Remorseful Cleric


Format Legality
Pre-release Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal
Magic Duels Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Vintage Legal
Modern Legal
Standard Legal
Leviathan Legal
Legacy Legal
Brawl Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Unformat Legal
Casual Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Core Set 2019 (M19) Rare

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Remorseful Cleric

Creature — Spirit Cleric


Sacrifice Remorseful Cleric: Exile all cards from target player's graveyard.

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Remorseful Cleric Discussion

Arnoldzolid on W/U/B Fall Of The Thran

1 week ago

Phyrexian Scriptures is good with the artifact theme but I feel it's kinda difficult to set it up right... I think Remorseful Cleric is a great 2 drop for the deck even if doesn't go well with the theme.

goodair on God Father (Derevi Death and Taxes)

2 weeks ago

Remorseful Cleric has been pretty good.
Opposition def was a good cut, don't regret since I'm not focused on tapping lands down.
The storage lands really didn't feel good, it's probably because of running a bunch of other utlity lands so the colorless mana at the start was a lil punishing when I'm already being greedy.
Dismiss into Dream is just brutal lmao, it feels gravepact-ist.
Have you tried a stoneforge + equiptment package with your deck? I'm getting the stoneforge and need to try out some dif options once its in!

Gadianten on Orzhov Cleric Tribal EDH

2 weeks ago

I love cleric tribal, I realize this is a jank deck but with some focus it can also be effective. I think the first trick is to synergize with your command and find clerics that can be sacrificed for gains the second is to find ways to drain their health quickly so you can focus on the first.

The best way to life drain is probably with Exsanguinate, Debt to the Deathless, Torment of Hailfire or similar spells so that your commanders to hand ability can be utilized.

The next one is not quite so easy and needs tuning to make really good, but I would recommend clerics like Benevolent Bodyguard, Children of Korlis, Dark Supplicant with Scion of Darkness, Frontline Medic, Nova Cleric, Remorseful Cleric, Sanctum Guardian and Selfless Spirit for creatures that can be utilized well with your commander and as a bonus its flavorful to have fanatical priests dedicated to some grim god.

Generally useful clerics matter cards would be Edgewalker, Ancestor's Prophet, Battletide Alchemist, Rotlung Reanimator and Whipgrass Entangler.

A little combo for Starlit Sanctum is Daru Spiritualist + Shaman en-Kor to gain some arbitrarily high life total.

In tribe Card draw considerations are Tymna the Weaver, Bygone Bishop and Twilight Prophet.

I don't know if you will continue to develop this but I would like to see your take on it as you evolve it.

The_WP on R/W Control

2 weeks ago

AdNauseam12 I've been doing some playtesting. You were right about the Faithless Looting, they help thin the deck and draw into combo pieces with more regularity. I wound up going with Rest in Peace over Remorseful Cleric as the deck doesn't have that much recursion and this is a better answer to graveyard matters decks.

I wound up not going with Leylines, since they are only really good to beat burn and storm. However, between Glorious End, Angel's Grace, Lightning Helix, and Deafening Clarion swings with Gideon(s) both of those matchups are fairly well answered.

Torpor Orb and Path to Exile both do the work they need to do, especially against five colored humans which is pretty big in my meta right now. The final sideboard card, Damping Sphere, isn't ideal it hits Tron and Storm but I want to get something else in there, something that can hit Tron and an Artifact as well, since Ensnaring Bridge shuts the whole deck down. Right now I am kind of thinking Abrade but even that isn't perfect.

Gadianten on Ayli Clerics

3 weeks ago

I have made cleric deck my self with Ayli, Eternal Pilgrim as the original commander but generally found Ravos and Tymna better due to card draw. That said there are some recommendations I have found from personal experience with Ayli you may find helpful. I generally found I had two main issues with the deck and it was gaining enough life quickly to bring Ayli online and then having enough bodies to act as fodder for said ability. With that in mind I will try and make suggestions that generally forward those causes.

Lifeline, I cant recommend this enough it does EVERYTHING your commander wants, while it may allow for opponents to benefit at first, reaching the magical 50 life exile enabler for your commander is easy then you can start exiling the problems. As an added note you can use things like Fiend Hunter or Containment Priest to keep your opponents from taking advantage of it, just sac Containment Priest in response to the Lifeline triggers to prevent your self from getting hosed.

Patriarch's Bidding and Living End are also pretty good recursion.

I assume your exclusion of Exquisite Blood with Sanguine Bond in the deck is intentional, if its not I would add it as its a win combo. If you choose to not add in Exquisite Blood then Beacon of Immortality can be quite funny when added to Sanguine Bond.

Exsanguinate is an excellent addition alongside the Debt to the Deathless you have in there and will help make it easier to bring your commanders removal online while weakening others.

Heliod's Pilgrim with Gift of Immortality is a nice way to fuel your commander and generally helpful.

Remorseful Cleric Excellent graveyard removal and in tribe.

Conspiracy should be added to go with Rotlung Reanimator as all your creatures become clerics including tokens. This means you can sac tokens to make more tokens, in short its one of the holy grail's your commander wants for sacrificial fodder.

Custodi Soulcaller decent aggressive in tribe low cmc reanimation. I would also consider Sun Titan as the reanimation is very useful even if its not in tribe.

Skirsdag High Priest, sacrifice something make a 5/5 flyer once a turn seems helpful.

Evangel of Heliod I have had missed results in the past but it does provide tokens, though including an Elspeth, Sun's Champion is probably a better idea.

Also, as you are gaining a lot of life you might consider things such as Greed and Necropotence to synergize with your strategy and get you cards.

SP3CTR3_chelts on Naya Tokens

3 weeks ago


This (or something very similar deck to this) would be the naya deck I would run if I was going to (but ended up sticking with G-W). Although, I would try to find some space for a board pump effect even if it was Flower / Flourish or Shalai, Voice of Plenty. Side board wise I would recommended:

3xKnight of Autumn (vs burn and decks using nice enchantments: history of benalia, thousand year storm, divine visitation ect.)

2 Cleansing Nova not really for creature removal but it is one of the few ways in standard to destroy the growing in popularity Lich's Mastery decks. Two copies of this in a deck means they need to be running blue to win!! (and if they are running blue you just have to wait for them to tappout) (vs lich's mastery) if you don't have any of these where you play/don't struggle against them then obviously do not bother!

2 Shalai, Voice of Plenty she is a brilliant card for a deck like this protection pumping and flying in 1. (vs burn and control decks)

2 Settle the Wreckage (vs. mid range or aggro deck)

4 Tocatli Honor Guard the best way to combat the top of the meta golgari explore/etb deck [note it does stop Goblin Instigators ability so that is what i would swap them in for] (vs. golgari/abzan explore)

2 Banefire is brilliant against a long drawn out control match up where you have lots of lands as all your threats have been answered. only ever play to kill! (vs.control [note. not counter burn it will be too slow]) if you don't have any of these where you play/don't struggle against them then obviously do not bother!

2 Remorseful Cleric (vs. GY decks including the golgari explore deck)

Sorry I started of suggesting a couple of cards and ended up building a sideboard for you :S Sorry if I overstepped the amount of advice you were wanting. I know there are 17 cards in the SB I suggested but cutting a couple based on your local meta is the best advice I can give, as in if everyone is playing a dooom enchantment in their deck play 4 knights if no one is playing gy recursion strip the clerics.

I hope I helped and I really do like the deck!

Thanks for reading,


multimedia on Help With Competitve Sarkhan's Unsealing

3 weeks ago

Hey, I think you're right to stick with Clarion. If you've observed matchups in Standard you would see that Boros Aggro has a hard time dealing with Clarion. Vanguard and Bodyguard is the tech, but if aggro doesn't draw these creatures then Clarion will wreck. Even with these creatures Clarion will wreck just not everything aggro has. Playing a deck with Clarion currently is going to be a much better deck because of it. Giving Dinos lifelink can also be very good against aggro. Clarion is quite good with Ripjaw (drawing a card and lifelink).

If you like Dinos then my advice is continue to play Naya because of Temple Garden and Sacred Foundry. Include Llanowar, Migration, Commune, Brontodon, Ripjaw, Alpha, Tyrant, Ghalta, Clarion, Coil and Unsealing. Unsealing can be a win condition, but I wouldn't build around it because like you already said it's too slow. In my opinion Unsealing seems like a better card for control matchups then aggro matchups. It's ability to do damage when you cast a Dino gets through counterspells which are hard for Dinos to deal with and the damage can hit Teferi. Control matchups are slower matchups than aggro this gives you more time to set-up.

Ghalta in my opinion is a key card with both Dinos and Unsealing because of it's 12 power stats and cost reduction ability. Dinos can safely play three colors because of Temple Garden, Migration and Commune, even Drover can help, but I think Llanowar is the better mana dork because potential turn two Brontodon is very good against aggro and History of Benalia. Migration in my opinion is also a better card with Dinos than Drover, it's more reliable ramp especially when playing Clarion.

White doesn't only give you Clarion, but also sideboard Tocatli Honor Guard, Remorseful Cleric and Ixalan's Binding. Clarion for aggro, Guard for Golgari, Cleric for Izzet and Binding for Teferi.

NensouHiebara on Balan, Wandering Knight | Equipment Voltron

1 month ago


Cyclonic Rift can be annoying, but it's not a complete gut punch. Everything's back in the hand, not destroyed. If it's being cast to slow you down and not secure a win, you should have an opportunity to rebuild.

There are also a few cards that are effective at keeping Blue Mages at bay:


Meren of Clan Nel Toth is a Graveyard deck. Applying some Grave-hate will put a stranglehold on her entire gameplan:

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