Mistcutter Hydra

Mistcutter Hydra

Creature — Hydra

Mistcutter Hydra can't be countered

Haste, Protection from blue

Mistcutter Hydra enters the battlefield with X +1/+1 counters on it.

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Mistcutter Hydra Discussion

Bassmaster on Mono Green Hyrdra Ramp

1 day ago

I for one love hydras! Check out some other cool hydras that benefit from a mana ramp: Mistcutter Hydra, Heroes' Bane, and Khalni Hydra to name a few.

Maybe try Somberwald Sage, Karametra's Acolyte, and either Circle of Elders or Whisperer of the Wilds.

+1 vote from me!

griffstick on Titania Ramp EDH

6 days ago

Mistcutter Hydra I aggree. You should put it in simply cause the haste. I'd take out Kalonian Twingrove cause you don't run enough basic lands

Podma101 on Titania Ramp EDH

6 days ago

Mistcutter Hydra is a good hydra too!

cb161907 on Surrak, the Mono-Blue Menace

1 week ago

Love this! It seems like you have plenty of mana to throw around. How about some hydras? Mistcutter Hydra seems like a good fit. Also, my favorite anti-blue Red Elemental Blast always makes blue players shit a chicken :)

chaoswalker on Anti Blue for Green that ...

1 week ago

Hey, I'm looking for cards accesible to green that can potentially punish blue decks, but still have use in other matchups and maybe even counter a few other strategies.

Some Cards I was Looking At:

Gaea's Revenge: Resilient to hate in general

Managorger Hydra: Not immune to hate, but can make a person think twice

Mistcutter Hydra: Anti blue, but can at least be a big creature with haste

Ruric Thar, the Unbowed: Well I suppose you could go full bloodrush/abilities

Savage Summoning: Even if you aren't playing blue this is still +1/+1 flash

Terra Stomper: 8/8 trample for 7 is... all right.

Thrun, the Last Troll Well if this isn't the most resilient card I've ever seen.

Voice of Resurgence Disrupts pretty much everything.

Witchstalker: Hits blue and black

Are any of these worth playing outside of blue matchups?

FLATSO99 on Hydra Wurm Modern

1 week ago

your welcome. if your playing in a more blue themed play group then id take Mistcutter Hydra over Primordial Hydra.but i would run Elvish Piper over Dramatic Entrance because Dramatic Entrance can be countered more easily due to the fact it is noncreauture and in a blue playgroup countering is going to be more likely then removal :)

evncrbch on Green EDH? Only if I can add White and Blue...

1 week ago

I definitely would enjoy seeing Prime Speaker Zegana in here as well as Master Biomancer. Craterhoof Behemoth can be a win-con. Sun Titan may be fun too. Most of the hydras would be worth looking at in this deck, but especially Mistcutter Hydra and Primordial Hydra.

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