Elder Deep-Fiend


Format Legality
Modern Legal
Legacy Legal
Vintage Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Standard Legal
Frontier Legal

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Set Rarity
Eldritch Moon Rare

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Elder Deep-Fiend

Creature — Eldrazi Octopus


Emerge (You may cast this spell by sacrificing a creature and paying the emerge cost reduced by that creature's converted mana cost.)

When you cast Elder Deep-Fiend, tap up to four permanents.

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Elder Deep-Fiend Discussion

WarrKing on Sultai Combo Deck, looking for ...

1 day ago

UpperDeckerTaco Would Elder Deep-Fiend or other emerge creatures work for me though? Other than Filigree Familiar, all of my artifact creatures are servo tokens, so I wouldn't be getting much of a discount on the emerge creatures? I was under the impression they were over costed for what they do, because it was assumed you would emerge them to make them considerably cheaper... Maybe I am missing something?

UpperDeckerTaco on Sultai Combo Deck, looking for ...

1 day ago

You want a way to sac artifacts upon casting, EMERGE my friend! Elder Deep-Fiend.

Argeaux on Cast a Shadow

3 days ago

AgentGreen I haven't actually played a tournament with 26 Lands, yet.

It's been a meta call. I usually play Control with 26 Lands because I can't afford to miss land drops.

This has become even more important facing a deck that plays Elder Deep-Fiend which taps my Lands.

I have also often found myself wishing I had land on Turn 3 or 4, which I didn't have.

I'll let you know how this goes at tournament.

Lordeh on Temur Pulse Wizards

1 week ago

I'd consider a couple of Elder Deep-Fiend so that you can tap down the board for a good finish.

drewskie90 on Dimir (First Homebrew)

1 week ago

Legendary_Crush Also would it be a good combo to have Tezzeret's Touch with Filigree Familiar then sack for Elder Deep-Fiend? Then I would get my Filigree Familiar back to replay next turn. Or would the loss of having an enchantment going to graveyard be more of a loss since I do not have much graveyard manipulation.

drewskie90 on Dimir (First Homebrew)

1 week ago

Legendary_Crush Thanks so much for your input. Would playing 2 Filigree Familiar and 2 Elder Deep-Fiend be the optimal ratio?

Legendary_Crush on Dimir (First Homebrew)

1 week ago

If you're going to play Filigree Familiar may I suggest playing at least a one-of Elder Deep-Fiend? With a Filigree on the board you can cast the deep fiend for 4 mana on turn 4 and get the card advantage from emerging from the Filigree. Nice deck!

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