Distended Mindbender


Format Legality
Magic Duels Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Vintage Legal
Modern Legal
Penny Dreadful Legal
Leviathan Legal
Legacy Legal
Frontier Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Unformat Legal
Casual Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Eldritch Moon (EMN) Rare

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Distended Mindbender

Creature — Eldrazi Insect

Emerge 5 (You may cast this spell by sacrificing a creature and paying the emerge cost reduced by that creature's converted mana cost.)

When you cast Distended Mindbender, target opponent reveals his or her hand. You choose from it a nonland card with converted mana cost 3 or less and a card with converted mana cost 4 or greater. That player discards those cards.

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Distended Mindbender Discussion

multimedia on Elves of Dominaria (M19)

3 weeks ago

Stazeeee, thanks for the upvote at Radiant Elves.

I get a lot of comments suggesting to add Heroic Intervention and it's fine if you want to play it, add it, but I don't. Intervention doesn't do enough in matchups where I want it, control matchups. Overextending my army because I'm counting or hoping that Intervention can save it is not a good plan. Instead my plan is to sideboard in cards that don't care about Fumigate or Settle because ultimately I can't stop all the Fumigates and Settles that my opponent will have. I want to sideboard in noncreature cards that can combat Teferi. Nissa, Vital Force's haste 5/5 lands and Lifecrafter's Bestiary to match card advantage; Bestiary's draw works through counterspells.

Due to tribal I only want to sideboard in a few cards in matchups; I can't take out very many cards especially Elves. I want to be aggressive in the control matchup, but there's a fine line between being aggressive and being dumb and overextending. Without having cards like Nissa and Bestiary at my disposal then my only realistic plan is to overextend with Intervention protection, which is problematic.

I like Song of Freyalise I think it's a great card, but not currently with Elves. Currently in Standard the best Elves other than Steel Leaf Champion produce mana. Elves don't have a problem with making mana therefore the first two chapter abilities of Song are not needed. The third chapter ability is amazing, but I don't feel the card is worth it because for two turns it's not doing much.

Many versions ago this deck was called "Rite Elves" utilizing Cryptolith Rite to ramp into a fast Westvale Abbey  Flip or Distended Mindbender with Elves. It had Collected Company and Shaman of the Pack and other Elves. In the version I cut all mana Elves other than Leaf Gilder and this worked with Rite because of a large amount of powerful two drop nonmana Elves especially Dwynen's Elite. Gilder stayed because mana it produces could be used to cast a turn three Company without needing other Elves. In current Standard the two drop spot for Elves is vacant, with the least amount of options for the tribe. Song really needs a new Elite or a reprint of Elite or Elf token producers to be good with Elves. If there's enough good one or two drop nonmana Elves or Elves get a token theme post rotation then Song can be a possible fantastic addition.

Sandwurm Convergence is a good suggestion, but I think it's CMC is a little too high to be used to stop those flying threats you mentioned. If we had to stop high 6-8+ CMC Dragons, Demons or other big fliers then Convergence would be better. Relying on stopping four, five or less drop fliers with an eight mana card seems too slow. Making a 5/5 Wurm each turn is great if midrange was a problem right now in Standard then this could be good, but it's not a problem, aggro is and those fliers you mentioned are played with aggro. Convergence is not something I want in aggro matchups. You could try cutting Crushing Canopy for Convergence as it stops Lyra, but Canopy is also a way to stop History of Benalia in the same matchup where opponent is playing white and Lyra.

Thanks for the feedback and taking a look at Radiant Elves. I'll comment about Shalai, Voice of Plenty and white there.

S1ayerMonkey on What are some fun mono ...

3 weeks ago

Edit: That is Distended Mindbender in the last paragraph

BantBitch on Child of rot and ruin, that bloomed. Muldrotha

1 month ago

Distended Mindbender is super cruel if you want to try it out!

chadsansing on Muldrotha recursion WIP

2 months ago

Maybe also Sidisi, Brood Tyrant, Taigam, hand of Sidisi, and Whip of Erebos? I also like Jarad, Golgari Lich Lord, and Lotleth Troll with this commander, Vessel of Nascency, and maybe even Elder Deep-Fiend, Distended Mindbender, and Decimator of the Provinces.

This is a great list for reference - thank you!

Happy brewing!

elgosu1337 on Can't touch this

3 months ago

Interesting deck with the focus on unblockability. Quietus Spike could be really painful with a deck like this. Silent-Blade Oni also seems too good to pass up.

Indigo Faerie doesn't seem that useful apart from the combo with Deepchannel Mentor, and the cost seems pretty high for the effect, so you could take those cards out.

Colorless creatures like artifact creatures and Eldrazi are also very hard to block with Vela's intimidate. I made an Eldrazi Ninja Vela deck, so I can recommend Deepfathom Skulker, Oblivion Sower, Sire of Stagnation, and Distended Mindbender as being quite useful. You can check out that deck for more inspiration.

Eldrazi Ninja Scroll

Commander / EDH elgosu1337


Pieguy396 on Emrakul's Reign

7 months ago

Hey there! While I do love your deck idea, you unfortunately can't play cards like Distended Mindbender in a Bant-colored EDH deck, as color identity includes colors in the text box, so Distended Mindbender has a Black color identity.

MightWhiteBeRight on Sheoldred

8 months ago

I'd take out Distended Mindbender for Grave Pact, seeing as 7 mana should go a little further than discarding two cards from someone's hand. Also, speaking of lands, Bottomless Vault is far too slow a land in a deck that's headed by a 7 CMC Commander.

Hobbez9186 on

8 months ago

The only problem is that the current Standard rotates in a week and there are a lot of changes that will need to happen. Otherwise, obviously this is sweet.

Dreamstealer is awesome. It does pull early removal which is fine, if it doesn't the discard is relevant and it can be used to chump a fatty. Once it dies, Eternalizing it as a 4/4 Menace for 6 has actually won me games. It pairs very nicely with the Scarab Curse because if your opponent tries to hold onto cards to discard and avoid the Curse damage they can't. That one has definitely closed out games. I run a full set and it's a great card. I don't typically run it out on turn 3 though because you want to use your mana for direct disruption through the early turns, but once your opponent is down to 1 or 2 cards it's amazing. Slow and painful. I am going to be moving it to the sideboard because I am losing his friend Distended Mindbender which was my favorite turn 3 into turn 4 play. I think it will pair well with the new Raiders' Wake and it is part of my new Sideboard strategy.

Kitesail Freebooter is part of that alternate strategy too when Ixalan comes. I had a black deck back in Theros that didn't focus on discard specifically, but I absolutely ran a full set of Brain Maggot because it's a great effect that gives you useful information. I like that it's on a body because it basically rips off a card and then burns a second card that they have to use to kill it to get it back, or it can be used to stop damage from a big attack. Incredibly useful.

If you plan on replacing Ob Nix with some other form of card draw, I'd recommend Sword-Point Diplomacy which pairs very well with Yahenni's Expertise since you can 2-for-1 and the payoff is awesome. The only other real draw mechanics right now are very underwhelming compared to Diplomacy. Painful Lesson guarantees 2 cards for 2 life and 3 mana, but it's not very exciting. Arguel's Blood Fast is repeatable, but unless you also run something like Noxious Gearhulk it probably will get you killed. There are a few Tutors, but they are all way too high cost. Razaketh is interesting and I've thought about building around him but you'd have to have more creatures.

The only other consideration is Duress over Lay Bare the Heart. Lay Bare is sweet, but it can't hit planeswalkers anymore. It can hit creatures (that aren't Legendary), but Harsh Scrutiny does that for less mana and lets you scry. I think having one cost hand disruption is better overall because you can peel apart a good hand by doing it more than once a turn starting on turn 2. I think either a full set of Duress and Scrutiny or an even mix of all 3 cards would be better. Either way, everyone plays creatures (except us lol) so I think Scrutiny pretty much has to be a full 4. The information is just too valuable. Doomfall is great too, it's just so flexible and again works well with Expertise. Imagine wiping out a whole army of smaller creatures and your opponent being left with one big creature or a few valuable creatures. Just Doomfall afterwards with the free cast and make them Exile a creature after their chumpers get blown away. I like that when you use it to attack the hand you are far less restricted as well.

Anyway, that's just my two cents. I read the comments where you were considering some of these cards and I wanted to further explain their usefulness. My discard deck is very successful and very fun. For me. My friends don't share that feeling lol. I've run into a few Blue decks that seems to have even more answers than I do sometimes, but that's about the only struggle I've had at all. If you play multiplayer games at all too remember that Torment of Hailfire hits all opponents. You said in your description that it can "really ruin one opponent", but it can really ruin everyone, lol.

Good luck to you, it's good to see another fan of classic black discard. Long live The Rack ;)

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