Genesis Chamber


Format Legality
Vintage Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Legacy Legal
Modern Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal

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Set Rarity
Darksteel Uncommon

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Genesis Chamber


Whenever a nontoken creature enters the battlefield, if Genesis Chamber is untapped, that creature's controller puts a 1/1 Myr artifact creature token into play.

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Genesis Chamber Discussion

lagotripha on tokerino - a w/g token flicker deck

1 day ago

I'll quitely reccomend Grove of the Guardian instead of Armada Wurm, as its unlikely to be cast in most games when the rest of your deck is so aggressive. Your flicker effects mostly hit creatures, so the Trial/Carthouche is unlikely to be fantastic unless you Cloudstone Curio combo it up, or go all in on Ajani's Chosen type token/enchantment synergy. If you can find them Blade Splicer is a fantastic, aggressive option that plays in to a token artifact strategy, and is readily backed by Sundering Growth type proliferate effects and cloudshift. Countless Gears Renegade, Genesis Chamber, Hangarback Walker, Knight-Captain of Eos/Druid's Deliverance, Nest Invader, Servo Schematic Thraben Inspector, Tireless Tracker, etc all play well into this strategy, and combined with some value artifact sacrifice or artifact matters effects like Dispatch a very aggressive game is possible.

Have a look at Trostani, Selesnya's Voice EDH to get a better idea of the cards out there, then adjust for your meta. Can't really reccomend more than that.

lagotripha on Robo-demons (budget)

1 week ago

Interesting idea, Salvage Slasher and Kiln Fiend play into the strategy fairly neatly, though I'd want to run a lot more 1-drops like Terrarion I can understant the budget issues with the other cards that do that. Mostly, I'd want more early game to fuel that improvise, things like Animation Module, Genesis Chamber, Myr Sire etc. You're running pretty high on the curve for modern, even with improvise speeding things up, so maindeck Golden Urn, Bottle Gnomes, Filigree Familiar, Golem's Heart, Profane Memento, Sun Droplet and Claws of Gix are all worth considering just to keep you in the game.

Wattouat13 on Soul Sister Blink

1 week ago

What about using Genesis Chamber instead of altar of the brood? Even if I really like the mill effect, genesis chamber could help with creating creatures and triggering the Mantle of Leadership.

Rzepkanut on shirei in refining

2 weeks ago

Looks good so far...Here are some quick ideas for you...Endrek Sahr, Master Breeder makes 5 tokens just from casting your commander, if you feel like you run out of dorks too fast. Some more 1 power guys with cool ETB/death effects: Disciple of Phenax, Golgari Thug, Weaponcraft Enthusiast, Pilgrim's Eye, & Thorn of the Black Rose. Living Death & Victimize to recover from removal. Some more permanents that will synergize: Gate to the Afterlife, Genesis Chamber, Dark Prophecy, Skullclamp. I'm not sure about a lot of the discard angle the more I think about it, discard can be very hard to make work in multiplayer. You may really have to go all in on that strategy to make it work well. Soldevi Adnate is a lesser known sac outlet that should be awesome. Nether Traitor keeps coming back for more fun. Hope this was helpful, happy gathering!!

Flagellum on Purphoros and Mono red

2 weeks ago

Of those listed, Pillage, Wildfire, Zo-Zu the Punisher can safely be left out. If you're light on board wipes then you can run Impact Resonance. Norin is especially nasty with Genesis Chamber. Skirk Prospector and Krenko are very key pieces for ramp and damage. An unanswered Krenko is gg with Purph online and the Prospector can cheat in all sorts of things early. The others are token producers which are all dandy with Purphoros

Rzepkanut on The NUTrient Cycle

3 weeks ago

Emeria Shepherd combos with sakura tribe elder to play out all the plains in your deck, and add a bunch of death triggers at once. Also its a great recursion tool. Whisperwood Elemental is a great "token" generating card because it actually makes nontokens, which are more useful, plus it has a sacrifice ability that can help you combo off. Faith's Reward could be good. Gutter Grime, Field of Souls, Genesis Chamber, Spirit Bonds, Oketra's Monument are other potential token generating cards. Gate to the Afterlife for another fecundity effect. Cool deck.

Faera on Gahiji, Political Tokens

3 weeks ago

Thanks for the advice! Definitely very interesting suggestions. I did want Hero of Bladehold for one, but it was just a bit costly and not quite important enough. Genesis Chamber certainly seems like an interesting add. I don't know how I missed Anointed Procession from the new set, seems quite excellent and I'll definitely try it.

I'm having huge problems cutting stuff as it is though, I'm actually still 2 cards over so I need to figure that out. Any suggestions on cuts would be hugely appreciated.

Looking over the list, I've realized that I definitely favor generating an explosive amount of tokens in a single turn over cards that progressively generate a smaller amount of tokens. I'll probably be trying out different styles as I experiment with the deck though.

Rzepkanut on Gahiji, Political Tokens

3 weeks ago

Extra attack phases like from Aurelia, the Warleader can make gahiji trigger on everyone again each turn. Hero of Bladehold, Captain's Claws, Goblin Rabblemaster, Brimaz, King of Oreskos, Hanweir Garrison are good aggro token cards. I would like more aggro cards than pillow fort cards. Dictate of Heliod is a really strong overrun effect, flashing it in during combat is hilarious its always a surprise. Gotta get that new one Anointed Procession in there. Genesis Chamber too. Arachnogenesis is a great way to setup a win or just not die for a turn. Happy gathering!

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