Genesis Chamber

Genesis Chamber


Whenever a nontoken creature enters the battlefield, if Genesis Chamber is untapped, that creature's controller creates a 1/1 Myr artifact creature token.

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Set Rarity
Battlebond (BBD) Uncommon
Darksteel (DST) Uncommon

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Format Legality
Tiny Leaders Legal
Noble Legal
Leviathan Legal
Magic Duels Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Vintage Legal
Modern Legal
Vanguard Legal
Legacy Legal
Archenemy Legal
Planechase Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Oathbreaker Legal
Unformat Legal
Casual Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

Genesis Chamber occurrence in decks from the last year

Commander / EDH:

All decks: 0.01%

Red: 0.11%

Genesis Chamber Discussion

Zomgasa on Norin The Wary

5 days ago

I love this start! A few things I've thrown together in a similar deck: Genesis Chamber , Panharmonicon , Heartless Hidetsugu , Squee, Goblin Nabob , Squee, the Immortal , Confusion in the Ranks , Furnace of Rath , Impact Tremors , Pandemonium , and Purphoros, God of the Forge . Purphoros may be too much for your low-cost but I love anything that does things upon ETB!

sickfreed on Squeeming Meemies

1 week ago

Abubs of course! at this point, Paradox Engine has of course been banned in commander, but consider it; with Paradox Engine, Gilded Lotus and a sacrifice outlet like say, Ashnod's Altar all on the board at once, with Squee, the Immortal somewhere to be cast from. The interesting thing about Squee is that he circumnavigates the Commander Tax every time he dies by just being able to be cast from Exile or Grave indiscriminately for three mana, no matter what.

At the point you cast Squee with mana produced from Gilded Lotus, but before he resolves Paradox Engine will untap Gilded Lotus. After Squee hits the board, you can the immediately sacrifice him to the Altar and return yourself to the beginning state, only with more mana floating. You can repeat this process a number of times to use any number of effects to generate damage with Impact Tremors .

Or since of course Paradox Engine is unavailable, you could use Desecrated Tomb , Genesis Chamber , various cost reducers like Ruby Medallion or Helm of Awakening and Phyrexian Altar to generate more creatures per each time you cast Squee, allowing you to generate infinite army Bats or Myr.

Basically the point is to recast Squee a LOT and get benefits out of it. It was more of a meme than anything else as I've taken this deck apart at this point. It was very fun to play but most of the time fell short due to my small cardpool. Thanks for comment ^^

x sickfreed

DasButch on Feed the Beetle

2 weeks ago

Animation Module is loads better than Genesis Chamber . Play testing has shown Genesis Chamber Helps my opponents a bit too much. Thanks a bunch Funkydiscogod!!

king-saproling on Happy Slappy Combat Pappy

3 weeks ago

Cool deck! You might like these: Mask of Memory , Bestial Fury , Ferocity , Laccolith Rig , Banshee's Blade , Specter's Shroud , Keen Sense , Kusari-Gama , Repercussion , Genesis Chamber , Druid's Call , Seed the Land , Nacatl War-Pride , Fumiko the Lowblood , Curse of Opulence , Curse of Stalked Prey .

I'm not sure if you really want Sixth Sense and Snake Umbra . Opponents in control of Tahngarth will draw cards from those. Keen Sense would work in your favor though because of how it is worded.

Lanzo493 on Flicker Quicker

1 month ago

If you want more wincons via blinking (outside of stax, anyway), you'll need effects that generate creatures. Some of them are Myr Battlesphere , Genesis Chamber , Drowner of Hope , Whirler Rogue , and Geist-Honored Monk . Several of these cards are good not just because they make tokens, but because they also are useful beyond their ability to just make tokens. Brago gives you an incredible amount of mana and draw in a single turn, so his ability to produce a lethal amount of creatures shouldn't be underestimated.

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