Moldgraf Monstrosity


Format Legality
Noble Legal
Leviathan Legal
Magic Duels Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Vintage Legal
Modern Legal
Penny Dreadful Legal
Vanguard Legal
Legacy Legal
Archenemy Legal
Planechase Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Unformat Legal
Casual Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Innistrad (ISD) Rare

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Moldgraf Monstrosity

Creature — Insect


When Moldgraf Monstrosity dies, exile it, then return two creature cards at random from your graveyard to the battlefield.

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Moldgraf Monstrosity Discussion

Darth_Savage on 5c reanimator

1 month ago

Hi PhyZziKs,

For reanimator I like Ashen Rider, Hellkite Overlord and Sphinx of the Steel Wind, in addition I've often thought Moldgraf Monstrosity might be amusing... You might also want a coople of copies of Boseiju, Who Shelters All as a way of ensuring your reanimation spell gets through.

elgosu1337 on Primal Calamity King!

1 month ago

You have two copies of Skyshroud Claim, replace one with Kodama's Reach. Consider replacing the mana dorks and rocks with more land ramp like Harrow, Search for Tomorrow, and Nissa's Pilgrimage. Dowsing Dagger  Flip and Sword of the Animist are also helpful. Add Mirari's Wake as well. You might need to increase your land count a bit, maybe 36 lands.

Some of your creature choices seem a bit weird. Thornscape Familiar doesn't help much because most of your deck is green. What are you trying to do with the creatures, go wide or go big? Because Archangel of Thune and Emeria Angel are more for going wide. Bruse Tarl, Boorish Herder is probably better than Silverblade Paladin. Emeria Shepherd is helpful if you replace some of the Forests with Plains.

Creatures you could try include Avacyn, Angel of Hope, Blightsteel Colossus, Combustible Gearhulk, Scourge of the Throne, Terastodon, Ulamog, the Ceaseless Hunger, Xenagos, God of Revels, Gruul Ragebeast, Moldgraf Monstrosity, Molten Primordial, Artisan of Kozilek, and Void Winnower.

Chill_Casual on Super Stonebrothers

3 months ago

There are not nearly enough draw engines, too many trample enablers. Arlinn Kord  Flip is strong, but unnecessary. Her +1/+1 trample anthem takes two turns to go off and the rest of her abilities (aside from her ult) have zero synergy. Gruul War Chant is less expensive and gives a better pay off immediately. You don't need a trample static buff, when everyone already has trample. Hazoret's Monument gives a reduction in CMC for cast spells, but the discard/draw effect is a gamble and unnecessary compared to a simple draw engine, which actually gives you card advantage (i.e. Soul of the Harvest). Tana, the Bloodsower may have trample, but at 4 CMC for a 4/4 (post swing) is not really that much kick. Something Faster could be put in it's place. Mina and Denn, Wildborn is just a 4 cost Azusa, Lost but Seeking, and the trample effect is redundant. For 7 CMC Pelakka Wurm is weak in value, compared to other high CMC cards that could be ran. Fanatic of Xenagos is cheap, but aside from being a fatty (with or without haste) it's kind of a one note card, there's already enough big creatures on the field, he doesnt bring anything to the table aside from strength. Skarrg Guildmage is redundant as is Khenra Charioteer. Atarka, World Render is not worth the seven, sure she hit's hard but is not as strong as double damage cards that buff ALL your creatures. Deus of Calamity has to be blocked by a creature with 2 or less toughness, otherwise he's not doing anything. Ghor-Clan Rampager is just a titanic growth. Slith Predator is boring, a +1/+1 counter is not much. There is not nearly enough draw in here, too many trample enablers, too few value cards, not enough bombs. Why have so much ramp, when there is too little draw, and not enough high CMC value cards? You removed gold cards from my schematics like Genesis Wave, Rage Reflection, Insult, Gruul War Chant, Elemental Bond, Soul of the Harvest, Rapacious One, Moldgraf Monstrosity, Lurking Predators, Garruk's Horde, Hunter's Prowess, Veilstone Amulet, and Harvest Season. The utter lack of value, draw power, and game ending cards is my only skepticism. That being said, I think Gruul Keyrune, One with Nature, Destructive Urge, and Hellkite Tyrant would be great additions. Also, why 37 lands?

itastelikelove on Heavy Corpses

3 months ago

SkylordAleksander, Moldgraf Monstrosity is a great suggestion, and getting two creatures out might be worth trying to fit it in. The one big challenge, though, is that I don't have a lot of ways to sacrifice it. Most of my creatures either sac themselves or don't want to die, so I haven't added many sac outlets.

SkylordAleksander on Heavy Corpses

3 months ago

Have you considered Moldgraf Monstrosity? it lets you cheat in two big threats at once.

elgosu1337 on Temur Topdeck: Staying Openminded

3 months ago

Lurking Predators seems like it could provide some value with this deck. You could add some creatures with powerful effects but higher mana costs to take advantage of Intet, Arbiter, and Animar, e.g. Jin-Gitaxias, Core Augur, Vorinclex, Voice of Hunger, Blightsteel Colossus, Terastodon, Woodfall Primus, and Moldgraf Monstrosity. More ramp should help you get started faster and also cast bigger spells if the gameplan doesn't work out.

BreakfastSimulator on Big Boi Tribal

4 months ago

Thanks for the advice! Karn and Ugin are a little out of my budget but i most def see the benefit. Same with Ulamog and Blightsteel, but i don't know how i forgot Truimph! I think im gonna skip Moldgraf Monstrosity due to the random nature but all are very good cards to ad.

Z4k16 on Big Boi Tribal

4 months ago

I would also add in Primeval Titan although I can't remember if that is legal or not. Also maybe consider adding Eldritch Evolution or Birthing Pod and maybe a card I recently discovered to run is Moldgraf Monstrosity

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