Bloodthrone Vampire


Format Legality
Modern Legal
Legacy Legal
Vintage Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal
Pauper Legal

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Set Rarity
Duel Decks: Zendikar vs Eldrazi Common
Modern Masters 2015 Edition Common
Magic 2013 Common
2011 Core Set Common
Rise of the Eldrazi Common

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Bloodthrone Vampire

Creature — Vampire

Sacrifice a creature: Bloodthrone Vampire gets +2/+2 until end of turn.

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Bloodthrone Vampire Discussion

Stephencliffe on Athreos, wololoing with B/W

1 week ago

Makes sense. He's really funny when you swing with Nantuko Husk and sac him like 5 times in a row. Have you considered switching the husk for Bloodthrone Vampire? Basically the same thing, but a little cheaper.

ghoul_Legion on fleshbag funbag

1 week ago

First of all, with this high CMC you need 24 lands.

While I understand you are trying to sacrifice your creatures for beneficial effects, the high converted mana cost of your deck makes it kind of hard to work with.

Here are some lower cost creatures that could be good:

Augur of SkullsBasal Sliver (mana accelerator to cast Ruthless Deathfang faster)Bile UrchinBlind ZealotBlood BairnBloodthrone VampireCarrier Thrall (mana accelerator, 2x creature)Corpse HaulerDeath CultistDemonic Taskmaster (need tokens spawn everyturn)Devouring SwarmWestvale Abbey  Flip This is a must have.Disciple of Griselbrand Save yourself.Doomed Necromancer Worth it.Eldrazi Skyspawner Mana acceleratorFont of ReturnFume SpitterGnawing ZombieGutless GhoulMerciless ExecutionerMortician Beetle -------> Cause why not.Nezumi Bone-Reader ControlPawn of Ulamog mana acceleratorQarsi SadistQuest for the GravelordThoughtpicker Witch controlThrull Surgeon controlVampiric RitesVoracious Null

Skirsdag High Priest Isn't this amazing?

Abijoe on Athreos, wololoing with B/W

1 week ago

Have you thought about Doomed Traveler? Also, what about Bloodthrone Vampire to replace the Nantuko Husk?

Duuland on Mono-Black Aristocrats

2 weeks ago

I really like this deck, one thing I will say though is that I think Bloodthrone Vampire is better than Nantuko Husk, I'll definitely be testing this deck out though!

TheMadRocketeer on Darkest Darkness [Madness - Vampire]

2 weeks ago

Perhaps things like Voracious Null and Null Champion would help. On the vampire side, perhaps things like Bloodthrone Vampire and Bloodflow Connoisseur. The idea being things that can grow to meet the late game power needs.

Tingettley on ZUBRASSS

2 weeks ago

So here's what I think you should do. 1- Collected Company. Yes its expensive for a playset, but if you are going to combo with these guys, you need to be able to get them into play relatively easily.

2- you need a better mana base. With MM17 coming out, I definitely suggest picking up shock lands and fetches asap. The fetches are going to go down in price, but the shocks re going to go up. Get them before that happens. Also Cavern of Souls is needed for this deck. Its all 5 colors for your creature base. If you do go this route, make all of your shocks something green, and use the pure green fetches. That way you will always be able to play your ramp spells.

3- Get rid of Bloodthrone Vampire and go to 4 Viscera Seer. Remember however, the scry will always go second to the death trigger.

4- Next focal point is go down all of your non-creature spells need to be narrowed down to 4 Rally the Ancestors. Bring in utility creatures in their place. For example if you choose to keep the basics for fear of Blood Moon/Magus of the Moon, then bring in Sakura-Tribe Elder. He fits the 2cmc for Rally, and you get your land fetch. I also suggest Phantasmal Image. Again 2cmc and gives itself a death trigger for your tribal. Also, he may not be 2cmc, but as an alternate win condition why not bring in Drogskol Captain? He gives your tribe hexproof, and allows for beat down pushes.

5- Disruption and Removal- I think you should look into non-spell creature variants That you can bring in. Go with the 3cmc or less so that you can really combo with Collected Company. I do 100% honestly believe it is going to be your best bet. You have some disruption with the black zubera, but there are other creatures that have etbs that work as well. Something to consider.

Hope this helped :)

gabrielguieiro on Sacontrol

3 weeks ago

Hi lagotripha - sorry for the late answering.

From last comment I've made some changes on deck:

  • Add some discard to main; 2x of Inquisition of Kozilek and Collective Brutality

  • Replaced Bloodthrone Vampire for Nantuko Husk (zombie fixing, plus combo with Gravecrawler)

  • On SB, added 2x Phyrexian Revoker and 3x Evil Presence to deal with my LGS meta; combos (such Melira's and Scapeshift) and TRON. Lots of TRON. Tested Smallpox and Rain of Tears but are both too slow - Evil Presence it's cheap and fast. I think Against control and aggro decks i think the deck handle well enough and usually the matchups are good ones.

  • I've cut Relentless Dead and Death's Gate to make room for changes. The first one because I rarely had extra mana to use his recursion/unearth ability - but its a incredible card (insane blocker) and I may return it. About Death's Gate Demon, cast it by sac is a nice and fast move, but too risky; one path and you lose all the board advantage. If it had hexproof, would be 4x on deck.

Considering your suggestions, Whip of Erebos would be a way to bring back bodys to beat and sac, right? But assuming my low-curve, which cut would you suggest to make? Or maybe a SB to use with Burn/8-Rack?

And about cut Nykthos, Shrine to Nyx, I usually use it for pump Nantuko Husk + Gravecrawler combo but admit isn't fast enough to do it on early games. What utility lands would you suggest, besides Mystifying Maze? - nice, btw. Remind that Geralf's Messenger and Phyrexian Obliterator requires a solid black mana-base - that Urborg can fix.

Thanks for the time and tips!

ps.: I'm developing a version of the deck using Eldritch Evolution and a tollbox of creatures to bring with it. If you can add some ideas for it, let me know!

lagotripha on How The Devil Plays MTG: The Mono-Black Primer

3 weeks ago

Devour flesh is an instant, and that really matters when you need to maintain card advantage (rakdos burn at the moment), and functions as last ditch defence against infect, boggles and titan. Sometimes you jsut need to ditch that Lashwrithe or Bloodthrone Vampire in the face of a supreme verdict. Its not something that should be in every list, but as a sideboard tool it will really help with some metagames where you need to be good at hitting more than one thing. Most of my suggestions are like that. More neiche choices for settings which aren't major tournaments.

I've run mimic vat a lot because it removes a lot counterplay from the midrange/longrange matchups in a more consistant fashion than whip. Usually a seige rhino is a good thing, but resolve a mimic vat an your opponent will just hold it in hand. Its not a tool intended to be viewed in isolation against a single setup, but as another option- If you know you are going to see meleria combo, it messes with that feircely (by replacing persist triggers on their turn). It really shone in my playtesting, even though I originally included it as a gag.

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