Retraction Helix


Format Legality
Tiny Leaders Legal
Vintage Legal
Penny Dreadful Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Noble Legal
Hero Legal
Magic Duels Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
MTGO Legal
Vanguard Legal
Leviathan Legal
Planechase Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Unformat Legal
Heirloom Legal
Modern Legal
Pauper Legal
Pauper EDH Legal
Legacy Legal
Archenemy Legal
Casual Legal

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Set Rarity
Masters 25 (A25) None
Born of the Gods (BNG) Common

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Retraction Helix


Until end of turn, target creature gains "(T): Return target nonland permanent to its owner's hand."

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Retraction Helix Discussion

Daarkest on $10 Retraction Helix Combo

1 month ago

Battered Golem comboes infinitely with the Retraction Helix and the Banishing Knack. I'd add 4 of them immediately

LostDragon01 on Disciple of Deceit - Combos PDH

1 month ago

Immobilizing Ink is nice spell, because its synergies with many other things like untapping Tidehollow Strix with Viridian Longbow, or untapping Disciple with Retraction Helix. Now, when i add this to my deck, I'm thinking to add more 1-2 CMC cards that working with tap\untap mechannics.

I was playing with Refocus several times. Usually, i use it as emergency counterspell summoner. I keep mana open, and in danger use Refocus to untap Disciple and find counterspell. If no danger appears, i can "transmute" refocus itself to find another combo piece.

Comparing with Dream's Grip, Refocus is better, because we can untap Disciple usually on 3th turn, and we still have one mana left for Dispell. But Refocus also will return a card, what Grip can't. Still, i need to think more, because Grip can lower the mana curve, and i targeting to have most of spells 1-2 mana.

kkounal on Wombo combo budget 15~20$ turn 4 win modern deck

2 months ago

Updated version of my comment about the possible combos

Also here are the possible combos

1)infinite mill Cathartic Adept / Screeching Sliver + Mirran Spy +0 mana artifact+ Zephyr Scribe / Battered Golem / Nettle Drone + Banishing Knack / Retraction Helix

2)infinite damage same thing but replace the Cathartic Adept / Screeching Sliver with Nettle Drone

3)in case of no Mirran Spy just replace the Nettle Drone /Cathartic Adept / Screeching Sliver with Reckless Fireweaver and start bouncing the artifact as normal for infinite damage. Same can achieved with Grapeshot but after the infinite bouncing of the artifact

Sikening on Into the Storm with Jhoira - cEDH Historic Combo

2 months ago

One of my favourite things I noticed when Jhoira came out was the interaction with Retraction Helix. With Jhoira, paradox Engine and any 0-cost artifact (preferably a Mox Opal or Mox Amber, it makes infinite mana and infinite draw.

It's just a thought for your deck, but it definitely finds its place and earns its keep in mine.

moulcarve on Thopter Maniac

2 months ago

Here's my list for a mono blue modern legal version. Feel free to incorporate any of these cards.

4 Drift of Phantasms

1 Laboratory Maniac

4 Memnite

2 Mirran Spy

4 Ornithopter

4 Riddlesmith

4 Traxos, Scourge of Kroog

4 Bontu's Monument

2 Cathar's Shield

4 Dizzy Spell

4 Retraction Helix

23 Island

merrowMania on Commanders by Power Level [EDH Tier List]

2 months ago

More mediocre commanders:

enter image description here - T3-4. Goes infinite with The Chain Veil and land Auras, but the payoff is one ult or another planeswalker.

enter image description here - T4. Draws cards, but very narrowly.

enter image description here - T3-4. Unless someone pulls off a sweet Retraction Helix/Opalescence/Intruder Alarm deck, I am disappointed that this is the first 3-color Merfolk.

enter image description here - T3-4. I don't know the value of a land that enters tapped, but it DOES add two mana, so some deck is probably good with it. Otherwise, just beat down with a 12/12

DrkNinja on Weatherlight Takes The Sky - [cEDH]

3 months ago

While I get the idea, I don't think you should even attempt the Isochron Scepter strategy in this deck.

IF you want an "I win" combo, Retraction Helix + Nettle Drone and any artifact is a game winning combo.

Leyline of Anticipation and Rhystic Study should be in every blue deck period. So much advantage in playing your cards at instant speed, and card advantage is the strength of blue.

Storm the Vault is a LOT of fun in this deck.

Inspiring Statuary is a game changer in this deck.

I think you just need more artifacts as a whole...

Take a look at my Jhoira deck, it has one card over currently (:/) but... It has a lot of good cards in it you might like; also please just read the bio, it should make you laugh.

Jhoira's Treasure Ship

Commander / EDH* DrkNinja


supercell on Jhoira Blue Moon

3 months ago

Megalomania thanks a lot for your input. I've considered Future Sight myself in the past since the deck just so happens to play the rest of the combo pieces. It's hard for me to add a five drop though, I was already on the fence about Memory Jar. I'm curious what Retraction Helix would be used for though. Paradox engine loops?

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