Blooming Marsh


Format Legality
Modern Legal
Legacy Legal
Vintage Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal
Standard Legal
Frontier Legal

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Set Rarity
Kaladesh Rare

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Blooming Marsh


Blooming Marsh enters the battlefield tapped unless you control two or fewer other lands.

: Add or to your mana pool.

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Blooming Marsh Discussion

Stephencliffe on Black/Green Standard

9 hours ago

Black green is a really strong color combination in modern, which is what this deck would qualify as. Many of these cards are pretty weak though, and like I_has_a_Leg said, using only one of each card isn't a great idea.

I have a lot to say about this deck, but I'll limit myself to three main suggestions.

Firstly, run 60 cards, with a 15 card sideboard. And as mentioned before, run playsets of many of your cards to make the deck more consistent. And you should have a lower average converted mana cost for your deck, as well as a good mana curve. You want to try to play a spell every single turn.

Secondly, your mana base is really weak right now. If you want to play standard, Hissing Quagmire and Blooming Marsh are the dual lands you need. For modern, you're looking at cards like Overgrown Tomb and Verdant Catacombs.

Lastly, your deck needs more diversity. This means that you need a healthy amount of hand destruction, creatures, removal and card draw. If Dark Confidant is what you end up using for card draw, you might need some form of life gain as well.

Hope this helps.

APPLE01DOJ on Golgari Obliterator

11 hours ago

I'm not sure what you use 2x Mortuary Mire, 3x Noxious Revival, and 3x Eternal Witness for? Seems a bit overkill. Especially when all your discard is on your SB.

Also I would probably cut 3x Forest and add Blooming Marsh #4 and 2 more black fetches. I think Bloodstained Mire is cheapest.

I agree with the above that Grim Flayer would be good here. You don't really need Life from the Loam but if it's working for you no harm done. I would drop Ulvenwald Tracker completely. It's a horrible top deck and requires a board state to even be worthwhile.

Boza on Dredgevine

1 day ago

Pretty good, but one suggestion - you would want to run 4 gravecrawler, as it is the only creature that is cast from the graveyard, making it pretty crucial for the vengevine. Mainboard, I would cut the watery grave (if you are casting the amalgams, the game is probably over by that point) for a non-pain-inducing land like Blooming Marsh. And I would move 1 Gnaw to the main, instead of 1 conflagrate or maybe even a land? Having mainboard access to the effect makes life much easier vs hyper aggro decks like say, Affinity or Burn, which are quite hard matchups.

Shadow12721 on Novisius's Graveyard Shenanigans!

1 day ago

Blooming Marsh over Terramorphic Expanse.

Orion93 on G/B Deathtouch

2 days ago

The most expensive cards in the deck I shared above are Kalitas, Traitor of Ghet , Blooming Marsh, and Hissing Quagmire. Without those cards the deck is very affordable and they aren't necessary to play the deck. Just very handy to have.

gamewizard7 on Abzan Midrange: Advice Wanted

2 days ago

Hi All,Thanks for the great input you have given me! Here is what I am considering for the next deck update:

  1. -3 Valorous Stance +3 Fatal Push
  2. -1 Geier Reach Sanitarium,+1 Blooming Marsh
  3. +1 Gideon, Ally of Zendikar (Note: I don't have him yet, but I know someone with it that I could possibly trade with) -1 Sorin, Solemn Visitor

A lot of the cards suggested are too expensive because I don't want to pay that much money for single cards, like Kalitas, Traitor of Ghet and Grim Flayer. I will try to find people with these cards and trade with them. I appreciate the advice and I will keep those cards in mind when the prices go down :)

Thank you all for the advice, let me know if there is anything I should add to the next update!

Leatherankh on Grind my gears

2 days ago

I like the basic idea of this deck, lots of recursion with creatures that have powerful ETB effects, but I see some flaws in the deck design.

1) You have no green sources other than Aether Hub and Verdurous Gearhulk requires 2. You could bring it back with Ever After but that assumes it gets to the graveyard in the first place and the only self-mill you have is my second critique point...

2) You are running Combustible Gearhulk in a deck with an average CMC of 2.32. Yes you could pull 2 Hulks and deal 12, but you actually have a better chance of pulling a land, Fatal Push, and Grasp of Darkness, deal 3 and lose 2 of your removal spells, which is damaging because....

3) You are only running 9 creatures/artifacts, which gives you very few targets for your spells such as Mechanized Production, as well as limiting the usefulness of Verdurous Gearhulk's counters. And the other problem with being so spell heavy...

4) You are running 23 spells but only 3 draw sources, which means you are going to either end up empty handed after blowing through your removal or you will be sitting on a bunch of spells in your hand with no targets.

It seems like you are trying to do two different things with the deck, and that is the problem. You can't play both control and creature copy/recursion, you need to pick one and go from there. If you go with the former, skip the green 'Hulk and go with Noxious Gearhulk instead, add some Anticipate for card draw, pull out the creature copy spells, add some counters like Disallow and go up to 25 or 26 lands. If you go with the latter, go up to a full playset of the 'Hulks, swap out Fumarole for some combination of Botanical Sanctum and Blooming Marsh, add some counters like Negate and Dispel to fight your copy spells through and trim the removal.

I really like this idea overall. Hopefully my recommendations help. Good Draws!

APPLE01DOJ on Rock 2017

5 days ago

Blooming Marsh is awesome. Added it and haven't looked back.

Hissing Quagmire is pretty meh. It's not nearly as versatile or aggressive as Treetop Village. Running less copies also means it's not available as often either. Tapping for green or black is nice but if I could figure out a way to work Treetop Village back in I would.

Thanks for the upvote. I'll have a look at your deck.

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