This is my paper Traxos deck, not to be confused with my net-decked Traxos deck, Traxos, Battlecruiser Operational.

I've had a lot of fun playing this deck, and surprisingly, I've been able to hold my own in some games. I figured that the lack of color in this deck would bring down the power level significantly, but as long as you can get some artifact ramp going, you are usually good to go.

Top performers in the deck:

Meekstone : By far my favorite addition to the deck. Traxos comes with the downside of not untapping during the untap step, but the deck is designed to be able to untap Traxos on each turn by casting some artifact spell. Meekstone takes my commanders disadvantage and applies it to almost every other creature on the battlefield. Meekstone is the kind of card that people hate to use targeted removal on since it's only one mana, but it's is a very oppressive effect that almost always warrants the removal. And, there is nothing funnier than playing a meekstone just to untap your Traxos.

Karn, Scion of Urza I rarely ever use his last ability, but his first two work very well in this deck. I need all the card advantage I can get. Plus, if you announce that you are playing this Karn and not the good Karn, your own Karn is much more likely to stay alive.

Infiltration Lens What a wonderful card! They will eventually have to block Traxos, and for each creature they block with, you will draw two cards. You may lose Traxos in the process but it's well worth the card draw.

Voltaic Servant Of course, I would rather play an Unwinding Clock , but UC is competing for my 4-drop slot with my commander. Being able to untap Traxos the turn it comes out is key, but can be difficult if you don't have any mana rocks/1-2 drop artifacts to cast after Traxos. Casting Voltaic Servant on turn two will ensure that you can untap your Traxos without having to cast anything. In the late game, you can also use his ability to untap a Nevinyrral's Disk and threaten your opponents with it immediately. Or, you can untap a Basalt Monolith and hold up extra mana.

Buried Ruin One game, I had a crucible of worlds out and I used buried ruin's recursion ability three times that game just to get my meekstone back into my hand. I basically skipped three land drops but I believe it was very much worth it.

Endbringer This is a mini-planeswalker that you can activate on everyone's turn as well as your own. His card-draw ability is probably what I use the most in any-game. Also, his ability to prevent a creature from attacking or blocking is great in the late game against another voltron deck. And having a free pinger on each player's turn is a fun way to put pressure on someone who's defending themselves with Propaganda -like effects.

Metalworker I have yet to get Metalworker out in a real EDH game, but everytime I goldfish the deck and have a metalworker in my opening hand, I know it's going to be fun.

As always, I'm open to suggestions and comments.



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