Supernatural Stamina


Until end of turn, target creature gets +2/+0 and gains, "When this creature dies, return it to the battlefield tapped under its owner's control.

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Supernatural Stamina Discussion

goblinguiderevealpls on Worthy Minotaurs

1 day ago

Fling is still infinitely better than Supernatural Stamina.. there's a reason it has seen reprints, and in a red deck dealing damage is 10 times more important than creatures surviving

BioProfDude on R/B Combo Beatdown

1 day ago

I would suggest that you drop Inferno Jet. That's a really expensive spell. If you want the direct burn, Burn from Within is more versatile for your mana. A coupe more creatures might even be better. Maybe 2x of one of these: Dragonmaster Outcast, Bomat Courier, Village Messenger, Scrapheap Scrounger (which could be nice to get a creature back if you face aggro decks or sweepers), or maybe Falkenrath Gorger.

Also, why the Cataclysmic Gearhulk? I see no way to get that onto the battlefield with your current cards/mana base. Maybe you meant Combustible Gearhulk?

Supernatural Stamina is an okay card, and it has its uses. However, I think you need to make room for some additional cards, and, that would be the obvious target (after Inferno Jet) to cut. Abrade would probably be better. Brute Strength might be good as well.

Hungry Flames is okay, but seems a bit expensive. By the time you get to the 3 mana range, you really want to be looking for more for your investment. Hanweir Garrison might be better at the 3 mana spot than this removal.

Just some suggestions! Interesting deck. Good luck with it!

Ramunap Ruins and Ifnir Deadlands could be very useful lands for this deck-- dealing damage and possibly slowing down gods or similar.

Argy on Weak in the knees

3 days ago

I'm going to try to explain this another way.

Less than a third of your deck are Creatures. Of those only six are CMC 2 or less. That gives your Opponent a LOT of advantage to get more of their Creatures on the field before you do, and also lets them hold on to their removal to pick of your key Creatures.

You can't even rely on your removal taking care of their Creatures. If they have stuff like Supernatural Stamina or Negate in their deck, they can turn your removal into wasted spells.

Hapatra, Vizier of Poisons and Obelisk Spider are fairly useless if your Opponent has Creatures with First Strike.

What you need to do is figure out ways to get damage through. That is the biggest problem I can see. Something like Destined / Lead might help you do that, while also allowing you to save a Creature from destruction.

bukvak on It's Flingiiing Time!

4 days ago

xlukehhh Thanks for the advice. Supernatural Stamina looks as a great fit, even though I wanted this deck to be a monocolor. I will definitely try them out. :)

xlukehhh on It's Flingiiing Time!

5 days ago

Splash some black in here using dual lands so you can play some Supernatural Stamina use it on a creature for 1 black mana on the same turn you fling it, it will get +2/0 and instead of dying it will return to the battlefield tapped. With what you're going for with this deck i'd recommend playing 4 of them. I use this tactic in my deck R/B Minotaurs

colton815 on Can I exile a card ...

6 days ago

VraskaTheCursed depends on whose turn it is. if the turn player is the one controlling Ruin Rat, it won't be able to exile the creature targeted by Supernatural Stamina

Raging_Squiggle the effect of Ruin Rat will only fizzle if its controller is actually foolish enough to target the same creature targeted by Supernatural Stamina. all he has to do is choose something else. the rat doesn't pick a target until it hits the grave, long after the Supernatural Stamina spell has resolved.

Raging_Squiggle on Can I exile a card ...

6 days ago

The title and question are asking the same thing, just worded differently.

Rat blocks an attacking creature that has been targeted by Supernatural Stamina, both die. Can he then exile that same attacking creature from the graveyard via Rat's trigger, before the creature returns to the battlefield.

Answer is yes, you can, because your trigger will resolve first.

redkjames on Can I exile a card ...

6 days ago

The other players creature is attacking and he put Supernatural Stamina on it after I blocked with Ruin Rat

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