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Muldrotha "Super Budget" The Gravetide [Updated!]

Commander / EDH Budget BUG (Sultai) Goodstuff



A very Cheap version of Muldrotha, the Gravetide.

I think I created something very solid, consistent and versatile!

The strategy is simple: Gain mana advantage with the various cards that the deck has for this purpose, and try to cast Villainous Wealth quite significantly.  Plan B, or another distraction plan for the real purpose ... is to create a horde of beast Rampaging Baloths and / or Demons Skirsdag High Priest or elemental Titania, Protector of Argoth.

I'm looking for "no more than $ 2" ideas! And not to exceed $ 100 on the entire deck! Only rare exceptions Animate Dead; Sol Ring; World Shaper that are essential cards in the Muldrotha without exceeding the intended value.

UPDATE! MH2 and DnD Modern horizons 2 brought some news and reprints.Titania, Protector of Argoth its a cherry on top of the cake! Another elemental for our secret elemental tribe that creates more elemental creatures! (Foundation Breaker another one!) Risen Reef it becomes a very important creature that we must try to have in play as soon as possible. (relatively easy with tutors and the deck have a lot!) Ramp or draw whenever an elemental comes into play..? delicious!

in the lands we have Command Beacon that should have been entered earlier when the value was lowered; Field of Ruin to help clean up problematic lands; Port of Karfell mill cards and put a creature on the battlefield in... insta speed! "you have to be more attentive mate..."

Timeless Witnessin direct exchange with the Eternal Witness (one more mana but ok, the price difference makes the exchange acceptable). having both would be ideal..

Ulvenwald Hydra another tutor for lands and became a beast in a short time.

I call upon the masters of the sultai to help me make a capable deck with the Commander Nº1! Give suggestions and what cards you would exchange!



*This is my competitive version of Muldrotha Muldrotha Competitive/Stax for ideas!

**Enjoy and take a look at the other decks that are on my profile!


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