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Lotleth Troll

Creature — Zombie Troll

Trample Discard a card: Put a +1/+1 counter on Loleth Troll B: Regenerate Loleth Troll

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Lotleth Troll Discussion

eureka62 on Revenge from the Fallen

3 hours ago

Good day, Please suggest a card that will replace Lotleth Troll on next rotation, thank you

ficticiousExplorer on May the Dead Strengthen You

7 hours ago

@daemon_panda Golgari Grave-Troll might just be a better alternative than Grave-Shell Scarab , only because of his regenerate ability. Grave-Shell was in because it could block decently. Specifically, block a big creature, use it's sacrifice ability, much like one could with Sakura-Tribe Elder , and get it back with it's cheap dredge ability so I can continue to block if I don't have anything in hand for whatever reason. Life from the Loam is good, I'll throw it into the sideboard just in case. If I were to include Lotleth Troll , he'd likely be nothing more than a chump blocker. Lastly, I've wanted to throw Overgrown Tomb in, but it, by itself, doubles the price of the deck. If this wasn't a budget deck, It'd have already been in. I appreciate the suggestions! I'll playtest with the Grave-Troll, Life from the Loam, and a bit with Lotleth Troll.

daemon_panda on May the Dead Strengthen You

11 hours ago

Golgari Grave-Troll is a much better dredge card as it dredges far more than Grave-Shell. Life from the Loam is also great. Lotleth Troll should be included in almost every instance of B/G decks. And Overgrown Tomb , while a tad expensive, are a must.

MetaphysicalxProdigy on The Junkyard Crusade

14 hours ago

I agree with thispersonisagenius about keeping thoughtseize over IoK. The 2 life penalty does suck but you will usually be in each game for the long haul. If you were rushing your opponent, you could use IoK because you wouldn't be giving them the time to cast their bigger spells anyways. And even then, aggro players running discard would still probably use thoughtseize over it since the life loss is negligible.

Vault of the Archangel seems like a good move. You now have a lifegain engine.

Finks is pretty solid against aggro. I would probably consider them over Courser of Kruphix , albeit the courser does have a little bit of synergy with KotR. Since you need many variables for Courser + KotR to line up, however, and in an aggro match you probably don't have the time, I would consider finks instead.

If aggro really is a problem, then Finks or even Blind Obedience could work. I mentioned Obedience earlier as a long-term solution, since it harms aggro and helps your mid+late game with extort. You would also be surprised by the number of artifacts you can hold off for a turn that would normally be tapped right away. Before you consider either of these, however, you should ensure you have done some solid playtesting against some of the major archetypes in modern and see what current cards appear the least relevant and can be swapped.

These lists include:

Aggro: Affinity, RDW, Jund, UR Aggro, Merfolk, Junk, Hatebear/Soul Sisters, Zoo, Bogle, Tokens.

Control: Tron, UWx Midrange, Rock, Faeries, Gift Control, and I guess Mono-Black Control.

Combo: Pod, Twin Exarch, Scapehift, Infect, Storm, Living End, Bloom Titan, Genesis Wave/Elves.

And finally, Lotleth Troll seems like he could be solid in your deck. The only problem I see with him is to get any real use, you may find yourself discarding creatures that would have been far more useful on the battlefield than sitting in the graveyard - unless of course these are knights and you are using Haakon with certainty. And even then, the knights themselves may be more powerful than just the troll. The troll is certainly a great card in the right deck, but you may find him backfiring or not connecting as well as you would have liked. Fauna Shaman at least nets you something in return for a discard; the troll only makes himself a little stronger, and with the discard pool he isn't overly synergistic.

I could certainly see the troll used to great extent in a junk Zombie/Knight tribal-heavy build. I kind of built something similar with a recent list called Darth Knights, however the link won't work :(. You can see how well the troll would fit in there if it splashed green (which I may well do).

Obviously the best, most relevant modern 2 drops (Bob and Goyf) aren't appropriate for this list since they are so damn expensive. Putrid Leech is potentially game-breaking, if you have the life for it. Thalia is strong, especially against aggro, but she may become irrelevant in the long game. There is always Tidehollow Sculler , and then finally Gravecrawler synergizes with your engine, as well as Haakon, mutavault, extort, and any other zombies.

DannyG on Body Dump: Competetive Standard Dredge

1 day ago

The thing about Shocklands over other dual lands is that they can be sacced for Jarad. Even though you don't use him, I would still recommendt it for more fixing.

You have 16 dredge enablers, and that is way too much. This deck can easly handle on 10-12 - let it be Commune with the Gods and Nyx Weaver and Satyr Wayfinder . If you cut some of these, you can easly fit Elvish Mystic - early ramp may be used for example to drop t2 Lotleth Troll with mana open for regeneration and this is pretty comparable to the situation of playing T2 Pack Rat without opponent having removal before you make more of them.

Cut Strength from the Fallen to 2-3 copies. This card is good, but is not so essential to have a full playset in deck, unless you are based on constelattion, but you are not.

Also, think about other creatures to close game with. So far you rely on Nighthowler and Lotleth Troll . While Gods are a thing as well, I don't see you turning devotion very often with lots of removal in current format, and pretty no card with double green cost (essential for Nylea).

thispersonisagenius on 2014-07-30 update of The Junkyard ...

1 day ago

If you're only going to play 3-4 discard spells, they need to be Thoughtseize in this sort of deck. I can see a hyper-aggro deck only playing IoK, but that's when the only cards you want to let them cast cost 3 or less. This deck will let them hit four mana, so Thoughtseize is the way to go. If the life becomes a legitimate issue, play some Obstinate Baloth or Kitchen Finks .

Lotleth Troll seems a like a fine, fitting card to add to this build.

slovakattack on 2014-07-30 update of The Junkyard ...

1 day ago

I'm actually gonna test a build that replaces Fauna Shaman with Lotleth Troll and Thoughtseize with Inquisition of Kozilek . I've been finding a lot that my most optimal choices for a T1-T2 discard are 1-3 CMC anyway , so paying the 2 life may just not be worth it in the end.

Lotleth Troll lacks the tutoring abilities of shaman, but he retains the discard bonus that she gives, and gets big, fast if I want him to.

Kaze13 on Golgari Midrange

2 days ago

+1 for Lotleth Troll! I played with him for more than a year. Sad to see such a close friend leave.

As for the deck, the main problem is control. Because your curve is more top-heavy, control will have an easy time dealing with your threats one at a time. Same with mono-black. If they don't draw enough mana or removal, you'll have an easy time. Unfortunately, that's most of their deck.

Golgari at the moment is strong versus aggro, decent versus midrange, and horrible versus control. After playing golgari midrange for more than a year, I never once beat control. However, I do know some ways to combat them.

The three cards that are the most trouble for control in golgari are Lotleth Troll , Reaper of the Wilds , and Vraska the Unseen . Make sure you pick the right time to cast these and ALWAYS have protection.

Versus midrange, it's all about who can get more fatties. Kalonian Hydra and Reaper of the Wilds are your biggest assets here. Try to draw and cast as many of those as possible.

Versus aggro, Reaper of the Wilds (it's good everywhere!) really helps in defense, as well as Polukranos, World Eater . You usually stabilize at around five life. If you have any, Drown in Sorrow from the sideboard works wonders.

Those are my suggestions, but they can change based on how you want to win in each matchup.