Wasteland Strangler


Format Legality
Tiny Leaders Legal
Limited Legal
Frontier Legal
Vintage Legal
Modern Legal
Highlander Legal
Block Constructed Legal
Standard Legal
Legacy Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Casual Legal
Unformat Legal
Pauper Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Battle for Zendikar Rare

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Wasteland Strangler

Creature — Eldrazi Processor

Devoid (This card has no color.)

When Wasteland Strangler enters the battlefield, you may put a card an opponent owns from exile into that player's graveyard. If you do, target creature gets -3/-3 until end of turn.

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Wasteland Strangler Discussion

PeeBee on Now you see me...

1 week ago

Yeah I understand its less hate on the opponent with my changes, however most people go white/black for more hate cards like Tidehollow Sculler + Wasteland Strangler combo etc. And its harder to have cards in green.

rothgar13 on Abzan Flicker feedback please

2 weeks ago

Double post.

rothgar13 on Abzan Flicker feedback please

2 weeks ago

You have the start of something interesting here, but I think you need more disruption in the early game to make sure you get to cast your big creatures. I'm also not a fan of Llanowar Elves in a 3-color budget deck that is probably going to need some mana fixing. I'd suggest cards like Birds of Paradise, Tidehollow Sculler, Wasteland Strangler, and Flickerwisp. You can do some pretty neat tricks with Sculler + Strangler or Flickerwisp + Stranger (like take an opponent's card, process it, and not have to give it back).

NobleGhost117 on Eldrazi exile

3 weeks ago

Alright, okay. Sit down, buckle in because as someone who loves Eldrazi there's a few suggestions that you may just love for this deck.

If this deck is based around exiling your opponent's stuff (be it library or on the field), then mana ramping into big eldrazi to finish off the game, you're gonna want a rather focused deck. Things like Drownyard Behemoth aren't great because, in order for you to reduce it's cost to something practical, you either need to sacrifice your big finishers OR one or two mana dorks. Neither of these are great. Instead there's a very interesting finisher in Ulamog's Despoiler. It costs less mana for a larger creature that will beat your opponents down faster.

The other problem with the current concept is your average converted mana cost for your stuff. Right now it's 5.70. To put that in perspective, on average to cast something in your deck you're going to need 6 mana. Even if you have a few mana dorks on the field, you won't have a noteworthy field presence until at least turn 4. What you're gonna want to do is add lower cost creatures and remove some higher cost ones that don't really impact the game immediately. I'll break down specifics below:

Blisterpod: Great early blocker that turns into mana. 10/10 would include in ramp.

Eldrazi Skyspawner: Same as above, except you get the mana right away AND you get a flier.

Fathom Feeder: Holy crap is this guy value. A 1/1 deathtoucher that ingests. Your opponents are damned if they block, damned if they don't. Not to mention he's late game card draw with ingest. Absolute favorite low-cost eldrazi right there.

Sludge Crawler: A cheap ingester that is pumpable late game. Easy include

Wasteland Strangler: Stat-wise this guy kinda sucks, but if you ingested a card earlier in the game, he turns into a 3/2 for 3 mana that is also a potential kill-spell on a stick. Brain blast.

Oblivion Sower: This guy is no joke. He's a mid-cost eldrazi that will not only exile your opponent's top few cards, he will also potentially ramp into more mana that will help you cast even more big things.

Finally there's a few non-creatures I want to talk about. You have From Beyond for constant mana-ramp, as well as tutoring for an Eldrazi card. A good 1- or 2-of in the deck. For more control cards, you have Transgress the Mind for hand-hate and Titan's Presence for easy removal if you have a large eldrazi in your hand. Remember that anything with Devoid is considered colorless, so you could reveal a Dread Defiler and it would still be fine.

Hope this helped, and I'm sorry if I came off as angry or rude. I really love the deck concept :)

Arian_the_Fox on Esper Midrange

1 month ago

Wasteland Strangler gives you a kill card and a creature for the price of one with the added benifit that it combos with Tidehollow Sculler so that they don't get the card back even if they kill Sculler. It also can use the card that was thoughtseized.

xyr0s on MONO BLACK

1 month ago

First: Land-count. Somewhat on the low end. You need more like 24 lands.

Second: Phyrexian Arena is modern legal, and is better than Underworld Connections, as it doesn't tap your land to draw a card (and both cards have same casting cost).

third: Brain Maggot is on the low end of power. It has toughness 1 in modern, so it's probably going to die as soon as your opponent wants his card back. You could add more exile effects and Wasteland Strangler to make something out of exiling, rather than discarding cards, or you could find a nice discard effect instead.

fourth: Devour Flesh and Hero's Downfall are probably not the cards you want. Fatal Push and Geth's Verdict are better, if only because they are cheaper. You could also use Gatekeeper of Malakir, if you want a bit more devotion.

Fifth: consider exchanging Nightveil Specter for Geralf's Messenger. Same devotion, but more resilient, and it hurts your opponent just on the ETB trigger.

Wahrghoul84 on Mardu Hatebears

1 month ago

I like the attempt. While I think a mardu combination is possible and when the right list is found, extremely powerful, I don't think your there yet. If you are playing this list I would be very curious to learn what results it has been achieving. W/r Hatebears is a known quantity, and W/b Hatebears (or Eldrazi Taxes as it is more commonly known) is a well established deck. I have played both decks and while I like W/b better I have always wished I could splash red into it for a few of the things W/r has that W/b doesn't. I have tinkered a bit but never developed anything I thought was going work well. As for suggestions, I would make yourself very familiar to both of the lists I mentioned if your not already. They are good starting points to draw from. Also, Hatebears decks shouldn't run fetches. Leonin Arbiter is a symmetrical effect and you don't want to pin yourself under it. Also these style of decks tend to play much less non-creature spells due to Thalia, Guardian of Thraben being symmetrical as well. Look for creatures with "enter the battlefield" effects that do the same or similar things. One choice to consider would be Tidehollow Sculler over Thoughtseize. Paired with cards like Wasteland Strangler it is very powerful cuz you get the same effect as thoughtseize without the life loss and a body to go with it. The strangler throws the taken card in their graveyard so they can't get it back if sculler dies and kills a creature for doing it. It's awesome!

DarkLaw on Hour of Devastation Spoilers

1 month ago

Alright, that Scorpion God is actually good. It avoids the inconsistency of the other Gods, while keeping their raw power and sacrificing speed.

Of course, the colors it's in make it awkward. It's awesome for commander, for sure, but a little irritating to cast in standard because it's initially a 5 mana 6/5 in RB. It comes with recursion (requiring you to recast it) and has a cool activated ability if you untap, sure, but it's a 6/5 for 5 that you'll frequently need to recast. I can imagine the nightmare scenario when you need to untap with it just once but your opponent keeps killing it before you can.

It's not bad, it just needs to find the right deck.

Hour of Revelation is damn cool and damn good... In EDH. You might play it in Standard with a white control deck.

Desert support is legitimately starting to look decent. They've got a 4 mana Wasteland Strangler for deserts in red. I'm hyped for more.

Argy Personally, I also hate wedges, but only because they're not as cool as shards. Alara was probably my favorite block.

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