Genesis Chamber


Format Legality
Modern Legal
Legacy Legal
Vintage Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal

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Set Rarity
Darksteel Uncommon

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Genesis Chamber


Whenever a nontoken creature enters the battlefield, if Genesis Chamber is untapped, that creature's controller puts a 1/1 Myr artifact creature token into play.

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Genesis Chamber Discussion

Rzepkanut on Get MaziREKT

9 hours ago

Hey Triton, i have a Mazirek deck I've been working on you might like to look at. I have everything custom categorized... I actually just ordered a dozen or so of the cards in the maybe board, so i know a bunch of cards will upgrade soon. Including Brindle Shoat, Qarsi High Priest, Genesis Chamber and Perilous Forays... As far as big picture stuff, i think you could run some more mass resurrection spells like Rise of the Dark Realms (You know how hungry this deck gets, by mid game the grave is stacked.) Maybe more premium sacrifice fodder like Hooded Hydra & Hangarback Walker. Manifests are super great too, especially with Whisperwood Elemental. Personally i haven't had success with decimator, and its ability overlaps with the commander too much for me (i know trample matters but Tuskguard Captain can do that for cheapo, and I'm underwhelmed by that idea too). Also in my description i talk about the way the deck plays out best for me. I don't want to burn all his best fuel up without getting enough value. I always save Mazirek until I'm going to go big and hopefully win right away. There are so many sacrifice effects that can happen in one turn for no mana, you can catch people off guard. Happy gathering.

Come Drink the Kool-aid with the Cult of Mazirek!

Commander / EDH Rzepkanut


NyanNijet on Zero Dawn

6 days ago

Impact Tremors would help this with all the guys your putting in. Also Genesis Chamber might fit in here somewhere.

Clockwurk on Hunted Sisters

1 week ago

Nice deck! I say no Genesis Chamber.

GayGatsby on Norin the Soul Sista

1 week ago

SavageGaul : I'm glad you liked my explanations for my choices! I'm still toying with certain things like surviving a board wipe, so I am considering running something like Return to the Ranks to help me bounce back, or find a place for Boros Charm. The biggest downside to this is that since the mainboard works so well together, it's hard to make cuts even when you know you need to. I looked at your decklist and I really enjoy it! I would highly recommend Ranger of Eos, simply because he fixes whatever problem you might be having.

MasterVash : I see what you mean when arguing against Archangel of Thune and Purphoros, God of the Forge. They are a little pricey for only 20 lands, however this deck is built to drag out games. Once you stabilize against your opponents, you simply buy time until you can let one of your finishers loose. I usually can keep an opening hand Purphoros, God of the Forge because, in my playtests, I've always gotten the mana almost exactly when it was time to play him. As for the Archangel, she's on the chopping block for something like Return to the Ranks, however she has proven to be a game ender every time i get here out. I've only played 1 FNM with this brew, but it absolutely demolishes the current meta at my LGS. I went 5/0/0 with it against some of the best decks in modern right now (Dredge, affinity, zoo, grixis death's shadow, and thoptersword). Lastly, as for Impact Tremors, I considered taking out Genesis Chamber out for it, i just haven't played tested with that yet. Mainly because, while impact tremors does kill much faster than genesis chamber, the 1/1's i get are enough to block big threats until i can draw an answer for something like Death's Shadow or Tarmogoyf. This deck is constructed with the philosophy of "slow and steady wins the race".

Stanleyman on "I have a good feeling about this."

1 week ago

My first comment amateur translate to english //it was writen for czechs casuals players//This is classic lifegain deck using classic soul sisters cards Soul Warden and Soul's Attendant for massive lifegainthat helps Ajani's Pridemate to get lots of counters.I hope to flip of Hanweir Militia Captain  Flip ASAP for powerfull creature and more trigers from sisters on the end of turn.Doomed Traveler he is a great blocker and when it dies,and return as spirit token and provide me another trigger.I know Genesis Chamber create lot's of token for me and for my opponent but it's give me lot of lives from sisters and when is Suture Priest on battlefield,the opponent losse live for every creature who was cast he.When your oponet have lots of Myr tokens it's time to cast Blood Artist and Zealous Persecution

joshuaizac on Help generating infinite colored/red mana ...

2 weeks ago

Mana Echoes as mentioned in the last post, combos off with lots of stuff... Myr Matrix for example after you get 5 + myrs on the board nets infinite mana... Genesis Chamber is another card that ends up being a part of a lot of combo decks for obvious reasons....

lagotripha on Mechonize

2 weeks ago

Ok, so modern. Mechanized Production is a hilarious choice for this deck, and a fabulous win condition. Rather than basing it on 'servo' tokens, why not 'clue' or 'golem' tokens? It would provide more card draw and the spells to achieve this have a lower cost, allowing for more early game interaction. Golem Foundry/Blade Splicer, Genesis Chamber/Master's Call Hangarback Walker and the Thopter Foundry/Sword of the Meek combo, Ongoing Investigation/Trail of Evidence/Ulvenwald Mysteries etc.Other options are practical artifacts to copy that take the game over- Isochron Scepter is an interesting one, making low cost spells in your hand all repeatable over time, Orbs of Warding providing an ever growing pillow fort, or even just the efficient Solemn Simulacrum for extra lands, blockers and cards.

Personally, I'd reccomend fog effects and populate effects Druid's Deliverance/Rootborn Defenses, Sundering Growth Wayfaring Temple/ Growing Ranks provide options, and a larger token creature like those from Voice of Resurgence could provide a competing board presence, with Beast Within providing a dual backup tokens and hard removal. If prepared to play a longer game Darksteel Axe would dodge everything bar Anguished Unmaking although the enchantment would likely still be hit. Mirrorworks or Prototype Portal are also interesting.

Howling Mine, Temple Bell and Fog for a fogwall deck are very tempting turbofog variant, and Time Walk will abuse this heavily.

Good luck making it tick.

gundulf on Swell the Host- now with more host!

3 weeks ago

Sage of Hours: Once you have 5 experience counters you can get infinite turns.

Genesis Chamber: Every weenie creature gives you 2 experience counters and an extra dude now

Fungal Sprouting: A quick way to get a massive boost in experience counters

Notorious Throng: The same, except now you could also take an extra turn

Earthcraft and possibly Squirrel Nest: Great way to get tons of mana for you. And a classic combo that gives you infinite squirrels. Which, even if board wiped, would result in your still having infinite experience counters so you're crushing it the moment your commander comes back into play. Problem being that Earthcraft is rather expensive. However, if you're not... Picky, I believe Troy still has this combo, that his mom's cat peed on, so he might be willing to part with them for a bargain price.

Spreading Seas:Perhaps not worth it, but a fun way to screw with powerful single lands like Cabal Coffers, and also setting people up for islandwalk from your Selkies.

Overall I think you're definitely running too much land, so can probably safely cut at least 5 of them. Maybe more given your low curve. Especially if you replace them with more mana dorks like Llanowar Elves and Fyndhorn Elves.

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