Ensnaring Bridge


Format Legality
Vintage Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Legacy Legal
Modern Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal

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Set Rarity
Masterpiece Series: Kaladesh Inventions Mythic Rare
Eighth Edition Rare
Seventh Edition Rare
Stronghold Rare

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Ensnaring Bridge


Creatures with power greater than the number of cards in your hand can't attack.

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Ensnaring Bridge Discussion

Gamerjfire on U/B Tezzerator

14 hours ago

Whir of Invention is an extremely powerful card in this type of list, where you can tap your extra artifacts for good effect, and provides some tutoring capabilities. Ensnaring Bridge as well as a good hate card.

MisterMuffin21 on B/W Tokens

18 hours ago

As for elves, If you need extra help, Floodgate-type cards can be very helpful. Ghostly Prison slow them down a little and/or shrink their alpha strikes quite a bit. Worship is effective, however Shaman of the Pack and Throne of the God-Pharaoh will kill you. Ensnaring Bridge would be your best bet here, but you have to empty your hand quick. ( and they're 50$ :/ )

Otherwise, extra copies of Zealous Persecution or extra spot removal can work wonder here. I also like Runed Halo quite a bit in this match-up since it can fit two roles: protect from Shaman of the Pack, or punish him for playing multiple similar elves. Other than than you wanna run some sweepers like Wrath of God or Hour of Reckoning. Pithing Needle is also very good for jamming Ezuri, Renegade Leader and if you wanna go that route, Nevermore can prevent them from casting certain key card; namely Collected Company, Chord of Calling or Lead the Stampede.

APPLE01DOJ on 8-Rack BW

1 day ago

Lingering Souls can single handedly take over games. It slows aggro, chumps midrange, it's resilient value, works with Ensnaring Bridge and pushes extra damage through.

Myth Realized has sorcery speed protection but really what decks are playing sorcery speed removal?

APPLE01DOJ on 8-Rack BW

2 days ago

-4 Myth Realized +4 Lingering Souls

-3 Smallpox + 2 Blackmail & 1 Fatal Push

Cutting Smallpox you can afford to cut some lands to MB Ensnaring Bridge, it's personal taste though.

xyr0s on Need help to find a ...

3 days ago

Lantern control on... a... budget?!? We talk about the same deck, right? 4 Mox Opal, 4 Ensnaring Bridge and not as much as a single basic land in the whole thing? Not terribly interactive either: Slam bridge, empty hand, mill ftw.

8-whack... that's a budget deck. And martyrproc. Both are single color, and rely on synergies between cards that don't see much play, or which are very common and in great supply. That's the stuff budget decks are based on, in my opinion, rather than downgrades of better decks.

emrakulinsmugglers on Elf Party

3 days ago

about running Nissa Revane, i generally find that her +1 for gaining life isnt as important, and although running 1 in mainboard can work, it would be one of the first things that i would board out because a. she relies on you having your creatures alive. If you had your creatures alive, shouldnt you be attacking and trying to win the game? (save Ensnaring Bridge). b. cost. Her ultimate is a great threat, as always, to any deck, and can easily be removed, attacked at, bolted (she happens to go up to 3 on the turn you cast her), and becomes a 4 mana Nissa's Chosen, or gain 8 life.

also, you might want to run a 4x Elvish Archdruid, by moving scavenging ooze to sideboard (and cutting jarad). ooze is a great card, but in your starting mainboard, unless your meta is all graveyard strategies, you want to run few non elf creatures, as they can become dead draws. a 4th archdruid also allows for more consistency, and better ramping.

nice elf build you got going here! +1

Emzed on Eldritch Dragons 2.0

4 days ago

Happy i could help :)
Kitchen Finks is a great card and the perfect creature for your needs. Eternal Witness is just as fitting, but limiting yourself to 1-2 copies seems right, since drawing too many of them can be become awkward with nothing meaningful to return. It's just a 2/1, so its ability really has to deliver. Unfortunately, Eldritch Evolution exiles itself upon resolution. (However, there are matchups where it's quite powerful to have Eternal Witnesses returning eachother in a loop whenever one of them dies. But those matchups are too infrequent to justify more than 2 copies in my opinion.)
As for other 3-drop creatures to sacrifice, i am not really sure what the best options are for your colors. Troll Ascetic is a good card for sure, but usually you don't really want to sacrifice it. Wolfir Avenger and Yasova Dragonclaw i'm not a big fan of, both require quite a bit of mana, otherwise they aren't all that great. Carven Caryatid is good if you sacrifice it or not, but such a defensive creature unfortunately doesn't fit well into your strategy. Tuktuk the Explorer can be insane if you can make him die, otherwise it's a 3 mana Raging Goblin. Goblin Ruinblaster seems really good, but it usually requires 4 mana. Rishkar, Peema Renegade, Borderland Ranger or Filigree Familiar might be okay, with the Familiar being the best of the three in my opinion.
As for 5-drops, i like the dragons and Thragtusk a lot, Blitz Hellion i don't have any experience with so i can't judge it, but Urabrask the Hidden isn't quite on the same level as the others i believe. An interactive card like Acidic Slime might be better, since that solves problems the other cards can't handle (like Ensnaring Bridge or Oblivion Stone). A total of 8 five mana creatures seems okay, but i would rather go down than up in number.
Maybe you could fit a Kessig Wolf Run into your mana base, it's quite a nice mana sink. 22-23 lands total seems right though.
I think i would sideboard Forked Bolt to beat aggressive decks, Ancient Grudge against Affinity etc, Magus of the Moon to punish greedy mana bases, and Burning-Tree Shaman to shut down some combo decks.
1-2 Reclamation Sage and the Thragtusk can definitely stay in the sideboard, and Loaming Shaman and Guttural Response can be good tools as well, the other cards i don't think you really need.

JKRice on I need a name for this deck

5 days ago

I know. That is in the super non-budget version. Ensnaring Bridge is around 150 dollars.

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