Mistcutter Hydra

Mistcutter Hydra

Creature — Hydra

Mistcutter Hydra can't be countered

Haste, Protection from blue

Mistcutter Hydra enters the battlefield with X +1/+1 counters on it.

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Mistcutter Hydra Discussion

Hydrax on Little Gruul Friends

2 days ago

I like this, gonna give it a +1

Noticed that you had 2 slots open in your sideboard, perhaps Gaea's Herald in case you're against a control deck with lots of counter spells.

Mistcutter Hydra and Autumn's Veil are alternate options as well

Nightdragon779 on Wrath

4 days ago

If you like big creatures, a good deck for you to play is tron. Ideally, it gets 7 colorless at turn 3, letting you play bombs like Karn Liberated and Wurmcoil Engine on turn 3, and Ugin, the Spirit Dragon on turn 4. Some cards for this deck could be some big hydras. I love hydras, and I use them in my mono green ramp deck. Some hydras include: Kalonian Hydra, Primordial Hydra, Genesis Hydra, Mistcutter Hydra and for you, Apocalypse Hydra, and maybe even Savageborn Hydra. Dragon Broodmother is a big flyer, so consider that. Your deck dies easily to flyers, so something with reach and/or flying will prevent that from easily happening.

Pheardemons on R/G Aggro

6 days ago

You should switch Lightning Strike with Lightning Bolt. You seem to have a scattered theme with this deck. You have token generators, Surrak, the Hunt Caller probably would never get to give a creature haste because your creatures don't seem strong enough, and you have Mistcutter Hydra which probably won't be able to be very big because there isn't enough mana producing creatures or ramp to get there. Same will most likely go for Crater's Claws. I'd suggest taking a second look and truly trying to look at what you want the deck to go for. If you want aggro maybe look into cards like Ghor-Clan Rampager, and Goblin Guide, Monastery Swiftspear, and maybe Primordial Hydra since it will double its own counters even if it's only one. If you want to stick to the ramp theme maybe keep some of the token generators and look into Xenagos, the Reveler that can produce a lot of mana at once. Also if your looking at cards to possibly be a win condition like Crater's Claws maybe look into Banefire as it can't be countered above 5. Just some suggestions for you. And of course the mana ramp creatures like Birds of Paradise and Noble Hierarch

masada631 on Hydra Death Kill

1 week ago

Hi there! Glad you're having fun with Magic, and hope you continue to do so.

I just wanted to address some points.

  • I suggested the inclusion of Summoning Trap. I'd like to correct that and say that Summoning Trap will not work in this deck. Because of the way the rules work, if it hits a hydra, all the hydras with X in their casting cost will enter the battlefield as 0/0s and immediately die.
  • Even with all the advice we're giving you, there is no substitute for playtesting. Throw together a deck, test it out against your friends, and make edits to the deck based on what you find it lacks.
  • Don't forget you have a 15-card sideboard. Your main deck of 60 cards does not need to be strong against everything. Niche cards like Mistcutter Hydra or Creeping Corrosion that are good for only one matchup should be placed in the sideboard.

-Akhlys- on U/G Infinite Mana Combo

1 week ago

I think Mistcutter Hydra would be good because it is an x card with haste so with infinite mana, you make it and infinite/infinite that can't be countered or taken typically

m.j.m.p.email on Hydra Death Kill

1 week ago
This deck seems to be split between midrange (ramping for a hydra) and aggro.  It needs faster, more effective ramp, better finishers and fewer irrelevant creatures.  I agree with all of masada631's suggestions on what to take out.  Just because these cards are good does not mean that they will help with the primary goal of the deck.  I notice there is a lot of landfall.  To that end you could use Lotus Cobra and Kodama's Reach.  Cultivate would also work.  I like your choice in Elvish Mystic.  It's a solid and effective creature.  You could try Elves of Deep Shadow in case you don't have the black mana you need for your removal.  Also, Mistcutter Hydra should really be a sideboard card.  It's only that good against blue.  A playset (4x) of Primordial Hydra with Kalonian Hydra could be very funny.  Also, Corpsejack Menace is very nice in this deck.  You should have a playset.

P.S. You might want to replace your Hero's Downfall. It's slow and most decks won't use a lot of planeswalkers anyway. I recommend Vines of Vastwood. It can catch attacking creatures off guard and protect your hydras in case someone else is playing a Doom Blade!

masada631 on Hydra Death Kill

1 week ago

Hi there!

First question I'd like to ask is what format you want this deck for. I'm not sure if you're familiar with the format system, but in each format, there are basically different rules on which cards can be played. From the deck you've put together so far, it looks like Modern, so let's just go with that for now.

The next question is: what do you want your deck to do? From what you wrote in the description, I think the idea is to1) ramp up (increase the amount of mana you have available) quickly with lands, and then cast big hydras to destroy the opponent. 2) control the board by destroying your opponent's creatures.

So, again, let's go with that.

Now, let's look at how each card in your deck achieves that.

Courser of Kruphix is great. The removal package also looks fairly ok. Elvish Mystic and Sylvan Caryatid are great at helping to ramp up (and Sylvan Caryatid is a personal favourite card of mine!)

Cards I Would Cut

The immediate ones that strike me as unnecessary are Pharika, God of Affliction, Vampire Nighthawk, Zulaport Cutthroat, Garruk, Apex Predator, Scavenging Ooze and Bow of Nylea. To me, these cards do not help achieve your goals. There are also various issues with each, and if you'd like to know the details of why I don't think they're suitable just drop me a message.

Land Base

Now let's start from the bottom and look at your land base. Colour wise, I think you've balanced it pretty well. I understand this deck is probably built on a budget, so you may not be able to buy things like Verdant Catacombs or Overgrown Tomb, but there are also cheaper alternatives such as Woodland Cemetery or Llanowar Wastes that you might like to check out. However, I would suggest increasing the number of lands to 24+. Since this deck is a landfall deck, you want to make sure you hit your land drops. If landfall becomes a bigger theme, you may also consider some amount of Evolving Wilds or Terramorphic Expanse to benefit from the extra landfall triggers.

Ramp Package

I mentioned earlier that I think your ramp creatures are fine. I would suggest, however, looking into cards that allow you to increase the number of lands on the field rather than tapping for mana. This would have the added benefit of triggering landfall e.g. on Oran-Rief Hydra. Some cards you may consider are Farseek, Sakura-Tribe Elder, Explore.


I feel that you have too wide a spread of hydras in your deck. Certainly, Mistcutter Hydra is great against a blue deck, and Polukranos, World Eater is good against a weenie deck, but since you're playing only 1 of each, the chances of you drawing them in a given match are extremely small. I'd suggest choosing the 2 best hydras you have and playing more copies of each. You're also playing too few hydras to draw into them consistently, with only about 60% chance to draw into these by turn 4. With the Modern format being the way it is, it's very likely that they will get killed immediately after hitting the board. I'd increase the number of hydras and also include some number of Summoning Trap or Chord of Calling.


I think your removal package looks ok as it is. My only concern is Hero's Downfall which costs bb to cast. With your mana base the way it is, this may be a little difficult. GB decks also have the best removal available to them. May be a little pricey, but take a look at Maelstrom Pulse and Abrupt Decay.

I hope this helps. Let me know if you have any questions and feel free to disagree with me!

Caligula on Hydranyx - The Rampfather

1 week ago

I'd probably drop out Mistcutter Hydra for Gaea's Revenge. Your probably going to be able to make a bigger impact with gaea than mistcutter ever could.

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