The Returned King of a Greater Realm

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This is my semi-casual (75%) multiplayer Karador deck that is resilient and can win in multiple different ways. I started initially with Meren and decided to combine it and my Ayli deck into Karador in an attempt to consolidate the decks I have. It was initially tuned to a competitive meta with hatebears/boonweaver but I realized that it wasn't fun to pilot and most pod I play in was semi-casual which prompt me to build it in this direction.

This deck is build to grind and survive through value and recursion over the course of the game. It is also important to never overextend dumping cards in the graveyard as a simple graveyard hate can put us behind. I do run some limited graveyard protection like Shalai, Voice of Plenty that protects against player targeted graveyard hate like Bojuka Bog, Nihil Spellbomb, Agent of Erebos, and Angel of Finality.

This deck revolves around resolving a Protean Hulk and a way to kill it to instantly win the game. Once the hulk dies, there are two possible winning lines depending on the game state:

The second line is less complicated and is as follows:

To further elaborate on how the Carrion Feeder + Mikaeus, the Unhallowed + Walking Ballista combo work:

  • Walking Ballista will come in at 1/1 thanks to Mikaeus, the Unhallowed's buff. Sac ballista to Carrion Feeder or any other sac outlets which will trigger undying for it to return with a +1/+1 counter. Remove the counter to deal 1 damage to a player. Repeat ad infinitum to kill the entire table.

The other infinite combo is enabled with a sac outlet and ends the game with Altar of Dementia/Blood Artist:

The following are combos that I may replace my current ones in the future if I decided to want to take my deck in another direction:

I've used to include a Necrotic Ooze combo package for my alternatic win condition. Necrotic Ooze (in play) + Devoted Druid + Channeler Initiate + Walking Ballista (all three in graveyard or Walking Ballista in hand) = generate infinite mana with druid and initiate and use it to activate ballista to win. All three of the yard combo pieces could be tutored with Buried Alive to win on the spot. A full explanation of the combo is as follows:

Still in the process of tweaking as I playtest.

''Death tried to uncrown me. But now I return, king of a greater realm.'' - Karador



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I got bored with Meren and has combined it with my Ayli deck to revamp it back into Karador. With new toys from BBD and DOM, Karador looks super exciting to pilot again.

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