Remorseful Cleric

Remorseful Cleric

Creature — Spirit Cleric


Sacrifice Remorseful Cleric: Exile all cards from target player's graveyard.

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Set Rarity
Core Set 2019 (M19) Rare

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Format Legality
Modern Legal
Block Constructed Legal
Oathbreaker Legal
2019-10-04 Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Casual Legal
Pioneer Legal
Historic Legal
Vintage Legal
Leviathan Legal
Legacy Legal
Limited Legal
Arena Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Highlander Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal
Unformat Legal

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Remorseful Cleric Discussion

VampDemigod on Sleighs & Gifts Needed

2 weeks ago

Some effects that exile graveyards, again, budget friendly (useful for about 3 of the cards I linked): Burn Away, Hedonist's Trove, Sentinel Totem, Crook of Condemnation, Tormod's Crypt, Agent of Erebos, Nihil Spellbomb, Angel of Finality, Identity Crisis, Kaya's Guile, Remorseful Cleric, Rakdos Charm, Mnemonic Betrayal, Scavenger Grounds, Bojuka Bog, Day's Undoing.

I’d recommend only running 3-6 of these if you run the 3 cards that care about empty graveyards that I mentioned earlier.

marn3us on Akiri, a Boros New Hope

1 month ago

jakeyuki12 : thank you very much again for the suggestions, I totally agree and I'll make some adjustments to the list. I'd love to add the Swords of X and Y but unfortunately they are crazy expensive so I'm not going to include them (same for fetch lands, ancient tomb, and other really expensive lands that I don't own). The only exception is the Sword of Fire and Ice because I was gifted a copy of that one and the card draw is always useful.

I'll definitely add the Fervent Champion immediately, he looks really good at carrying equipments and the free equip cost is fantastic. My first take on this list was to make a really quick start, but now that I think of it I totally agree with you and DespairFaction that the deck needs to be more midrange.

PS: yes I definitely found the place to fit the Sunforger, that card is too good to pass on ;) Thanks again for the help!

DespairFaction : thanks a lot for the help! I'm afraid I couldn't find your video, could you please send a link to me (in PM as to not break any rules)?

As for the recommendations, I totally agree and I'll revise my plan so to have more finishers. I'll definitely have to find room for Aurelia and True Conviction (Maraug would be perfect but looks like he's going to be crazy expensive unfortunately). The only hesitation I have regarding Aurelia, the Warleader is that she's a 6-drop who needs to attack to be of any use and creatures are so easy to remove (my meta is pretty heavy on removal, Aurelia has almost never worked when played by my opponents). That said, I'll try her out and if she ends up not working I'll swap her out in favor of Fury of the Horde which is much more difficult to interact with.

I agree with you that the cheap creatures are really bad for the mid-late game, but it's my first Boros deck and I was trying to make sure that I could have some card draw right from the start of the game to try and keep up with the broken things that the other (green) players are doing. That said, I really like your idea regarding hatebears and I'll definitely swap out some useless little creatures for Hushbringer and Remorseful Cleric, thanks again!!

I'll work on the cuts and swaps and really looking forward to watching your video.

arsenicide33 on Alesha, Who Gets Things Done

1 month ago

Cool deck!

Alesha, Who Smiles at Death was one of the first generals I built a commander deck around and I've been tuning mine ever since.

Replacements I would make

  • Replace Dolmen Gate with Reconnaissance since it costs 1 less and also can untap your creatures after damage has been dealt to give them pseudo-vigilance.
  • Replace Angel of Invention with Marionette Master since if you get infinite ETBs on marionette master, you can sac the infinite tokens to deal infinite damage.

Other cards I might suggest

Combos I might suggest

Cards I recommend ditching:

Feel Free to check out my RBW Alesha's Beautiful Smile combo deck for ideas.

JRaynor on Warrior Eternal

2 months ago

Mj3913I used to run Agent of Erebos back when I first started playing Alesha, but replaced it with Remorseful Cleric when it was first printed. Remorseful Cleric has the benefit of not only being cheaper on initial cast, but is also better at staying alive after reanimation due to flying.

I'm still very fond of Agent of Erebos, and there are edge cases where it is the better choice, but I don't think 2 anti-graveyard effects are worth it and overall I think Remorseful Cleric just beats the Agent out.

In a D&T style deck where you're focused on slowing down your opponents as much as possible, and running redundancy for all your critical removal options, he probably still has a place. I find D&T decks to be best placed at the low end of cEDH though, which isn't really my scene.

Thanks for the +1 and for the suggestion though!!! ^_^

Bababad on Ayli, Frooty Loops (Primer)

3 months ago

We are always trying to run Revival / Revenge, but it never stays in the final build.

We are currently playing with Soul Warden, Soul's Attendant, Vito, Thorn of the Dusk Rose, and Lurrus of the Dream-Den, and likely gonna reintegrate Serra Ascendant (despite the true owner's disdain for that card) for some low cmc toolkit synergy and big lifegain sacrifices.

Lurrus of the Dream-Den has given us ample opportunity to set up Animate Dead + Karmic Guide into Sun Titan shenanigans, while bringing back a soul sister effect whenever we need one after a big nonland wipe.

Will keep you updated! We are also testing a new loop theme: Solemnity + Mikaeus, the Unhallowed / Luminous Broodmoth which has been testing extremely positively, especially with Sidisi, Undead Vizier, Gray Merchant of Asphodel, or Kokusho, the Evening Star (with mikaeus at least)

Once we test some more we will finalize the updates to the primer/etc. We haven't been able to test in a multiple player setting, will likely set up a rig for Saturday night virtual playing soon.

In 1 v 1 testing, The new soul sister effects are back breaking. Easily gaining 15+ life by the time it matters and mitigating early game damage. Living Death with Xiahou Dun, the One-Eyed loops keep things liquid and denying resources through spot exile or Remorseful Cleric have been the prime way of shutting down the game.

JRaynor on

4 months ago

Remorseful Cleric is pretty much a strict upgrade to Agent of Erebos. Cheaper to cast and also has built in evasion with flying, allowing him to both stay alive more often after being revived, and can chip in for damage when not attending to his main duty of exiling graveyards.

Hi_diddly_ho_neighbor on GW Angel Tribal

4 months ago

Cool deck. I am not sure if you are really looking for suggestions, but I had some thoughts when looking over your list.

I ran a Boros angel-tribal-reanimator list for a while, but eventually took it apart. One thing I learned when playing that deck was that a critical mass of low cmc utility creatures was needed in order to keeping me in the game long enough to start casting my Angels. I'd suggest adding Sakura-Tribe Elder (absolutely great with Emeria Shepherd), Selfless Spirit (more protection), and Remorseful Cleric (good early, excellent utility later) over some of the less impactful angels.

You might also consider swapping Graceful Reprieve with Brought Back as it is both more powerful and versatile. The new Obscuring Haze or the good old Comeuppance seem like better options over Endure. I also think Angelic Arbiter fits well with your Angel/protection theme.

Also, also, there seems to be very little card draw in the deck. Even adding some more egg style mana rocks like Mind Stone and Commander's Sphere might be helpful, but Greater Good and Rishkar's Expertise would both be fantastic here.

+1 from me!

DrunkManSquakin666 on Alesha's Drag Race

5 months ago

Something to consider for the deck would be Nim Deathmantle. It can go infinite with Murderous Redcap or Sling-Gang Lieutenant + Ashnod's Altar.

I never was a fan of Chaos Warp, myself... especially in Mardu strategies. Not only is there always the risk that you'll bring out something worse in the target's place, but you simply have better options thanks to your access to white. Some alternatives you might wanna consider are Vindicate, Anguished Unmaking and Utter End.

Grave Hate is better to have an not need than to need and not have. Something you might wanna add is Bojuka Bog, if nothing else. I'd also recommend Remorseful Cleric.

Finally, some tutors you might wanna look into if you have the money are Imperial Recruiter and Recruiter of the Guard.

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