Pain Magnification


Format Legality
Noble Legal
Leviathan Legal
Magic Duels Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Vintage Legal
Modern Legal
Penny Dreadful Legal
Vanguard Legal
Legacy Legal
Archenemy Legal
Planechase Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Unformat Legal
Casual Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Dissension (DIS) Uncommon

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Pain Magnification


Whenever an opponent is dealt 3 or more damage by a single source, that player discards a card.

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Pain Magnification Discussion

GarmaReborn on Zurgo World Smasher

1 month ago

Warrior Creatures to Consider:

Non-Warrior Creatures:

Equipment to Consider:

Artifacts to Consider:



  • Vandalblast
  • Rout
  • Chandra's Ignition -really great boardwipe for this deck, if zurgo has lifelink you will get that life and also anything that dies will give him counters. You could have zurgo, cast this, and then more than likely one shot a player
  • Read the Bones
  • Open the Armory
  • Disrupt Decorum tapped out won't link this for some reason

Instants: (sticking with four or less Cmc for sunforger shenanigans)



Mardu is great for control, so its best to have plenty of removal spells. I would not have Spinerock Knoll since it might be too slow. Windbrisk Heights might be better than Spinerock tho. Like what if you need to play that spell but can't get 7 damage off. Also, Graveblade Marauder seems too situational to leave an impact. When you start adding/removal stuff to the deck, make sure to keep it low cmc as you can since you don't have much in terms of ramp in these colors; be sure to keep as mana rocks as you can for the same reason.

Deepstriker29 on Crosis, the Purger Discard EDH

3 months ago

Go for the Throat > Doom Blade

Single-target discard generally forces you to trade card advantage against two opponents for card advantage against a single opponent, and you will quite often force them to get rid of the worst card in their hand instead of the real threats. You will want to focus on asymmetrical effects that let you slowly grind hands down, like Pain Magnification. If you're willing to, you can dabble in filling your own grave for later with cards like Windfall and Burning Inquiry so that your discard spells do more beyond their immediate impact, as well as giving you the opportunity to pull a KO out of nowhere.

xyr0s on Grimoire: Radial Control

3 months ago

Yeah, I guess something must be missing from a sentence like this ;) "Before to start, i would like to remind few things, i learnt some changes from about some changes from , and totally change some strategies/sinergy from ." Whatever you learned, I hope it is useful.

I guess you learned something about manabase, since you've changed a bunch of lands. Looks a lot better now.

My points, made simple:

  • You play a lot of cards with extra options. Those extra options comes at a mana-cost. That cost makes the cards weaker than cards with a similar, but more limited, effect. Examples: Crackleburr has roughly the same effect as Lightning Bolt, but look at the cost: 3 mana to play Crackleburr, wait for next turn, then you need 2 other creatures in play (to tap for activation cost), and another 2 mana, before you get your first Lightning Bolt out of Crackleburr. Oh, but Crackleburr has an Unsummon option too. Yes, at the same, very high cost. 5 mana for the first Unsummon, and you need Crackleburr to be tapped to play this. You have so many options with Crackleburr, but paying them is a challenge (and since it has 2 toughness, it is easy for opponents with boring removal cards to simply kill it). And most likely, your deck will simply be better for bringing 4 Lightning Bolt instead of Crackleburr.

  • Anything that says "opponent chooses" in one form or another, is a card you should read as if you always get the worst option on. You might occasionally meet an opponent, who'll give you the choice that's best for you by mistake, but you should never assume that your opponent is stupid enough to help you.

  • Have you heard the term "win-more" used to describe cards? If not, it describes cards that are only good when you are already in a winning position, but which are incapable of helping you if your opponent has the upper hand. Pain Magnification is such a card. It is only good when you are so far ahead of your opponent, that you can deal 3 damage at will. In this deck, 3 damage is either from Slagstorm or from attacking creatures.

  • Early pressure is not made by a single aggro card. You have to follow up with more, right away. I mean... do you seriously think that anybody plays a deck, that can't either handle 4 damage, or a creature with toughness 3 in the early part of the game? Esper Stormblade looks like it supports this strategy a bit more. Early pressure, at least the way I understand it, is when you have enough of those low-costed threats to overwhelm the cards any opponent might bring to survive early game.

Upyron on Grimoire: Radial Control

3 months ago

xyr0s man, is quiet hard make a sense your reply but i understand more or less...

Before to start, i would like to remind few things, i learnt some changes from about some changes from , and totally change some strategies/sinergy from .

You tried to say i have some wrongs cards, because they're in a wrong archetype deck, but isn't true, any can work well in any deck, is depending on it combo if stay well or not.

Exemple OP Guys usually work well on burn deck or Aggro like, but here i use to create pressure during early phase, this kind of creature, i used previously, i used only colors is a kind of speciality) and have a combo with Pain Magnification, combos in this deck is very important this is a deck is a control, and a bit burn/aggro same time but flexible, can do at the same time both.

about costing, isn't a big problem, i have many pain land with double color or multicolor can enter not tapped, cards like Reflecting Pool Steam Vents.

Crackleburr can be good or not is depend of the situations if i see it'll not working with an opponent, i looking for cards like Demigod of Revenge or creatures, easily ignore burn combo or removal effects( those creature are in Alpha some improvement will come, demigood isnt best but at the moment is just an avatar just to reminder ;) )

Good card to be work well, old or not doesn't matter, is necessary have many chain.

also cheaper cards (mana) isnt always best option, is depend on combo... you make an exemple Spell Pierce.anyway thank for info was useful this deck will be upgrade soon the main problem now is few creature to change and few spells like 10 more or less is near to finish!!!thank for comments, is very usefull i think for any Users.bye

xyr0s on Grimoire: Radial Control

3 months ago

Curious here: what kind of decks have you played this against?

Because in all the excitement about transmute, you forget that it's not for free. It costs 3 mana each time. At sorcery speed, so you can't keep counterspell mana up and transmute at opponents end of turn. And the cards you can transmute to aren't exactly the kind that turns the game around: Pain Magnification is win-more card, only good when you already are hitting your opponent hard, and the value of Soul Manipulation decreases a lot when you consider that you have to reveal it when you transmute, so now your opponent knows what counterspell you have. Add to this the added mana cost of transmuting, and it's kinda bad (6 mana for countering a creature with a Raise Dead tied to it).

Same goes for the 2 cmc transmute: You transmute from a conditional counterspell to a card that lets you draw one card, and opponent gets to influence what you can get. Even on the best of days the cumulative effect reads: "pay 5 mana to get a card from among the top 5 cards of your library. Opponent chooses one or more cards, that you really can't be allowed to have". Flexible, perhaps, since you use alternate abilities of cards and have options and all that. But not particularly good ("5 mana for 1 card has been the worst cards-for-mana deal in the history of cards-for-mana deals, maybe ever", to paraphrase the oddly orange guy).

I know that a budget deck isn't supposed to match up to tier 1 decks. But you'd do yourself a service by actually having a look at expected opposing decks and planning for it: What do you do against tron (even a cheaper tron build, with budget-level threats), against elves (even at budget, they have you dead at turn 4), or monowhite blink, or maybe against something like my two monored budget decks Daughters first deck/kuldotha 8whack? This is a grixis deck, so there should be plenty of control options - you could have a single Pyroclasm to transmute after, for example (that takes care of tokens and a bunch of go-wide strategies. Especially when you claim that your deck is a control deck, it's smart to have a look at what other decks are doing, and find some strong answers to that.

Upyron on Grimoire: Radial Control

3 months ago

cdkime i very like your comments is very hopefully, i'll consider them.

but you make a mistake about "transmute" you mean after paying it's cost i can take only Truth or Tale or another Muddle the Mixture but that is wrong, i can take all of those like Far / Away orRise/Fall or any other cards same converted cost as .

same with Perplex converted cost as like Pain Magnification or Soul Manipulation xD

xyr0s on Grimoire: Radial Control

3 months ago

Vexing Devil. In an aggressive deck, like burn, it's fine since it doesn't have any bad outcomes. In this deck, you don't follow up with more damage in the same way a burn deck does, and a deck with built-in lifegain could just take the damage and regain life later, while a deck with a lot of removal would let you have the creature, only to kill it with Fatal Push right away.

Crackleburr is not really a modern-viable card. 3 mana to play for a 2/2 body, waiting out the summoning sickness, then needing 2 mana AND two other creatures in play (which you don't intend to use for attacking), is way too high mana costs and difficult circumstances to ever really rely on.

There's a couple of cards that seem like they are simply less efficient versions of well-known modern staples. Soul Manipulation, for example. It seems like a counterspell with an upside (and it is), but you most likely can't play it until turn 4 (a lot of ETB-tapped lands in your deck), and you only get full value if opponent actually plays a creature worth countering. It also costs a lot for a counterspell, stopping you from playing more than one of them in a single turn. Truth or Tale - isn't it better (due to mana cost) to play Serum Visions or Opt? Pain Magnification is, again, only conditionally good - only when you get to attack for at least 3 damage. If you don't, it's just dead cardboard. At the same cost you could get Kolaghan's Command, or Blightning if you're on a budget. I know which of those cards I'd rather play during turn 3 against more or less every deck in modern. Perplex is another of these "opponent chooses"-cards, and they are in general bad cards - at turn 3 (realistically 4, due to ETB-tapped lands), any agro deck is done barfing their hand all over the table. Mana Leak instead? Or discard? The problem isn't that you play a few unusual cards, that hold multiple options, but that this deck only has multi-option decks at higher mana costs - if you want to play counterspells, play at least some number of Spell Pierce, Remand, Mana Leak, and so on. You know, the usual stuff (they are played much, because they're efficient and solid cards).

If your main strategy is discard, you should start on it turn 1. Thoughtseize and Inquisition of Kozilek are really good openers, in spite of their slightly boring text, since they don't give your opponent any choices - they lose the best card in their opening hand when you play it turn 1. This, in turn, becomes advantage for you as opponent can't make his best possible opening, and the game goes a bit longer (just think of what happens to burn, when you trade your discard effect for a Lightning Bolt). Waiting for creatures to come into play and attack, is a very fragile kind of discard.

Overall, I think you have put too much emphasis on having options, but have forgotten about mana-efficiency in the process - in modern, casting cost is more important than almost anything else. Spell Pierce sees more play than Disallow, in spite of disallow being a much stronger card. Fatal Push is played a lot, Murder is not played at all - guess why :)

Upyron on Grimoire: Radial Control

3 months ago

hey dude thanks for the comment is appreciate :) i trust on you is definitively better improve those land, Steam Vents but i prefer save my life xD Blackcleave Cliffs isn't better?

This card Crumbling Necropolis is necessary 4 cards to make all mana, Pillar of the Paruns i think is a good substitute (i know blood moon can be a problem xD but i like counter spell it).

Waste Not is to much control it isn't chain with Pain Magnification so much, but for a few modification is very good thanks, with it's strong Hypnotic Specter but is more control like, this deck would to go between Controll Aggro,Hypnotic Specter isn't bad but is going like controll. without so much damage.

The The Rack is fantastic for early phase, approved

Thoughtseize and Inquisition of Kozilek they're best with Waste Not but is very focused only "discarding", use counter spell for its "Transmute" cost i think they are defenetvly better, them only discard this can counter and looking your library for a card!!

Truth or Tale isn't very good, i know is possible change but i like it's effect potential you can draw 3 is a lot i think

Torment of Hailfire is very good Muddle the Mixture and is good with it trasmute!! thanks

Thanks so much

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