Blooming Marsh


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Blooming Marsh


Blooming Marsh enters the battlefield tapped unless you control two or fewer other lands.

: Add or to your mana pool.

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Blooming Marsh Discussion

multimedia on GWb Midrange

1 week ago

Hey, you're welcome. I like the new direction so much more than the old version. Good job with the rebuild!

If you're playing this deck at PPTQs then consistency becomes very important. Consistency is a huge factor in winning games. The rest of this comment is going to be how you can make game play with the deck more consistent.

Adding black for Abzan a three color manabase reduces the consistency a lot. You want turn one for Llanowar and then after that you want to make for Jadelight and for Lyra. Adding black can really conflict with making mana for these double single color casting costs. Other than main Push, Vraska, Scrapheap Scrounger and sideboard Duress I don't think adding black as a third color does enough to warrant hurting the consistency of being able to play your green and white cards.

Push is a great card, but white has two alternatives that are in my opinion just as good, Seal Away and Gideon's Reproach. I suggest playing three color Abzan at FNM(lesser tournament) and playing two color Selesnya at PPTQ(greater tournament).

Nice job adding Servant of the Conduit he's really wanted to help to make mana for these double single color cards and the black splash. Consider Aether Hub? Hub is great with Servant and it can be a turn one untapped green source for Llanowar. This makes a huge difference in consistency of playing Llanowar turn one. Currently there's 5 sources of green that can ETB untapped turn one, 5 Forests, this is low. Adding 4x Hub makes 9 of these sources, still low. Using Hub to play Llanowar turn one is not ideal, but it's an option that increases your ability to play turn one Llanowar and that's worth it. Realistically you want 10 minimum sources of green that can ETB untaped turn one to consistency be able to play Llanowar turn one. Hub gets you closer to this without having to play a ton of Forests.

Consider Blooming Marsh? Marsh and Botanical Sanctum are excellent lands to play when playing Llanowar because they can ETB turn one untapped this gives Golgari/Abzan and Simic more consistency with Llanowar. For instance here if you add 4x Hub, 4x Marsh and keep 5 Forests this gives 13 possible turn one sources of green for Llanowar. Marsh is also a very good land with Push letting you use it turn one to play it or Llanowar. You would like to be able to cast Push in the first three turns of the game to combat aggro. Marsh gives you a possible source that ETB untapped the first three turns of the game to play Push.

Consider this 24 land Abzan manabase(18 green sources, 14 white sources, 12 black sources):

  • 4x Hub
  • 4x Marsh
  • 3x Sunpetal
  • 3x Chapel
  • 2x Scattered
  • 5x Forest
  • 2x Plains
  • 1x Swamp

You'll notice in this manabase example that the most important lands that are 4 ofs or more can be used to play Llanowar turn one. This adds consistency, being able to play Llanowar turn one; the concept this manabase is built around.

Lets compare this Abzan manabase example with a 24 land Selesnya manabase(21 green sources, 15 white sources):

  • 4x Hub
  • 4x Sunpetal
  • 4x Scattered
  • 9x Forest
  • 3x Plains

This Selesnya example is much more streamlined, it has the same amount of green sources that can ETB untapped turn one for Llanowar, but a huge difference is the number of Forests. Nine Forests compared to only 5 in the Abzan manabase. This Selesnya example makes it much more consistent that you'll have a Forest for a turn one Llanowar.

The advantage of playing Llanowar is being able to ramp into a turn two three drop. In the case here Jadelight which is a great addition and one of the best turn two plays with help from Llanowar. Consider 4x Jadelight? I suggest this because this increases the consistency of getting turn one Llanowar and turn two Jadelight. You want the most opportunity in game play to be able to play these two cards turn one and turn two; 4x of each of them helps. Consider cutting 1x Angel of Sanctions for 1x more Jadelight?

Good luck at the PPTQs.

Chasmolinker on Standard Jund

2 weeks ago

2 or 3 Blooming Marsh should even out your color pie. Any reason you’re not running Duress over Kitesail Freebooter

Chino90 on Shrooms ... They're everywhere !!

2 weeks ago

I would replace Necrogenesis with Fungal Plots. It is more versatile as a maindeck card. If you want to add some GY hate, just put some Tormod's Crypt or Scavenging Ooze in the SB.

Also, cut the 2x Thallid and add 2x Tukatongue Thallid. Spore counters are mechanic that is just too slow. On the other side, you want to have targets ready for when Mycoloth hits the board, and also to trigger Slimefoot's ability.

I would also use Tragic Slip over Vicious Offering. Broader range and 1 mana cheaper.

Fungal Sprouting should be a 1x, since it relies too much on a fed mycoloth to be efficient. It is more like a finisher. I would add 4x Spore Swarm, and cut the Saproling Migration.

Finally, 4x Blooming Marsh would be great. It is a little bit expensive considering you are making this a budget deck, but it could really smooth it.

Elmoisamac on There Will Be Elves (Abzan Edition)

3 weeks ago

BobJeph I might get a play set at some point, but right now I am holding off. In a lot of situations Blooming Marsh functions the same so I am happy with it for now. I appreciate the suggestion!

Shane on D is for Dominaria Discard

3 weeks ago

Cool deck! I would swap out 2 Forest for 2 more Blooming Marsh if you have them. Also I would try to fit in some spot removal.

PTsmitty on W: Abzan Rites Pieces H: ...

4 weeks ago

I am looking for the following cards to complete a Abzan Rites decklist that I found:
4x Restoration Angel Iconic Masters version preferred
4x Siege Rhino
3x Unburial Rites
1x Satyr Wayfinder
2x Blooming Marsh

Here is my binder for reference to what I have to offer.

Vlasiax on Swiftspear Stampede

4 weeks ago

How about adding 1-2 Blooming Marsh to the deck? This addiction could speed up the deck a little or at least hurt less during the early turns

geoffw on B/G Saproling

4 weeks ago

This looks really good for your first time building a deck!

The one problem I see is Cabal Stronghold. In order to make more mana with it than you would by replacing it with a basic swamp, you need 5 basic swamps in play, but there are only 7 in the whole deck. Basic lands are fine here. If you want to use something else, you could try Memorial to Unity, Hashep Oasis, Ifnir Deadlands, Memorial to Folly, Blooming Marsh, or maybe even Aether Hub or Foul Orchard.

I would also recommend Hour of Glory instead of Eviscerate. They only cost a few cents and are strictly better. When Hour of Glory rotates in the fall, Eviscerate might become more useful.

Also keep Duress in mind as a possible substitute for or companion to Divest, depending on what problems you're running into.

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