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Lotleth Troll

Creature — Zombie Troll

Trample Discard a card: Put a +1/+1 counter on Loleth Troll B: Regenerate Loleth Troll

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Lotleth Troll Discussion

GreatSword on Fauna Shaman and Lotleth Troll ...

8 hours ago

You're correct in that you can't do this, but misguided about why exactly. Also, please ask technical rules questions like this in the Q+A page in the future please.

When you activate an activated ability like either Fauna Shaman or Lotleth Troll you pay the cost right away. The last step in casting a spell or activating an ability is paying the total cost. While you're doing this, no one has priority; you can't 'respond' to someone paying a cost, just like you can't Boomerang an opponent's land to prevent them from paying mana.

TheHorse on Fauna Shaman and Lotleth Troll ...

8 hours ago

You pay for the cost of an ability or spell before the spell resolves (or even goes on the stack). So as soon as you elect to discard your Gravecrawler to Fauna Shaman it's in the graveyard before you can activate Lotleth Troll 's ability.

Another way of thinking of it is just that you can't use one resource to pay for two different costs and paying costs doesn't really use the stack and can't be reacted to.

BlueGuildKnight on Fauna Shaman and Lotleth Troll ...

8 hours ago

Alright, the question is pretty simple and I think I know the answer anyway but here's the scenario. I have Fauna Shaman and Lotleth Troll on the battlefield and a Gravecrawler in my hand. I tap a forest to discard my Gravecrawler with Fauna Shaman so I can fetch another creature card but then respond to my discard by discarding the same Gravecrawler with Lotleth Troll . Do both abilities trigger or is my Fauna Shaman 's ability negated since its target has been discarded due to another ability making its target invalid? I figured the latter.

sylvannos on Any ideas for a deck ...

12 hours ago

I've been playing the dredge deck with a splash of red for Ghor-Clan Rampager . It lets you bloodrush for trample or gives you a trampler for Nighthowler to enchant. Coupled with Lotleth Troll , you don't even need Nylea, God of the Hunt .

WomboCombo on Any ideas for a deck ...

15 hours ago

I've found that Nemesis of Mortals works really well in a G/B deck that fills up its own graveyard quick.

I played something a little while ago that used Satyr Wayfinder , Grisly Salvage and Lotleth Troll to fill up the graveyard, then get out Nemesis of Mortals and Jarad, Golgari Lich Lord very quickly. It also used Nighthowler and Herald of Torment to be able to push damage through.

Strength of the Fallen could also work very nicely, though it means you need to play a few more enchantments / enchantment creatures to be able to trigger it over and over.

Tigerhawk55 on jarad, golgari dredge lord (community deck)

22 hours ago

  1. Lotleth Troll good synergy for Jarad and Dredge
  2. Brawn gives all your guys trample for being in the graveyard, which is where we want him.

Nigeltastic on Body Dump: Competitive Standard Dredge

1 day ago

Phibbonacci - this deck can be tricky to pilot, I've played a ton of games with it, but it takes practice. I think Nyx Weaver is invaluable, as pulling anything I need directly to my hand at instant speed has won me countless games. Also I would recommend against ever playing Strength from the Fallen on turn 2. The constellation trigger by itself sometimes wins games in one hit, and wasting the free one it gets is painful. I'd advise using an enabler turn 2.

theproblemchild01 - thanks for the love. Usually I avoid getting two copies of the gods by not taking them unless I actively need them. Drawing into two can be awkward but Lotleth Troll usually helps with that. I'm considering the demon, and whip runs best from the side, I've tried with 2 main and didn't like it much. That may just be personal taste.

echarland - thanks for the love, I'm waiting to see if I get any juicy cards from khans before fixing for rotation, as I pretty much just lose Lotleth Troll and Grisly Salvage . If they don't give me much or I need help deciding I'll gladly take suggestions then!

theproblemchild01 on Body Dump: Competitive Standard Dredge

1 day ago

I personally love dredge, good on you for making it. +1. My only suggestion would be that I found having more than 2 Pharika, God of Affliction become a problem the longer I playtested. I suggest taking one out and putting in a Whip of Erebos . This also warrants finding a spot for Shadowborn Demon as you can discard him for Lotleth Troll then bring him the demon back as spot removal + 5dmg with evasion. Helped me out in tight situations. Price

Low Avg High Foil
$0.48 $1.44 $5.0 $4.05
Power / Toughness 2/1
Color(s) B, G
Cost BG
Converted cost 2
Avg. draft pick 3.41
Avg. cube pick 10.85


Format Legality
Standard Legal
Legacy Legal
Vintage Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Modern Legal

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Set Rarity
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