Mistcutter Hydra

Mistcutter Hydra

Creature — Hydra

Mistcutter Hydra can't be countered

Haste, Protection from blue

Mistcutter Hydra enters the battlefield with X +1/+1 counters on it.

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Mistcutter Hydra Discussion

Mr.grizzly on Game Day Standard Devotion

21 hours ago

Ah a fellow green player, I love your deck! I do have some suggestions though, I am not a fan of the Elvish Visionary in this build. This is a spot where Voyaging Satyr would probably do better. I know why you have him though, the card draw. I would suggest Shamanic Revelation because it is amazing with Whisperwood Elemental! You know how Whisperwood gets out of hand and revelation will give you life for each fatty on the field,if you hit it around t5 you essentially get a fresh new 7 cards to start flooding the field again. Also I will tell you that Esper Control is a tad tough but I suggest the following cards in your sideboard: Display of Dominance, Gaea's Revenge, Mistcutter Hydra, Ranger's Guile, and Temur Sabertooth. If you are interested I could break down the anti Esper strategy for you I have had a 75% win ratio vs them in the past. All in all though give Shamanic Revelation a playtest and tell me what you think. +1 great deck overall!

jaggthemiller on need help for game day

1 day ago

take out : Nemesis of Mortals 1 Nemesis of Mortals both Encase in IceDragon Throne of Tarkir, sideboard Mistcutter Hydra, take out Noble Quarry and 1 Karametra's Acolyte

taking out those should allow you to add 2 mana as well

xzypher on Modern Mono Green Stomp

1 day ago

Hmmm... You've got yourself a pretty great list right here. Really only a few little tweaks. One thing that I notice right off the bat is the Mistcutter Hydra. Don't get me wrong it's a great card but you're just gonna be sad if you hit it with collected company because you have to cast it for 0 and it dies. In actuality you might not really need the acceleration from Llanowar Elves as you pretty much curve out at 3 CMC save CoCo. Also to put 4 drops in a CoCo deck I would need to be pretty convinced by them and I'm really not by Surrak, the Hunt Caller so I would take him out. As for what to replace these guys with I would start by upping the number of Scavenging Ooze to 3. It's just so good and it makes your avatar or the resolutes better. I would also go up to 4 ofs with avatar of the resolute and experiment one just for the synergies. I would also put Eternal Witness in the last 3 spots. I might consider going down to 3 Kitchen Finks for the last Eternal Witness just for the card recursion. As for rancor vs vines I think you should go all in on vines with a playset. It allows you extra counters on your avatars (my favorite creature in this deck) and adds an element of surprise. Again all of this is your call and I'm really just nitpicking at this point. Looks great!

kchedges on 2015-08-03 update of Modern Mono ...

1 day ago

xzypher - Hey I really appreciate the interest and advice. I wish you could see all the versions and evolutions this deck has been through but I understand most of the points you made. For the most part though I hope that you can see and value that this is not every other stompy deck, and if it was I wouldn't have to make a decklist. But here's what I think.

Collected Company - Absolutely amazing. You are totally right. By far outplays Hunter's Insight. I will definitely consider adding a second in too, but not a playset. I don't plan to stop including higher than 3CMC creatures, so I'm not going to gamble too much.

Evolutionary Leap - I'm totally offended you think this isn't playable actually. Not that you don't have the right to say that, because no one does play it. But it is absolutely unstoppable. Your reasoning is rubbish. So far anytime I have one in my hand at the start of a game, I can't lose. It absolutely has an immediate impact. It throws all removal out the door. Plus it provides a replacement for anything I don't want, like a turn 4 Arbor Elf or Experiment One. I'd play more than one of these if I wasn't worried about having a dead card in my hand. This is obviously my personal preference, but you should ask the people I play against if it is playable or not.

Birds of Paradise - Good card, but not for stompy. You made me totally question your ability to give advice just by suggesting it as a chump blocker. This is stompy. Blocking is not my prerogative, especially against UR Twin. If I play twin anything, my goal is to have the game finished by turn 4, so any damage counts. Even 1 from a measly Arbor Elf. My ramp is absolutely what I need. Enough consistency to land T2 Leatherback Baloth or Boggart Ram-Gang frequently. But if I'm lucky, I have a T2 Vengevine and 6 mana to play with on T3. Without the ramp, it would also be silly to run 3 Mistcutter Hydras. Obviously this is my own choice, but again that's what makes it a separate entity from every other stompy deck.

Rancor vs Vines of Vastwood - I totally get why you would say one or the other. There are a lot of stompy decks that run a playset of both even. I've tried to add more but I'm just looking at too many non-creature spells. I don't want to cut out either though, although Vines of Vastwood has a good pull for the better card in the deck. Rancor to me though is a necessity, even if it came down to just running one in the deck. If you want to play it though you could go either way and you wouldn't be wrong.

Kalonian Tusker - Love the card and I used to play him in this deck. Strangleroot Geist stole his slot though. I'd put it back in put it's not worth losing a 3-drop for. Avatar of the Resolute trumps him anyway though. Either way, I still wouldn't take any of them over the geist. He has too much staying power and haste wins games in modern. Scavenging Ooze is more resourceful also, if anything i'd rather have more of him than these two.

Dryad Militant - Used to run a playset of these also. Good card, but his ability is only useful like 1 in every 4th game or so and a 2/1 is pretty unremarkable otherwise. Plus you're shooting yourself in the foot if you try him and your Eternal Witness combo.

Kitchen Finks - Really good in pod - not very useful in stompy. To be honest lifegain really doesn't mean too much in this deck. Perhaps for the sideboard, but why not Feed the Clan or Obstinate Baloth? He's just not comparable to other 3-drops.

Vorapede - I expect no one else to be compelled to include this in their version of my deck. It's all personal touch. He gets out on the field occasionally and usually only gets a single attack anyway. I may not keep it in the deck but it will always be one of my favorite cards.

Vengevine - There is a reason this is a 20 dollar card. I understand you are a huge fan of Collected Company and all, but I am a huge fan of cards with haste, and he's one of the best. Even if he is a 4-drop, and even if you think 4-drops shouldn't be played in modern. He is pretty unstoppable, even if you counter him. And then even if you counter two creatures on my next turn, I'll still be swinging for 4 more damage. That's just the way I like to play.

Eternal Witness - Great combo with Collected Company. Not reliable though unless I've got a playset of both, but then that would clog up all the stomping, and this is stompy after all.

Really really really appreciate your willingness to give such extensive feedback though. I will totally take any and all further ideas if you have any. I'm going to add some CoCo and sugar and you can re-evaluate if you like. May not be run of the mill but out of the box wins games often when they can't anticipate my plays.

Bigturd on The Night of the walking .... Lands?

1 day ago

Like he said, hydras. Mistcutter Hydra, Genesis Hydra, Feral Hydra, Vastwood Hydra, Hooded Hydra. Stuff like that. Might I also suggest Khalni Hydra.

kchedges on

4 days ago

Really cool idea I like it. A big problem with this one though is you only have 13 creatures in the whole deck. The last thing you want is to have 20 mana and nothing to play with it. I would suggest adding 4 Elvish Mystics to help with the ramp, plus he can block or ping for 1. I would also play 3/4 Avatar of the Resolute because he is an outstandingly powerful card. You should also bring in 4 Servant of the Scales because he can be a beast with Hardened Scales and he passes his counters when he dies. Maybe Mistcutter Hydra and Genesis Hydra to be able to take full advantage of all your ramp. Also, take a look at my Standard Mono Monster Mash. It's mono-green but it's counters and I feel like it can give you some ideas.

secondwhiteline on Hedron Crab Landfetch

4 days ago

Really fun deck to playtest! A few suggestions...Undergrowth Scavenger really isn't doing much for you, especially because you've got so much bounce-back instead of kill.

To help slow down opponents, Kiora, the Crashing Wave seems like a good maindeck option, and she's not too expensive if you want more. And Reality Shift's a great option for this deck for those tough creatures. And Harbinger of the Tides, which is super flexible and gives you a nice creature swing - maybe combine it with some more countermagic to make sure their stuff stays gone.

For ramping, you may also want to consider Nissa, Vastwood Seer  Flip, although I know she's already a costly one to get. Otherwise, there's always Lotus Cobra, which is at least a bit cheaper.

It's not an all-time great, but Dreadwaters goes pretty well with the Crab.

I like Coiling Oracle, but you could probably get more out of Satyr Wayfinder. If you really want to get crazy, you might try Bloodghast, which you can ditch to the graveyard asap and keep bringing back - there's a lot of green self-mill/searching out there now that goes well with it. And you also may want to consider Rampaging Baloths as a one-of killer (or just load up on more Primeval Titans). Maybe even Mistcutter Hydra to take advantage of all that mana.

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