Zedruu the Greathearted

Legendary Creature — Minotaur Monk

At the beginning of your upkeep, you gain X life and draw X cards, where X is the number of permanents you own that your opponents control.

Target opponent gains control of target permanent you control.

legendofa on New block structure: An epiphany

3 days ago

wallisface My thought was that the world building and development space and energy that used to go to "second sets" is now filled by Commander decks. I don't play Commander much at all, but I do recognize it's a very popular "official" format. I agree that I'd prefer to see less of them even now, but I like exploring and learning about worlds and planes and fantasy settings, and this is a little push in that direction. It doesn't always help the story, but it goes a little deeper into how a plane works.

It' safer for WotC to experiment with new planes, but the Commander decks help develop them. Otherwise, I would expect more of the plane-neutral Commander supplements like C11 through C18. What is the home plane of Zedruu the Greathearted or Thantis, the Warweaver like? Those are new planes open for future exploration, but the product they were introduced in has been discontinued, and I believe that the reason is to focus on and expand the planar settings of the Standard sets, if not the stories.

So basically, my thesis here is that each plane is receiving a Standard set and a Commander set, which is the structure replacing the two Standard sets (which in turn replaced the three Standard sets). It's the framework, just with a nod to Commander.

And there's something to be said for multi-set planes. Would the original Ravnica have been as appealing with all ten guilds crammed into one set? I remember that being an issue with Kaldheim, that the design was far too cramped to contain ten unique factions, plus gods, plus miscellaneous unaffiliated filler cards. The Commander sets acting as second sets give the setting a little more room to spread out.

Quicksilver on I AM the Senate

3 weeks ago

Can you actually play politics in a 1v1 game? I've only seen a win with Azor's Elocutors once - in a 3 way EDH with 3 Zedruu the Greathearted decks. It was special.

VensersJournalist on Who are the Commanders you …

3 months ago

I’m always excited to play against the political shenanigans of a Phelddagrif or Zedruu the Greathearted deck. But honestly, any EDH game is fun to me if the decks at the table have unique twists to them or are built around less obvious combos/mechanics (like a zombie deck that’s not loaded with reanimation spells or a deck focused on turning enchantments into creatures).

As far as commanders I actively dislike: those are few and far between but I do get annoyed with Negan, The Cold-Blooded or Talrand, Sky Summoner builds that are just 60 counterspells and some lands.

SteelSentry on Idea for a deck, but …

3 months ago

One of my favorite cards for this is the new Share the Spoils! Even if you're not going full group hug, they will probably have some good gems for this: Zedruu the Greathearted decks especially will run cards that benefit you without actually needing to be the controller.

Massacar on Idea for a deck, but …

3 months ago

vasarto77 Kind of the opposite of your suggestion, but still keeping in the theme, would be Zedruu the Greathearted.

Another excellent group hug commander that might help fit this theme would be Kynaios and Tiro of Meletis

Bmphipps14 on Criminally Underplayed EDH Gems

4 months ago

While I do have a bunch of niche pet cards that are really good in specific situations, I tried to keep this list to cards that I just never see across the table yet jam into most of my decks that can play them. Some of which are already climbing in value so maybe they aren't as underrated as I think but still worth spreading the word about. Caveat that I'm mostly a budget/casual player but cards like these are how I build 50-100 dollar decks that go to bat with 2-400 dollar decks

W Glorious Protector If your deck doesn't have Blue and has ANY level of ETB synergy, this card is amazing. Helps your team dodge all manner of board wipe: bounce, exile, -X/-X, good ol' destroy.

U Plea for Power Pay 4 draw 3 is an acceptable rate and there are situations in which you might be able to convince two of your opponents to give you the extra turn to deal with the third. Metamorphic Alteration I've never seen anybody else play this card- I only play it in Zedruu the Greathearted and Callaphe, Beloved of the Sea which have permanent/Enchantment synergy and would recommend doing the same but the sky's the limit on this bad boy. There's the obvious use of removal (I've turned someone's Commander into a Humble Defector before) but it's got the flexibility of copying someone else's Eldrazi or Avacyn for 2 mana. Stubborn Denial Does your Commander have 4+ Power? Are you already playing Negate? Well here's that for half off!

B Vona's Hunger Instant speed Asymmetrical Board Wipe for 3. Do I need to say anything else? This is one I used to be able to pick up for 80 cents and is now 4 bucks :( Incarnation Technique Any time I've cast this I've negotiated a specific creature in an opponent's graveyard that I know won't be too threatening and gotten two bangers for myself for 5 mana. Additionally, if your deck has any kind of graveyard synergy already, the mill 10 is outstanding. Virtus's Maneuver I'm a sucker for political cards as this list can totally indicate, but this 3 mana spell that pays for itself has the option to remove a pesky Voltron Commander or make some friends around the table. Or both! Court of Ambition Why this isn't in every non-cEDH Black deck is beyond me- If you're able to maintain Monarch (and with it board position) for 2+ turns it will essentially seal the deal on anybody trying to challenge you. Even if you aren't, sending Monarchy around the table encourages them to hurt each other while you're draining a sneaky 3 life every turn from every opponent. This card does serious work (in any game expected to go past turn 6).

R Rousing Refrain Best case scenario you're able to play this turn 2 and then have a pretty blowout-y turn 5 (I use it to cast Niv Mizzet while holding mana for counters) but worst case this is essentially a free spell that helps you rebuild from board wipes or push extra hard for a win. Doesn't go in every deck but consider whether yours is right Chandra, Fire Artisan Repeatable card draw isn't super common in Red, plus she comes with her own discouraging rattlesnake clause.

G Sigardian Zealot I love this card! You're in Green so you probably have creatures- my biggest issue with team-buffers like this is that a lot of them only give the buff on swing. This is at worst a 6/6 Vigilance for 5 that boosts your team the turn he comes down, at best he boosts your team to make killing blows while leaving you all the blockers you need. If you natively have any Trample synergy (this dude rips in my Zilortha, Strength Incarnate deck) then take a look at this guy. Blossoming Bogbeast Budget alternative to Pathbreaker Ibex. Guaranteed +2/+2 and full team Trample: not as mana-intensive or clunky as Dragon Throne of Tarkir and more repeatable than Overwhelming Stampede. Are Stampede and Ibex better? Totally. Are they 70 cents? Nope! And that's all assuming you aren't playing any Lifegain synergy- if you are, this absolutely deserves a slot. Wrap in Vigor If you're playing a non-Blue, non Nikya, non-Voltron Green deck (read: most Green decks because even some of those criteria aren't absolute) this card is awesome! Heroic Intervention is one of the best Green spells ever printed imo and while this is clearly its little brother you should still consider doubling up on 2 mana protection like this. I've won tons of games cause someone else wipes the board for me and the "Creatures can't be regenerated" clause is becoming less and less relevant as cards like Vanquish the Horde become the new standard.

L Bonders' Enclave Does your Commander have 4+ Power and you're playing 3 or less colors? This card deserves a slot. This is the other card I've grabbed 5 of for 40 cents and now are 2 bucks a piece. Is it inefficient? Totally. Does it give you options when it's turn 8 and you're looking at your Commander and an empty hand while coming at the low low cost of being a colorless land in every other situation? Totally.

I got a lot of good ideas from this thread, hopefully mine can help somebody out!

legendofa on Will Zedruu+Transcendence+Tales End+gifting to opponent …

5 months ago

Working through this step by step:

Starting point: Zedruu the Greathearted is on the battlefield and two players are at 21 life.

Step 1: Cast Transcendence. It resolves. The "20 or more life" ability triggers and goes on the stack.

Step 2: Before the triggered ability resolves, cast Tale's End targeting the triggered ability of Transcendence.

Step 3: Before Tale's End resolves, activate Zedruu's gifting ability, targeting Transcendence. It resolves, and an opponent gains control of Transcendence. State-based effects are checked, and Transcendence triggers for the opponent, putting the ability on the stack.

Step 4: The Transcendence ability affecting the opponent resolves, and that opponent loses. Transcendence is put into your graveyard.

Step 5: Tale's End resolves, countering the Transcendence ability affecting you. The stack is now empty.

Final result: One opponent has lost, and Transcendence is in your graveyard.

RonPaul21 on Will Zedruu+Transcendence+Tales End+gifting to opponent …

5 months ago

If Zedruu the Greathearted is on the battlefield under my control, I have more than 20 life, and I cast Transcendence then cast Tale's End in response to, and countering, the transcendence "loss" trigger, THEN, in response to that, used Zedruu's ability to gift Transcendence to an opponent with more than 20 life, would that make ONLY my opponent lose the game?

Trying to keep this brief due to the rules, but can go into detail if needed!

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