Prophetic Ravings


Format Legality
Tiny Leaders Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Magic Duels Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Vintage Legal
Modern Legal
Penny Dreadful Legal
Casual Legal
Pauper EDH Legal
Leviathan Legal
Legacy Legal
Frontier Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Unformat Legal
Pauper Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Eldritch Moon (EMN) Common

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Prophetic Ravings

Enchantment — Aura

Enchantment - Aura Enchant creature

Enchanted creature has haste and ", Discard a card: Draw a card."

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Prophetic Ravings Discussion

oliveoilonyaasscureshemorrhoid on Tiana; Like an Enchantress but... Not

3 days ago

I would fix your mana base first. Average EDH decks have 45 mana sources, and Tiana definitely needs it, so consider more lands or rocks like Gilded Lotus/Boros Cluestone/Commander's Sphere/Fire Diamond/Marble Diamond etc etc. Fiery Mantle/Dragon Breath could replace Mark of Fury/Goblin War Paint? Guise of Fire/Bonds of Faith/Prophetic Ravings could replace Bloodshed Fever/Hammerhand/Cartouche of Zeal? Graceblade Artisan is a great duplicate of Champion of the Flame, it could replace Favored Hoplite/Call To Serve. If you want more combat map control you could run Goblin Spymaster/Overwhelming Splendor. Immolation/Inferno Fist are good duplicates of Ordeal of Purphoros.

Other than these replacements, I think you made a fine deck. I would include more finishers like Shiv's Embrace/Splinter Twin/Elemental Mastery/Burning Anger/Battle Mastery, or include a combo with Battered Golem/Paradox Engine/Endbringer/Traxos, Scourge of Kroog. I think some weaker finishers in this deck right now are Giant Spectacle/Lightning Reflexes/Madcap Skills/Lightning Talons. And I think Gift of Immortality is alright, but it doesn't protect your auras in extension if a creature-only board wipe happens, so another indestructible spells would be better.

I like the neat combo of Pariah and Tiana, and your enchantment based draw engines + Auratog/Faith Healer is another neat combo. Curse of Opulence is a great include, it's a one drop that adds influences damage away from you and toward your 120 combined life goal. Umbra Mystic/Anax and Cymede/Heavenly Blademaster are also great includes!

SinsOfTheMoon on The plan to make my playgroup quit magic!

6 months ago

Overall, you need a way to survive until turn 6 since you have no way to accelerate your 6 mana needed. You have no defense right now, so basically any modern deck kills you before you get to cast Open the Vaults... Either go blue, or keep W/R but add more creatures and Prophetic Ravings

smrkous on Spell drake cycle

1 year ago

It is quite interesting and tempting, although it is a creature. If it was a spell, I would really think about adding it. I actually think about removing Prophetic Ravings and sometimes even Bedlam Reveler although the latter has just so much value and synergy. The value and issues of Nimble Obstructionist I can see is (ordered by value for this deck):

  • counter ability for (bonus is draw and discard trigger) - great!
  • flash block - nice for the deck theoretically, but so far I haven't encountered any need for it
  • cycle for discard trigger - for it is quite expensive
  • not an instant / sorcery (and creature doesn't even trigger prowess) - it does nothing in your graveyard
  • costs always 3 mana - you can't easily get rid of it if you don't need it

But I definitely add it to maybeboard and it might be great for sideboard, thanks!

TeXnician on Alchemist Madness Burn (Advice Welcome)

1 year ago

I like the idea, I also thought about the combination of Thermo-Alchemist, enchanted with Prophetic Ravings and a madness-source like Fiery Temper, Lightning Axe or Alchemist's Greeting myself - maybe this would also work in your deck.

nerf_herder_2983 on Did someone say tokens with deathtouch?

1 year ago

I think this is a pretty good deck so far, but might be a little slow. Have you thought about cards such as Ruthless Sniper and Archfiend of Ifnir? With Archfiend, it might be a good idea to find a good discard outlet like Nahiri's Wrath or even Prophetic Ravings, which allows you to cycle any card. As far as cards to remove, probably Crocodile of the Crossing because I feel like on turn four you'll want to play a couple of your one or two drops if they got removed early game. I'd also get rid of The Scorpion God just because I think Archfiend will work better for you in the end. But I would at least keep it in the side board. Or even side board archfiend. And for board presence, maybe run another Hapatra, Vizier of Poisons and only 2 Ammit Eternal, you'll get more creatures on the board. I'd also sideboard Nest of Scarabs because you have hapatra, which produces better creature. If you are up against creature control, then I'd swap the hapatras for the nest. Lastly, throwing in a couple more Canyon Sloughs might be good as well, or even Needle Spires so you can fire off that aftermath on Grind / Dust. Either way I don't think you are running enough land, even with Channeler Initiate. Other than that I think this will be a fun deck. Just have to be prepared for a Solemnity.

Noctem on Mono-Red Aggro In Amonkhet

1 year ago

You have 14 discard outlets not counting Prophetic Ravings. I think you could take that out. If you're using it for the haste, best to have another red cartouche instead since stopping something from blocking is more relevant than another discard outlet that requires a creature + not getting attack at the same time as being a discard outlet or other benefit.

I would rather have Invigorated Rampage in the main if you want that kind of buff card instead of Abandon Reason. I see that you say it's great protection but frankly your deck isn't about protecting your creatures, it's about rushing down the opponent and getting damage through at all times. The only creatures in standard that have first strike will be stuff that you're going to burn out of play before attacking anyway. Thalia, Heretic Cathar for example. Being able to give a creature a big damage buff and trample over a chump blocker is more useful imo to your overall strategy.

It also enables my next point which is that with all of the targeted removal in this meta, including exile effects like Cast Out which will absolutely be everywhere, Fling should be part of your main deck so that you can have a response when they try to remove your buffed creature / Hazoret or whatever. Not a lot of them, like 1-2 so that you have that final damage reach out of nowhere. being able to flood the board early, then buff an unblocked attacker with +4 damage, deal combat damage and then fling it main 2 for 6-8 damage could be an easy turn 4 win.

I also think that Glorybringer should be in the main or at the very least the sideboard. I saw you had him in but took him out. I think you should reconsider.

I think you should run 20 lands at the bare minimum instead of 19. You're a discard deck for one, for 2 even mono white humans who have a curve that stops at 3-4 CMC run at least 20 lands and finally if you're going to run lands in the sideboard, make it a splash color / man land / both. For example mono white humans usually runs 4 Inspiring Vantage in the main and then 4 Needle Spires in the side for red splash. You could do the same for a color that would benefit your strat. But don't run 3 basics in the side, it just seems like such a waste imo.

WeWhoSaidWhat on Mono-Red Aggro In Amonkhet

1 year ago

I think Invigorated Rampage would be better than Abandon Reason. Yes, Abandon has Madness, but Madness isn't the main focal point of the deck, imo.

I'm not sure how I feel about Combat Celebrant and Battlefield Scavenger. Exerting is great, but you wouldn't want to play Celebrant without a haste enabler, so Turn 4 at the earliest. Without Glorybringer or Celebrant, Scavenger really only triggers off himself and one other creature, and with no evasion or combat ability outside of a win more trigger, he doesn't really seem worth it to me. Even with Celebrant, you'd only really exert Celebrant to win, so the card draw isn't even necessary at that point. I think you could cut these guys for a couple more burn spells like Shock, Lightning Axe, and Magma Spray; some more discard outlets for Flameblade Adept like Tormenting Voice, Cathartic Reunion or more Prophetic Ravings; or some more Bloodrage Brawler.

Either way, I really like the deck.

Zacoly on

1 year ago

You look like you could use Shock and Murder in your sideboard

Prophetic Ravings or Stensia Banquet in the mainboard

And Evolving Wilds or Mortuary Mire or Cinder Barrens to spice up the lands.

Best of luck with it tonight!!!

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