Ravenous Squirrel

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Format Legality
1v1 Commander Legal
Arena Legal
Block Constructed Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Casual Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Commander: Rule 0 Legal
Custom Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Gladiator Legal
Highlander Legal
Historic Legal
Legacy Legal
Leviathan Legal
Limited Legal
Modern Legal
Oathbreaker Legal
Penny Dreadful Legal
Quest Magic Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal
Vintage Legal

Ravenous Squirrel

Creature — Squirrel

Whenever you sacrifice an artifact or creature, put a +1/+1 counter on this.

, Sacrifice an artifact or creature: You gain 1 life and draw a card.

keizerbuns on Assailing Archeology

2 months ago

Thank you so much for the feedback aholder7!

You bring up a lot of really good points here. I suppose I could just get the same result of mana ramping if I just used Rakdos colored stones. I was using green because originally I had 4 copies of Ravenous Squirrel for saccing my creatures so I did need the green to activate its ability, but since I've decided to drop the squirrels I guess there isn't much need for green beyond needing it for tutors and for the occasional time I use Bala Ged Recovery  Flip. Speaking of the tutors, I do think having at least a couple is really necessary for finding Void Maw, which I feel is a really important combo piece in this deck. I've also found that it's surprisingly easy to get the delirium effect of Traverse the Ulvenwald off even with only 3 fetch lands, but if I really want to keep the tutors I guess I could just add a couple more Profane Tutors, or maybe even the new Diabolic Intent.

I've also been noticing too that Bone Shards isn't really enough early game interaction, so maybe adding a few more 1 drop removal or burn spells might help the early game consistency. Jaxis, the Troublemaker has been an absolute superstar in this deck so adding at least 1 more couldn't hurt anything.

As with Chainer, Nightmare Adept, I don't think it hurts to have just a 1 off of him since he doubles as a way to recast my important non-artifact creature combo pieces should they ever get removed or dumped into the graveyard from my library, on top of him just being a great source of free discarding. I actually feel like I would need him more if I were to remove green from the deck since I wouldn't have access to Bala Ged Sanctuary  Flip anymore.

Last, I don't know if I would add the fenlurker, the rat, or the zealot just cause I feel like they would be taking up space for more useful cards. I also don't actually like the idea of using Sundering Titan in this deck since it can very easily backfire and force me to blow up my own lands if my opponents don't have any black or red basics.

I really like all of your suggestions and your reasoning for dropping green is pretty sound. I do like how the deck feels right now, but I'm going to make a new version of this deck with the changes you suggested and see how much more I like it. Chances are you're right about the changes that I need to make here and I'll probably end up overhauling this version to match the version you suggested.

Thanks again for your comment, it's much appreciated!!

lagotripha on Cult of the Forgotten Gods

9 months ago

Biggest question - how competitive do you want to be? Cause there are great sacrifice cards and effects for competitive play that just shouldn't mix with things on a more fun casual level.

On the competitive end, I'd look at CMC 1 and two, with a focus on card advantage and disruption; Bomat Courier for refilling the hand, Cabal Therapist as ersatz thoughtsieze, Carrion Feeder and Ravenous Squirrel as a chunky creature and repeatable sac outlet, cards like Dockside Chef as extra squirrel copies, there are a lot of really good options.

The hard part is what you are trying to sacrifice - cards that like being in the graveyard and come back tend to get pricy, meaning that you'll probably get more from token value - Mogg War Marshal is about the best budget option, but even there its only 3 triggers for two mana. An artifacts matter list is an option - bomat courier, Glaze Fiend, the dog from the new set and so on would let you run Oni-Cult Anvil or Pia's Revolution for a lot of value, while also taking advantage of treasure, blood food and other 'artifact tokens' as they are printed.

Young Pyromancer is a classic for a reason, but it does need instants and sorceries - more value from Dragon Fodder, but less from return from graveyard effects.

All told, a lot of it is about the kind of deck you want to build. All in elemental awakener is great, trying to loop changelings with awakener and stuff like Prowess of the Fair is hilarious if you want to go that route too.

lagotripha on Need help rebuilding an old …

10 months ago

You're going to need a combination, probably of all three, and you're going to need to find an engine to make it provide a lot of value - get ready for a lot of playtesting before you go out and get cards.

Hive of the Eye Tyrant, Sudden Edict and cabal therapists are the most likely suspects for menace. I'm not sure about haste - I feel like supporting cards for reach are most important there.

The problem isn't the tier 1 decks, but that really strong cards get pushed down to teir 2 because of that, and so on, so you find yourself fighting someone's Resurgent Belief/Bloodbraid Marauder deck, or varous flavours of Ravenous Squirrel.

The sheer variety of what can be on the other side of the field aside from the usual suspects is big, and each wants you to have different cards or one of the big new universal answers.

Personally, I'd go with 'all of the creatures that are cheap and match the curve' and swap playsets every FNM. Unpredictability is a massive edge if it prevents your opponents knowing the correct line.

Best of luck with the brew, but there aren't easy answers to this one until you get an idea what you are going to be playing against.

ghostfire86 on Chatter on My Fang

11 months ago

This should get you going

Needs desperately:

COMBO!- -Earthcraft and Squirrel Nest

-Ivy Lane Denizen and Scurry Oak


-Doubling Season

Mana fixing and Forestwalk Enabler-

-Yavimaya, Cradle of Growth

Mana package-

-Golgari Signet

-Arcane Signet

-Fertile Ground

Anti-counter package-

-Allosaurus Shepherd

-Destiny Spinner

Draw package-

-Sylvan Library

-Phyrexian Arena

-Dark Confidant

-Dark Tutelage



-Bloodline Pretender

Could use:

-Sprout Swarm

-Tamiyo's Safekeeping

-Cover of Darkness

-Worm Harvest

-Drey Keeper

-Ravenous Squirrel

Sylvan Anthem

-Species Specialist

-Maskwood Nexus

-Creakwood Liege

Land count should come up closer to 33.

Rhadamanthus on Stacking Fleshtaker and Ravenous Squirrel's …

1 year ago

Polaris: The question isn't about ordering the triggered abilities of the cards involved. It' about whether it's possible to choose the order of Ravenous Squirrel's activated ability and Fleshtaker's triggered ability.

Polaris on Stacking Fleshtaker and Ravenous Squirrel's …

1 year ago

Necrosis24, the abilities actually do go on the stack at the same time. When you sacrifice the creature to activate Ravenous Squirrel's ability, both Ravenous Squirrel and Fleshtaker's "whenever you sacrifice" abilities trigger, but neither of them can be put onto the stack until the Ravenous Squirrel activation is finished and the ability is on the stack. Once that happens, state-based actions are checked before players get priority, and the two triggers from Fleshtaker and Ravenous Squirrel will be added to the stack. Since you control both and they're being added at the same time, you can indeed choose what order to put them on the stack in.

This applies any time an action would trigger multiple abilities you control, or even if different actions during the resolution of a single spell or ability would trigger multiple abilities.

Necrosis24 on Stacking Fleshtaker and Ravenous Squirrel's …

1 year ago

I may be wrong here but I am pretty sure you don’t have a choice on how they stack in this occasion.

You will activate Ravenous Squirrel’s ability and sacrifice a creature to pay it’s cost. Thus the Ravenous Squirrel’s ability will go on the stack first then the Fleshtaker’s triggered ability will go on the stack.

So regardless you will scry first off of Fleshtaker then draw a card from Ravenous Squirrel (which is what you want). But you do not have control on the order they stack.

You can however stack how both of their triggered abilities stack since they both trigger at the same time. Although in most situations it won’t matter in this case as their triggered abilities don’t really care about each other.

DemonDragonJ on Stacking Fleshtaker and Ravenous Squirrel's …

1 year ago

If a player controls both Fleshtaker and Ravenous Squirrel, and then sacrifices a creature with the squirrel's ability, can that player stack the abilities of both creatures so that they scry, then draw a card?

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