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Undoubtedly inspired by heroes of the Magic community. I hope one day I can be as great as they.

Oona, Queen of the Fae is a high-powered snowball deck that looks to build upon enchantments like Forced Fruition and Underworld Dreams and ultimately find a combo that does upwards of 14 damage per spell cast. This is not a stax deck but feels like one to play against, as we're not denying resources, but offering generous gifts as a conduit to force-feed them and mill their entire library with Folio of Fancies. Once the opponent knows what we're up to, they're damned if they do and damned if they don't.

While Oona, Queen of the Fae is often associated as a faerie tribal deck, and the architecture for the deck originally resembled such, there are other ways to make something faerie tribal, such as following the ideas of faeries as a tribe.

"Faeries have often been noted for their mischief and malice."

Oona, Queen of the Fae is based on another creator's deck that I have adopted and adapted for my local meta, which is Zedruu the Greathearted from tstorm823. I do not know if they are currently on TappedOut, but if they are, definitely go check them out. The deck is chock-full of interactions I didn't think were possible and really opened my eyes to the possibilities of commander as a format. The deck is being updated every now and then and his dedication to the commander is quite astonishing.

I encourage everyone to check out their deck at

The deck will not work for every meta. It requires a lot of 1-2 colored commanders and knowing the make-up of your friends/local playgroups decks. I know my playgroup is made up of a lot of 1-2 colored commanders + the occasional 4-5 colored. This deck works well there as Oona is able to consistently mill a couple of colored cards (amidst the guaranteed artifacts) and produce blockers. If you choose to close the game out with Mirror of Fate + Thassa's Oracle, you don't need to stack the deck with cards like Sign in Blood, Ponder, etc. You can simply have Oona mill you to win.

Oona also has a personal connection, she was one of the first commanders I tried building, but I passed for Aesi, Tyrant of Gyre Strait instead, so as to be 100% transparent. There are better commanders, I personally just love Oona and Faeries and wanted to build a deck. If your meta is more diverse, I'd suggest looking into another commander or taking the concept and making your own deck.

  1. Snowballing: If you don't know what this means, it typically refers to, "someone gaining an advantage that puts them ahead far enough to keep gaining more and more advantages," and that's what the deck does. It's a unique line of play that allows the use of politics, deception, and keeps games fresh. The argument can be made that all decks snowball, however, this deck is specifically made with that in mind. A simple card like, Underworld Dreams, a nuisance, sure, but not something to destroy early on. Now add in Forced Fruition, then Knowledge Pool, and now every time a player plays a spell, they draw 14, take 14, and with Mindcrank mill 14. We are looking to continue stacking these over and over until we win the game.
  2. Consistent Blockers: While a typical high-powered Oona deck may look to grab infinite mana and win with that, we are looking at her differently. Oona, Queen of the Fae acts as a token generator. Considering it's a 1/1 token with flying for is a steal! Saccing the 1/1's to Skullclamp allows for cheap and efficient card draw. Oona can also be activated on an opponent's turn, keeping land free for quick blockers is wise. My meta specifically requires it with an abundance of aggro decks.
  3. The Best Cards: Dimir offers us the best staples in the format. While this deck is not a Dimir Good Stuff, we still take advantage of them. As mentioned previously, there is Forced Fruition, and it's a key card in the deck. Paired with Consecrated Sphinx, we can stack our hand for Sickening Dreams. Blue gives the table chaotic interactions and most of our Group Hug facade, like Eye of the Storm and Folio of Fancies. However, Black specifically offers us the deadly utility that is necessary to close out the game, Rise of the Dark Realms and Gray Merchant of Asphodel come to mind.

  1. Early Game: The deck is meant to play the long con, against hyper aggro decks, we rely heavily on getting our commander out fast and generating tokens to keep our heads above water. However, we're not in and cannot ramp so fast. The few mana rocks we do have in the deck are the best hope you have. While I included Pact of Negation and Force of Negation, these counterspells alone will not carry you to the end game.
  2. Only One Emergency Wincon: The deck wants to combo off with stacking layers of thorns, however, that is not always suited to everyone's liking. Thassa's Oracle, Laboratory Maniac, and Jace, Wielder of Mysteries are all in here for an emergency win that looks to close out the game with Mirror of Fate. Unlike other decks that include win conditions like breaking parity and gridlocking, Thassa's Oracle + Demonic Consultation, Narset's Reversal + Approach of the Second Sun, we either win by stacking or die trying.

Because we're basically playing a toolbox combo deck, it's best to get to know your tools. This section will give an overview of what cards are in the deck, why they were chosen, and what their function is.

Card Draw

  1. Brainstorm is strictly better in this deck than Ponder. It's a low cost that, under the right conditions, can stack the top of the deck for Scroll Rack, or set up a nice tempo for the game. The ability to draw 3 cards can trigger Psychosis Crawler or put another counter on Archmage Ascension, and on a personal note, the card's art is just better.
  2. Rhystic Study is a large threat in the early game. A turn 2 Rhystic could mean drawing into mana rocks, tutors, or starting to develop strategies with Jace's Archivist. In the late game, it's less important, as most people have established their own draw engines and just means free cards.
  3. Howling Mine is a cheaper Rhystic Study except people don't pay attention to it. Remind people to draw cards as well, this helps with establishing rapport with your table and can act as a political piece. You scratch my back, I'll scratch yours. Ultimately you benefit more from it later on, as you want opponents to draw cards.
  4. Skullclamp allows for the recycling of leftover Faerie tokens. Producing Faerie tokens with spare mana at the end of a turn cycle allows you to not waste any mana, and be vigilant for new plays. With only 1 mana, you're essentially paying 1 mana per card.
  5. Seizan, Perverter of Truth draws everyone cards and is a better Phyrexian Arena. It's quite a bulky demon at 6/5. Serves double duty as a blocker.
  6. Consecrated Sphinx is the best in the late game when your opponents are drawing a lot of cards as well. When both Sphinx and Forced Fruition are out, or even Windfall, you can easily win the game by filling your hand, emptying your library, and having Laboratory Maniac or Thassa's Oracle.
  7. Sea Gate Restoration   doubles as mana or draw. When your hand size gets to a considerable size mid-game, it's possible to use it to draw answers or kill opponents by taking advantage of Psychosis Crawler. Sickening Dreams is also an option if you have backup cards like, Rise of the Dark Realms.
  8. Folio of Fancies is a late-game combo piece that pairs with Forced Fruition and Windfall. The ability to fill everyone's hands up and then dump mill their library with Folios second ability is huge and an unconventional way of milling everyone at once that doesn't require infinite mana. Folio also acts as a political piece that is able to be used to dig for answers, not only for yourself but also to help a party member stop someone from popping off.


  1. Windfall can recycle our hand, draw us gigantic hands, but the main purpose is to give a disadvantage to our opponents. An early Planar Void wheel can drastically change the pace of the game, especially if an opponent had 3 drops like Opposition Agent. We can also completely lock out opponents with Notion Thief if we're feeling extra nasty.
  2. Jace's Archivist is a recurring Windfall, and although it does have summoning sickness. In the late game, when we have our pain circus set up, we're able to consistently do large amounts of damage once per turn.
  3. Teferi's Puzzle Box is a once-per-turn wheel that will never let the opponent keep stable ground. Whatever answer they thought they could play is now gone. However, for us, it's an opportunity to dig for other cards that will greatly benefit us and continue our snowball.
  4. Whispering Madness with the ability to Cypher this onto a creature, such as a Faerie 1/1, we are able to quickly follow up and swing for two wheels in 1 turn. This is huge value for us, allowing us to close out a game easily if our Folio of Fancies doesn't mill someone completely.


  1. Mystical Tutor allows us to fish up any spell that we need. Considering we'll be floating mana from turn to turn to get blockers from Oona, it's very easy to to nab a spell for whatever the situation is, and it's only . Simply amazing.
  2. Demonic Tutor tutors any one card into our hand. The one downside is that it is at sorcery speed, however, it can grab a combo piece if we are missing it, or whatever the situation needs.
  3. Mirror of Fate does Mirror count as a tutor? Probably not, but I will. Mirror of Fate is an interesting card that is basically a colorless Doomsday, but unlike Doomsday, there are ways to flicker your library back and forth from exile to continuously stack your library, which I'll get into in the combo section.


  1. Brazen Borrower was introduced in Throne Of Eldraine and it still is a fantastic card to use which is also on theme. Being able to instant bounce a permanent is fantastic for slowing early game plays. Even stopping attackers altogether while holding up a blocker of your own.
  2. Sower of Temptation is a different kind of removal. It's a removal from their board to ours. It's also a great target for Rite of Replication.
  3. Massacre Girl is great considering we will generate a lot of tokens, it's a fun way of wiping the board and still having a creature for us. Although there are better cards like Damnation, I personally wanted an untraditional creature board wipe. If you are looking for efficiency, choose Damnation instead.
  4. Cyclonic Rift one-sided board wipe. Blue staple. Need I say more?
  5. Doom Blade low cost, kill any nonblack creature at Instant speed. Great card all around, solid removal.
  6. Go for the Throat low cost, kill any nonartifact creature at Instant speed. Great card all around, solid removal.
  7. Sickening Dreams both creature and PLAYER removal. Save this for when you have a large enough hand to K/O opponents, but in dire situations, can be used to wipe the board.
  8. Toxic Deluge another great piece of removal. We have a lot of life to play with, the only downside is it is Sorcery speed.


  1. Venser, Shaper Savant if you're familiar with blue, you'll understand why this card is great. It's essentially a counter for uncounterable spells. Consider the following, you're gonna cast Sea Gate Restoration  , someone casts Counterflux or Dovin's Veto. Oh no! Uncounterable? Well, flash Venser, Shaper Savant in, and just return it to their hand. You never countered it, just unsummoned it.
  2. Pact of Negation free counterspell for when you are tapped out. Beautiful. Great for when you are trying to combo off or play a turn 4 Knowledge Pool
  3. Flusterstorm the best counterspell in EDH. When in a counterspell war, Flusterstorm essentially ends the war because there are either too many things to pay or too many to counter.
  4. Narset's Reversal, like Venser, Shaper Savant, is an untraditional counterspell that essentially can change the direction of a spell. This and if you want to recast something, have Narset's Reversal target it, return it to your hand, and play it again.
  5. Force of Negation, like Pact of Negation is essentially a free counterspell. You can even pitch a blue creature like Brazen Borrower into the graveyard for later use. When I get my hands on a Force of Will, it will go in this deck.

We've now reached the foundation of the deck. When you are at your Apex of Power, it only follows that you demonstrate it. There are several ways of going about it, and many are opened ended, so you are able to fit in whatever piece is needed. However, if you are able to both draw and cast your deck, you will, without lifting a finger, kill your opponent with ease. Let's go and explore.

This first combo heavily relies on having a player take advantage of the card draw from Forced Fruition. Regardless of what does happen, unless Forced Fruition is countered, you will still benefit. Removal still triggers the card draw.

  1. Cast Folio of Fancies so that all players have no maximum hand size
  2. Cast Forced Fruition and encourage players to take advantage of it. This is better when you have fewer cards in hand, making you look less of a target.
  3. Wait for a player to take advantage of the card draw. You're looking for about 30-40 cards in hand (that's 3-5 spells cast).
  4. On your turn, cast Windfall. This will bring everyone, including you, up to that 30-40 card threshold.
  5. Activate Folio of Fancies second ability, milling everyone for their hand size. That will be ~60-80 cards in total that are not in your opponent's library, which should kill at least one.

This combo can also include Underworld Dreams or Psychosis Crawler and ping everyone, Planar Void ensuring no one gets their cards back, follow up the mill with a Mnemonic Betrayal and cast your opponent's graveyards, or Rise of the Dark Realms to take everything your opponents have, Narset, Parter of Veils and have them ultimately draw nothing, I can keep going. Many of the cards in this deck are meant to synergize or give new outlets for this combo.

This is a rather expensive, but fun combo that doesn't necessarily end the game but can knock out, at the very least, 14 health from someone. A significant blow, or put the game to an auto concede if the opponent is at less than 20 health.

  1. Have all 3 onto the field at once
  2. Knowledge Pool states that when you cast a spell, you exile it, and put it into Knowledge Pool, taking a spell from it and casting that instead. You now have 2 casts per 1 cast.
  3. Whenever an opponent tries to cast a spell, they will need to draw 14 and take 14, and all for a spell they most likely don't want to cast. This essentially locks the game down until someone destroys either Knowledge Pool, Forced Fruition, or Underworld Dreams.
  4. This can also be paired with Mindcrank to mill your opponent for 14 as well.

We can only Windfall once in the game, twice if we have Narset's Reversal. This won't completely mill out our opponents, so we turn to other methods. As long as we have enough mana, you can craft your own way to kill someone. Whether it be exiling their hands with infinite mana, death by a thousand needles, or better yet, force-feeding them cards.

  1. Have Mind Over Matter, Jace's Archivist, and any other desired piece on the board
  2. Activate Jace's Archivist, wheeling everyone's hand
  3. Discard a card, activating Mind Over Matter and untap Jace's Archivist
  4. Depending on what other piece you have on the board, you might be able to kill the board with Underworld Dreams, exile their hands with Planar Void, take everything back with Rise of the Dark Realms, or possibly self-mill yourself to victory with Laboratory Maniac or Jace, Wielder of Mysteries

While God-Eternal Kefnet helps us resolve spells like Sea Gate Restoration   and Whispering Madness for cheap, he can also help us by giving us infinite turns. The combo is fairly easy to pull off, and the best part is, no one ever sees it coming. It has stealth, it has class, it has everything you look for in a mischievous library.

  1. Have God-Eternal Kefnet and Scroll Rack on the battlefield
  2. Draw Temporal Mastery
  3. God-Eternal Kefnet will trigger, letting you choose to copy the spell and pay less for the copy (Kefnet targets the original CMC, not the Miracle cost)
  4. Cast the copied Temporal Mastery, putting the original into your hand.
  5. Activate Scroll Rack and put Temporal Mastery onto the top of your library before the end of your turn

The only way to stop this combo is for someone, or yourself, mill Temporal Mastery into your graveyard, or to be countered. This is a fun win con and is not expensive to pull off.

Another infinite turn combo, however this time we're imprinting Mystical Tutor onto Isochron Scepter. Mystical Tutor can be used for other purposes while on the Scepter, whether to close out a game with Windfall or Sickening Dreams. But if you pull Beacon of Tomorrows, it's another goofy way to end.

  1. Have Mystical Tutor imprinted onto Isochron Scepter
  2. Draw and cast Beacon of Tomorrows, once it resolves, it goes back into your deck
  3. Before your next turn, activate Isochron Scepter, copying Mystical Tutor, and put Beacon of Tomorrows on top of your library
  4. Rinse and repeat

Mirror of Fate is my favorite card as it is your second to last-ditch resort to end the game. It's fun to pull off on the table and can ultimately set up a Doomsday scenario for the table. I'll get into the Doomsday one in the last panel. Right now, I'll introduce another infinite turn combo.

  1. Have Mirror of Fate, Relic of Progenitus, and Academy Ruins on the field and Temporal Mastery in your library
  2. Activate Mirror of Fate, exiling your library and putting Mirror of Fate into your graveyard
  3. Activate Academy Ruins, putting Mirror of Fate on top of your library
  4. Draw and play Mirror of Fate, activating it once more to exile your library.
  5. You now can choose any card that was originally in your library and put it into your library in any order.
  6. Place Temporal Mastery ontop of your library, drawing it and casting it for its Miracle cost, exiling Temporal Mastery
  7. Now activate Mirror of Fate, exiling your library and place Temporal Mastery on top.
  8. Cast Temporal Mastery for it's Miracle cost and Exile it, activate Academy Ruins and put Mirror of Fate on top of your library, drawing it.
  9. It's fairly easy to draw two cards a turn. Continue for infinite turns.

The last actual combo I know of in this deck, as of right now, is this. It's a simple self-mill win. Far better than Demonic Consultation or Ad Nauseam, too many of those, and I've done it too many times with Codie, Vociferous Codex for it to be fun anymore.

  1. Have Mirror of Fate, Oona, Queen of the Fae, and either Laboratory Maniac or Jace, Wielder of Mysteries on the battlefield (these two are not necessary but helpful)
  2. Activate Mirror of Fate, exiling your library and putting Mirror of Fate into your graveyard
  3. Put however many exiled cards into your library in any order you please.
  4. For Thassa's Oracle, have at least Devotion before casting or have Oona, Queen of the Fae mill till there is one card
  5. When Thassa's Oracle resolves, you win
  6. If you are not using Thassa's Oracle, have Oona, Queen of the Fae over mill you, winning the game

This combo's credit goes to tstorm823. It's quite a magnificent combo that allows you to cast your entire library with Mind's Desire by continuously casting Mirror of Fate and stacking your library. Now you can stack your library with anything from infinite turns, mill win-cons, any of the Forced Fruition combos, etc. I'll show you how.

  1. Have Planar Void, Mirror of Fate, and Eye of the Storm on the field
  2. Cast Mind's Desire, this will get exiled with Eye of the Storm, which then casts a new copy. The storm count is now 2.
  3. Crack Mirror of Fate, this gets exiled because of Planar Void, and so does Mind's Desire. Because Mirror of Fate and Mind's Desire are the only things in exile, you can only choose those cards to put back in your deck.
  4. Mind's Desire from Eye of the Storm resolves, casting Mirror of Fate and the original Mind's Desire for free. The storm count is now 4.
  5. You can now stack your library. Crack Mirror of Fate again and choose 2 more cards (since Mirror of Fate allows you to "Choose up to" meaning we don't have to choose 7), but you must include Mind's Desire and Mirror of Fate always.
  6. This will result in an infinite storm, an infinite cast of any card in your library that you so choose, etc. Cause all the chaos you want, and it's all free because of Mind's Desire!

As explained in the first Mirror of Fate panel, the process is using Mirror of Fate and Academy Ruins to continuously put Mirror of Fate on top to replay it. Stacking your library every time you cast it with whatever answers you need.

If you do not understand the Doomsday concept, it's essentially putting combos pieces, or a way to win the game outright into your library via the card Doomsday. You making yourself a ticking time bomb and by far the largest threat on the board no matter what stage of the game you are in.

The benefits of using Mirror of Fate are that you don't lose health, you are making a fun and unique show with only more mana, and it's able to be stopped, adding in another depth of play. Maybe you should plan a Counterspell when you pack your Doomsday kit.

If there is anything you see in the deck that could be improved, more efficient cards (that aren't above $100), etc etc. Please leave a comment, I am always listening and looking for ways to improve my game. Thank you!


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I'll keep this fresh with new suggestions and my concerns and thoughts on how they may positively or negatively affect the decks performance. Thoughts can and will change over time.

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