Junk Diver


Format Legality
Vintage Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Legacy Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal

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Set Rarity
Commander 2014 Rare
Urza's Destiny Rare

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Junk Diver

Artifact Creature — Bird


When Junk Diver is put into a graveyard from play, return another target artifact card from your graveyard to your hand.

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Junk Diver Discussion

Fuddumz on Arcum's Artifact Domination

1 week ago

ElderCheese, Myr Retriever is in the deck. Junk Diver and Myr Retriever work great together for GY control, or as a sac engine with Arcum Dagsson. Thanks for checking it out!

ElderCheese on Arcum's Artifact Domination

1 week ago

I really like this deck and I may be shamelessly steeling some of the combos in this deck for memnarch :D I just have one question atm why do you have Junk Diver rather then Myr Retriever unless I've gone mad they do the same thing but the retriever is 1 mana less.

Addrum on Thop Thop Thump [Breya, Etherium Shaper EDH]

1 month ago

Just so you know: Breya's tokens are blue, so if you have Grand Architect + Nim Deathmantle, you can go infinite by taping the tokens and Breya for 6 mana, use 2 to activate Breya's ability sac'ing her and a token, and 4 mana to bring her back with the mantle.

It looks like the deck is lacking on ramp spells that fixes mana. As you still have some hard work to do with the mana base (6 shocklands is a lot of money), try to get all the 6 Signets for your deck and the 3 Talismans: Orzhov Signet, Azorius Signet, Boros Signet, Izzet Signet, Dimir Signet and Rakdos Signet, Talisman of Dominance, Talisman of Indulgence and Talisman of Progress. A commander deck usually has 10 ramp spells minimum, Sol Ring included, and I think 15-17 is the best in a non-green deck. Thankfully, this mana rocks are pretty cheap and man, they are usefull.

If you plan to go with the longer game plan rather than the turn 4-5 win, I recommend you to add all (or most) of the retriever creatures: along with your Myr Retriever, Junk Diver, Scrap Trawler and Workshop Assistant. They help a lot to keep going on and to recover something you lost due to a wrath or artifact/creature removal.

One last sugestion: replace Reckless Fireweaver or Disciple of the Vault with Blood Artist. Blood Artist has the advantage of triggering with each creature that dies, so if you have an opponent trying to combo off sac'ing creatures (another Breya, or a Prossh, or Sharuum, etc.), you stop them from going infinite. Other way, Blood Artist is pretty political in game.

If you like, I have a very competitive Breya decklist (althou non-budget at all). Check it if you want for some ideas.

PookandPie on Arcum's Infinite Puzzle Box

2 months ago

Hi there. Long time Arcum player, here, as I built him as my very first Commander deck back in 2013 and have largely been involved in discussions for the deck in TrueNub's Tinker to Victory thread on MTGSalvation.

I did the swap to Paradox Engine back when it released and have greatly enjoyed the change. There are a few optimizations you may be able to make in order to make playing the deck easier, which I will outline below:

Dissolve is an okay counter spell, but you do have better options available to you. You don't run Negate, which is easily one of the best options to run as it stops most spells that would target Arcum (you win if you can tap your Commander, so generally countering other people's creatures isn't that large of a deal- including Commanders). If you don't like Negate, that's fine, as you still have Spell Pierce (one of my favorites) and Pact of Negation for those clutch turns when you need to force something through to go off but don't have the extra mana to waste on a counter.

Delay is almost strictly better in this deck than Memory Lapse. Anything you counter won't be relevant until turn 5-7, giving you even more time for a comeback in the event of someone trying to remove Arcum (a Swords to Plowshares on your turn with an un-hasted Arcum can be effectively stopped by Delay since it buys you multiple turns, while Memory Lapse lets them untap, draw, and re-cast it to exile Arcum. That's problematic).

Thousand-Year Elixir needs to be in this deck. You run Lightning Greaves and Swiftfoot Boots, but Elixir also gives valuable haste to Arcum for only 3 mana (and can untap him in a pinch, like if you don't have a second spell to cast to untap everything and grab Citanul Flute during the Paradox plan). Null Brooch could easily come out for this; Brooch isn't exactly very good anymore-- it's 4 mana, and there's no point in wasting an Arcum activation to go get that when you could just win. If you're casting Arcum when you can't win (like you don't have the mana to cast a spell to untap your board post-Engine), then you shouldn't be casting Arcum and should be biding your time in preparation for when you can. Brooch directly conflicts with the Paradox plan, as well, so I haven't been able to support it since adding Engine and Flute.

Junk Diver may be a better option that Elixir of Immortality. Junk Diver and Myr Retriever, in the Paradox Engine loop, make you infinite mana. However, even outside of that, Junk Diver is a relevant sacrifice to start/continue the Arcum Paradox plan.

slashoom on Hope of Ghirapur, Despair for All (Send Nukes)

2 months ago

CynicalDog Probably not a bad idea to replace three wastes with the Urza's trio, even though I've never seen all three on the board at the same time.

MagesOfTheBeach The only real problem is exile. There isn't much we can do about people exiling all of our combo pieces. Null Brooch is the best protection we have as well as Conqueror's Flail (which I may add to the deck). But, every deck has that problem.

As far as things getting destroyed, that is not a problem. We have tons of recursion: Buried Ruin, Trading Post, Junk Diver, Myr Retriever, Scrap Trawler, Workshop Assistant, & Sequestered Stash.

PookandPie on The Grandfather Paradox

2 months ago

There are a few choices with the deck I find suspect. I'm still tuning my Arcum list (mine is nowhere near as pimped out, and I don't own a Workshop), but I've played mine against high tier decks since Engine's release and have found some pretty decent results. It's very easy to sneak Arcum onto the table when everyone is battling counters over a player's t3 Doomsday or Ad Nauseam, firstly. Secondly, it's that being able to win the same turn as casting Arcum, or at least the turn thereafter, is huge and the only reason I can viably play the deck in my current meta game that is full of Yidris, Jeleva, Karador, Yisan, Tazri, Leovold, Zur, etc..

For that reason, I dropped Mycosynth Lattice, Darksteel Forge, and Nevinyrral's Disk, and haven't looked back since. While Lattice has made for some fun games against Teferi/Derevi before I find it is unnecessary any longer to run this combo (I windmilled slammed a t1 Arcum in a game against Derevi and Karador, and didn't activate him on my second turn. Derevi did eot Enlightened Tutor into Null Rod, drew the Rod, and cast it. I pulled Mycosynth Lattice with his Rod on the stack- leaving the field as him having nothing, Karador had a mana dork (Wood Elves or something), and me having my 2/2 Commander on field. I swung Arcum at Derevi for a couple turns until he conceded, lol, he was desperately trying to think of a way around it).

Engine into Flute into 0 drops into infinite mana (I do Junk Diver and Myr Retriever loops with any 3 mana producing artifact for infinite mana, though Monolith-Rings works too) and Ballista/Staff+LabMan simply works much faster since you can combo out the same turn with significantly less support than Lattice+Forge+Disk requires to combo out the same turn (that combo requires support to work across 2 turns, let alone 1!).

So, just giving you some ideas, because while I love the Lattice combo and it was in my deck for the entire four years I've played Arcum in Commander, my deck has not required that combo to be in the deck to win in a single game since Engine's printing, so I'm simply offering my advice from the other side of the spectrum. Removing 2-3 of those cards would let you run:

Mystic Remora. If you're in a fast meta game that does lots of nonsense early (like mine with early Ad Nauseams, etc.), this card can be highly valuable gas for very little input.

Torpor Orb. One of the better silver bullets in the format. Lots of decks rely on ETBs to generate value, and Orb shuts them off handily. FC Tazri can't win through a protected Orb without a lot of trouble, for example, and Yisan, Tasigur, Brago, etc., have fits when such an artifact is on field. It's quite powerful, IMO.

Grafdigger's Cage is generally pretty useful. Low cost, so it's easy to grab with Reshape or Whir, if needed, and it shuts off Yawgmoth's Will and Past in Flames. Which, if you're in a Storm heavy meta, that's very valuable.

I figure you probably don't use the Lattice combo much since the Engine combo basically assembles anything for you (why lock the game down when you could use Staff and LabMan to win, or Ballista?) and is always faster than going for those other, separate pieces. Also, from my experience, people don't hit Engine/Flute, they hit Arcum because he's the easiest target to stop the ball from rolling in that combo. It's not hard to resolve Ballista or anything when you've drawn your whole library, have every counterspell in your deck in hand, and can cast Moxen, Lotus Petal, etc., to pay for your counters.

Just my $.02, though I probably spent too long in this post because I'm trying to make a comprehensive and convincing argument without sounding coercive like a jackass. my bad, lol.

emester on Yahenni, Always Undying

3 months ago

To the Slaughter is a very versatile means of removal, especially with a deck like this that flings out spells and sacrifices thing regularly.

Marionette Master would be effective in here as an alternative approach to voltron, especially if load her up with equipment.

You're gonna want to have some form of equipment recursion for Yahenni so i'd consider Junk Diver and Myr Retriever.

Gatekeeper of Malakir would be hilarious with Conjurer's Closet. Forcing people to sacrifice every turn would be ultimate salt.

Hope this helps you a little bit

Addrum on artifact bullshittery (marchesa edition)

3 months ago

Hey man! Sure, I'd love to help. Not sure how on budget are you, and since you have some pretty darn expensive cards I'll make sugestions based on that. If it just happens that you had the cards from before and don't have too much to spend, just tell me and I'll give another options.

Well, I'd start by adding more lands. Always play Between 35 and 40 lands in your deck, unless it's an mono G elf deck that can go lower, or a deck that want lots of lands like Tasigur, Gitrog Monster or Omnath RG. Steam Vents, Watery Grave, Blood Crypt, Badlands, Underground Sea, Volcanic Island. Fetchlands would be perfect Polluted Delta, Bloodstained Mire, Scalding Tarn, Misty Rainforest, Marsh Flats. Check lands, Filter lands and Painlands. Urborg, Tomb of Yawgmoth, High Market, Academy Ruins and Tolaria West as utility. Prioritice on lands that come into play untapped.

I usually don't consider cards like Phyrexian Altar or Cathodion as a ramp because it's not going to ramp you over the curve. I consider them as combo piece or sac outlet. That being said, add more ramp like the signets, Mana Vault, Mox Diamond and Chrome Mox for fast mana. Expedition Map would be awesome to grab that beautiful Mishra's Workshop.

As for the combos, the first thing is Nim Deathmantle and Ashnod's Altar. Those two can go infinite with TONS of cards, like your Wurmcoil Engine: Sac wurmcoil to add 2 mana, triggers on the mantle and the wurm dying. Put the tokens onto the battlefield, then sac one of them for 2 mana (now you have 4 mana in your mana pool). Use the mana to reanimate Wurmcoil with the mantle. Repeat again for infinite tokens (with deathtouch?), and since you have infinite tokens, you also have infinite colorless mana. This works with any creature that enters or leaves the battlefield with two or more tokens. It also works for infinite mana with your Cathodion. These combos with your Disciple of the Vault win immediately, although I prefer Blood Artist because he helps you to stop other players that wants to go infinite sacrificing creatures. Krark-Clan Ironworks is also a good sac outlet that gives you mana.

Triskelion goes always side by side with Mikaeus, the Unhallowed. Remove one counter to ping for 1 to your opp. Remove the other two to shoot Triskelion itself. It dies with no counters in it so Mikaeus brings it back now with 4 counters. Hit your opponent for 2, then hit Triskellion for 2, repeat for the win.

Palinchron + Deadeye Navigator is a good generic combo for infinite mana. Grand Architect + Pili-Pala is another good option, and the Architect also works as a ramp card.

This style of sacing artifact deck will find Junk Diver very useful. The full package includes also Myr Retriever, Scrap Trawler and Workshop Assistant.

A combo deck loves to have tutors to win fast. Keep in the Forgemaster and the Transmute, and add Tezzeret the Seeker , Demonic Tutor, Fabricate, Whir of Invention, Arcum Dagsson, and the mages pack Trinket Mage, Trophy Mage and Treasure Mage.

For the controling part, this deck needs more actual control and removal. Damnation, Toxic Deluge, Blasphemous Act, Vandalblast, Counterspell, Counterflux, Force of Will, Pact of Negation, Slaughter Pact.

Lastly, you can go deeper in the artifact theme including cards like Mycosynth Lattice, Unwinding Clock, Clock of Omens. Thats when things go crazy.

As for what to take out, there are a lot of cards I see there that don't do much for the strategy but this is up to you. My suggestions on what to take out would be: Golem Artisan, Hellkite Igniter, Hellkite Tyrant, March of the Machines (unless you put the Mycosynth Lattice to land lock your opponents xD), Breaker of Armies, Conqueror's Flail, Silent Arbiter, Library of Leng, Genesis Chamber, Gravepurge, Moltensteel Dragon, Clone Shell, Bearer of the Heavens, Burn from Within.

Man, that was a wall of text xD tell me if you have any questions.

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