cards to keep your army around: Legion's Initiative, Ghostway, Eerie Interlude, Faith's Reward, etc..

Since almost every creature you have is white, some cards for that: Brave the Elements, Mass Calcify

Vandalblast - sweet asymmetrical value
Crackdown / Blind Obedience - excellent synergy, but both strong on their own
Order // Chaos - both sides relevant and great at the right moment
Path of Bravery - anthem + lifegain
War Cadence - not difficult to arrange alpha strikes or just slows opponents
Leonin Sun Standard - like a repeatable white Overrun
Master Warcraft - for the alpha strikes / removal of key creatures
Reconnaissance - by far, the best enhancement possible to your gameplan - I can't count how many times the ability to swing with every creature on every combat step has helped me out

escobert on

4 months ago

Thanks for the suggestions WMonkey1990. A lot of these cards would be good in a Krenko deck but with Worts reanimate ability you want to run heavy on creatures not other cards.

Goblin Rabblemaster - I don't like that he makes all Goblins attack. I don't want them all attacking every turn.

Goblin Rally - Too much mana, I have other token makers.

War Cadence - In the list.

Goblinslide - I run too many creatures for this to be useful.

Guttersnipe - See above.

Foundry Street Denizen - I've thought about adding him but, I've always found better options.

Krenko's Command - Just don't really have room for it.

Rod of Ruin - Don't have room or much need of it. Not a creature.

Berserkers' Onslaught - Too high of mana cost for what it does. Also, not a creature.

Impact Tremors - already in the list.

Massive Raid - Just a more expensive Goblin War Strike.

Purphoros, God of the Forge - I'd have to find a spot but he could work well in here.

RumAndCoke on Make Zendikar Great Again

5 months ago

Those are both cards I have yet to try. War Cadence looks especially fun. I can already feel the butthurt that card would give my opponents.

dlamars on Make Zendikar Great Again

5 months ago

Fair enough, Equilibrium has been very hit or miss with me. I love Mana Echoes though, if you find yourself looking for mana dumps Eldrazi Displacer and to a lesser extent War Cadence are ones I enjoy.

SkyknightXi on Commander Yasova--Melee Mastery

5 months ago

I'm actually going to try fitting in both MI (which just looks for the attack) and the Bident (which needs you to hit the opponent). That should satiate my desire for card draw.

OUT: Desertion, Mindswipe, Primal Rage (this will go into the maybeboard; I just realized how effective it is with the Bident)

IN: Bident of Thassa, Perilous Forays, War Cadence

griz024 on Commander Yasova--Melee Mastery

5 months ago

I think Bident of Thassa has a home in this deck. Better card draw than Military Intelligence, since it has a much higher "ceiling," while, admittingly having a lower "floor." Also its second ability can leave an opponent wide open.

As for combat altering cards:

Goblin War Drums

War Cadence

Chandra, Pyromaster

Illusionist's Gambit

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