Supernatural Stamina


Until end of turn, target creature gets +2/+0 and gains, "When this creature dies, return it to the battlefield tapped under its owner's control.

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Supernatural Stamina Discussion

backinajiffy on

1 day ago

Well I have good news for you! Grind / Dust is a super efficient -1 / -1 low cost removal. Even better news, it comes with white - which is the same color as Anointed Procession which is phenomenal in this deck.

Also good news, your deck gets a hell of a lot less reliant on your draws when you drop in Costly Plunder since you can junk something you don't think will help you, attack then sac, or even dodge a removal spell by sacing and drawing. It also makes drawing into your combo hella easy.

Also, playing Torment of Venom on turn 4 or 5 aftering putting out a Nest of Scarabs or two or Anointed Procession means you get massive tokens while dropping some hard control at instant speed.

And if you want to counter control decks, it gets really easy when you board in

  • 2x (more aggro creatures)
  • 4x Duress
  • 4x Heroic Intervention
  • 4x Supernatural Stamina

This is because Supernatural Stamina causes ETB triggers to go off again (which is awesome for channeler or exemplar) and is super efficient at buring high costed control. Duress of course hurts control decks, the rest is self explanitory.

I feel like with these changes it makes the deck 10x better. But I'm taking it to FNM tonight so we shall see just how much better it really is.

Torderro on Vile Drake Fling (Budget Miracle Grow)

1 day ago

I personally don't think Censor is any good. every land you have enters the battlefield tapped, so there wouldn't be any turn 2 Censor opportunities, and after turn 3 and 4, most people will play around it anyway, and hardly leave themselves fully tapped out.

Siren Stormtamer would be a much better option, if your goal is to protect the Drake and the Vile.

also, instead of Without Weakness you can try Supernatural Stamina because when you Fling the fattys Supernatural Stamina will bring them back... I'm pretty sure, anyway!

and yes, I know Censor and Without Weakness are cyclers and help the vile, I think the cards I've mentioned might be a better help. Also, I'd reconsider Unburden and Scarab Feast being in the maindeck..

Really cool idea, I've always wanted to use Enigma Drake and Fling, but never found a way to be consistent with it and create enough of a threat. But this seems like a cool prototype so far.

Hunson_Abadeer on $9 bat tribal!

4 days ago

KsP_FtW you might be right. Supernatural Stamina works really well with Bone Splinters

KsP_FtW on $9 bat tribal!

4 days ago

I think I'd run a playset of Supernatural Stamina and take out Screeching Bat  Flip

AgentJackjohn on GB deathtouch

5 days ago


Blossoming Defense is definitely a good card, however I feel like Supernatural Stamina does a bit better in this deck and since they'd take up the same slot I'd rather go with Stamina.

They'll both prevent removal spells from killing your creatures. One downside of stamina is that it doesn't stop Cast Out and other exile effects, which blossoming defense would. But stamina has the upside that it allows you to get value when attacking into / blocking creatures much larger than your own creature. Blossoming defense wouldn't keep your Gifted Aetherborn alive if you were blocking a Carnage Tyrant (Or any other sufficiently big creature for that matter), but stamina would keep your Aetherborn alive to fight another day.

That's just my personal preference though, obviously if you wanted you could use Blossoming Defense in here replacing Supernatural Stamina. You'd just lose a bit of flexibility in attacking/blocking and gain more protection from removal.

Argy on Admiral Beckett Brass EDH

1 week ago

Ooooo I like a LOT.

I have a few suggestions:

Hostage Taker is AMAZING when flickered, as you can keep strealing and playing Creatures, even Indestructible ones.

Deadeye Navigator would help you do this, and it's name is flavorful for Pirates.

Along those lines, I use Siren's Ruse and Supernatural Stamina in my Standard Pirate deck, to both protect Hostage Taker and flicker it.

Metallic Mimic would give you an excellent early play. It's costly to buy at the moment, but will drop in price when it rotates out. I like early plays in EDH that help to establish a strong board, as nothing much is going on for those Turns.

Vizier of Many Faces will let you make a copy of Hostage Taker or any other Creature you want. It also comes back from the 'yard.

Unclaimed Territory is a cheaper version of Cavern of Souls. Rogue's Passage would help to trigger your Commander's ability.

Search for Azcanta  Flip is my favourite loot and draw card, at the moment. It would easily help you to filter cards early on, then get the jump later in the game.

If you like Swan Song you also might find Reality Shift useful. Even the promo version, which I've linked to, is inexpensive.

You have no Counter spells, when there are some VERY good ones that cost peanuts.

Stuff like Cancel, Dissolve, Dissipate, Void Shatter, etc. Pirates need protection.

River's Rebuke is a nice card for interrupting one of your your Opponent's tempo, and putting you in the driving seat. Crush of Tentacles is also good, and suits the flavour. If you were going to use that card you might want some stuff in your deck that gives you no maximum hand size.

Tezzeret the Schemer looks like a Pirate, as far as I am concerned, and can help to Ramp. His Emblem would be fantastic in this deck, with all the Artifact generation you have.

That's all I have.

+1 from me for the Tribe.

Here's my standard version:
Ahoy, Me Hearties!

Xanitsu on Jesus, Child of God Tribal

1 week ago

There was a rule change so child does hit the grave then goes back to the command zone so you don't need the grave recursion part so much. Also when I was playing indestructible board clears with the gods the deck wasn't consistent and the gods did nothing most of the time. So if you are making it tribal gods cut anything that isn't supporting the gods. Child is ok to run but you need a way to support it better, you would need a way to kill Child of Alara yourself because if that is your only board clear how will you trigger it when you want to or need to. Also there are a ton of exile cards that totally will make your deck have a bad day, so some more protection cards and counters wouldnt be a bad idea. Also you need mana ramp either in the form of artifacts or green ramp spells the deck is too slow without them and not getting the colors you need is the worst despite a solid land base.

I would cut Impetuous Sunchaser, Nobilis of War, Zurgo Helmsmasher, Heart-Piercer Manticore, Deus of Calamity, Colossus of Akros, Supernatural Stamina, Fling, Deem Worthy, Agent of Erebos, Soul of New Phyrexia, Barrin's Spite. These cards have the least synergy with the deck.

If you want This is what I am doing with mine. I didn't post my new child board clear deck but i can for more idea's.

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