Predator Ooze


Format Legality
Tiny Leaders Legal
Noble Legal
Leviathan Legal
Magic Duels Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Vintage Legal
Modern Legal
Vanguard Legal
Legacy Legal
Archenemy Legal
Planechase Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Unformat Legal
Casual Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Dark Ascension (DKA) Rare

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Predator Ooze

Creature — Ooze

Predator Ooze is indestructible.

Whenever Predator Ooze attacks, put a +1/+1 counter on it.

Whenever a creature dealt damage by Predator Ooze this turn dies, put a +1/+1 counter on Predator Ooze.

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Predator Ooze Discussion

Chopwood on They See Myr Rollin' - They Hatin'

2 weeks ago

squonk76 Oh yes! Put in a couple of Experiment One, Hardened Scales, Scavenging Ooze, Corpsejack Menace, Winding Constrictor together with the real MVP Predator Ooze and some Rancors and you have excellent Ooze deck ready to play! Some removal might be necessary as well :P Let's hope Simic invents some new eeze in the next set!

He_Who_Hungers on Thantis Total War

1 month ago

Love this deck... Thantis was a really cool card and I think this type of deck is the best way to play him.

Some ideas:

TypicalTimmy on Card creation challenge

1 month ago

Well "good" is a subjective term more so than an objective one, despite what most people would assume. For example, Gifted Aetherborn, I think we can all agree is a fantastic card and it saw tons and tons of play. Meanwhile, for additional cost, Vampire Nighthawk adds on Flying, and she sees next to no play outside of Commander. Evident by the fact she is literally 1/4th of the price - meaning she has 1/4th of the demand.

I would argue that for , that Flying is well worth it and this makes her a GREAT card, despite what the general community suggests. Even if people AGREE she's a good card, that doesn't change the fact she is seldom run in anything.

The same could be said about something like Steel Leaf Champion who for the same exact CMC and colors is strictly better than Leatherback Baloth, both of whom are not nearly as powerful as the same CMC and colors of Predator Ooze.

Likewise, Lava Spike is strictly worse than Lightning Bolt as you can not target as wide of a scale of threats. Midrange decks won't touch Lava Spike because it is not flexible enough for the boardstate. Burn decks who aim to win by T4 will thrive with 4x Lava Spike on top of 4x Lightning Bolt because it doubles your resources to win the game as fast as possible.

So, really "good" becomes just as subjective of a term as it is objective. It depends on not only the deck / meta / format you wish to play in, but also what it brings to the table (Literally) when compared to other cards of the same power level or casting cost.

Having said all of this, a card I truly admire and hold close to my heart is Savage Beating. As an aggro-midrange Timmy, I LOVE the idea of getting extra combat phases and dealing tons and tons of damage. Breaking through with an indomitable force always makes me giggle with glee. But the casting cost + entwine is a hard bargain. So I'll give it a push to help it out.

Savage Beating


Play Savage Beating only during combat and only before attackers are declared.

Choose one:

  • Creatures you control gain double strike until end of turn.
  • After this phase, untap all creatures you control. They gain haste. There is an additional combat phase.

Entwine: Sacrifice three mountains.

What this does is it allows the full potential of the card to blow up two turns earlier by sacrificing three lands you tapped for it's cost. If you can manage to blow out on T5, it's well worth the cost. It turns it from a late-game Timmy card to a mid-game Johnny card and I feel like this is sufficient enough to meet the challenge's requirements.

Same challenge. Take a good card and push it to become better.

TypicalTimmy on Card creation challenge

1 month ago

MurrSheep I too run a Rakdos Minotaur deck that features Mogis. For a bit I also included Angrath, for the memes. I eventually took him out as he actually slowed down the aggression of the deck.

Minotaur are still my #1 favorite Tribe in all of MTG, with Dragons and Knights at #2, and Warriors (Though they are kind of lackluster), Zombies, and Vampires at #3.

Tribal decks are my favorite archetype to build. I absolutely love the challenge of finding the right cards to make it as solid as possible. I have so many different Tribal decks right now, lol. I actually just bought a Simic Ooze "Tribal" where I play Predator Ooze and Scavenging Ooze and Clone them with Clone, Vizier of Many Faces and Helm of the Host. I also run in there 2-3 Darksteel Juggernaut as added aggression while I build my ranks. I tell you, Helm on Juggernaut is a match made in Heaven <3

On that note, to help out Neheb, the Eternal:

Nar-Ra, Spear of Passion and Rage

Legendary Artifact - Equipment

Equipped creature has haste and first strike.

, : Nar-Ra, Spear of Passion and Rage deals X damage to any target. Activate this only if it is equipped on a creature.


There are few worthy enough to brandish a weapon of the gods for fear of it being used against them. However, in rare exceptions, that fear is well worth the risk.

El-Nar being Egyptian for "Fire", "Hot", "Flame", etc. And Ra being their God of the Sun and such :)

Same challenge: Make a Legendary card of any type that has good synergy for one of your favorite Legendary Creatures.

BotaNickill on BotaNickill

1 month ago

I also just picked up a Stuffy Doll a Creepy Doll, and a Predator Ooze to maybe try and boost the indestructible theme and drop out the clones, but like I said, I'm still trying to modify the deck for better consistency right now as well.

Kogarashi on Tragic Slip Vs Indestructible.

2 months ago

Just so it's listed here too, -X/-X from cards like Tragic Slip isn't considered damage at all, or destruction. It's basically the temporary version of a number of -1/-1 counters, much like a card that grants +X/+X until end of turn, like Might of the Masses is the temporary version of a card that places +1/+1 counters like River Heralds' Boon. It doesn't kill a creature by assigning it lethal damage or destroying it, it kills it by simply making its toughness much lower and letting state-based actions do the rest.

So 702.12b isn't referring to effects like Tragic Slip, it's referring to damage like Lightning Strike or destruction like Murder. Neither of these work on Predator Ooze.

And yes, the state-based action of a creature with 0 toughness going to the graveyard, and the Cleanup Step at the end of a turn, are different things. As mentioned, state-based actions are constantly checked. The Cleanup Step at the end of the turn just helps clear things up and "reset" them for the next player's turn. This is where Tragic Slip would wear off if it didn't kill the creature (cast without morbid on something tougher than 1, or applied to a creature like Impervious Greatwurm with a toughness greater than 13).

Rhadamanthus on Tragic Slip Vs Indestructible.

2 months ago

They key thing here is that indestructible doesn't "ignore state based checks". It only means the object can't be destroyed by "destroy" effects or lethal marked damage. Having 0 or less toughness, the legend rule, and everything else still applies. If Predator Ooze has 13 or less total toughness and someone hits it with a morbid Tragic Slip, it will be put into the graveyard right after Slip resolves. It won't wait to die until some later point in the turn.

And to be clear: the game doesn't wait until the cleanup step to check for state-based actions. They're checked right before each time a player would get priority, all throughout the turn.

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