Secrets of the Dead


Format Legality
Tiny Leaders Legal
Noble Legal
Leviathan Legal
Magic Duels Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Vintage Legal
Modern Legal
Penny Dreadful Legal
Custom Legal
Vanguard Legal
Legacy Legal
Archenemy Legal
Planechase Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Oathbreaker Legal
Unformat Legal
Casual Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Commander 2019 (C19) Uncommon
Dark Ascension (DKA) Uncommon

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Secrets of the Dead


Whenever you cast a spell from your graveyard, draw a card.

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Secrets of the Dead Discussion

Joe_Ken_ on Muldrotha Midrange

2 weeks ago

River Kelpie is a good card to get more value off your muldrotha casts as well as Secrets of the Dead from Commander 2019.

gamerboy12k on Flip the deck, not the table!

2 months ago

greyninja thanks for the +1 and the suggestions!

I originally had Secrets of the Dead in my deck. It was definitely good with Muldrotha, I just want this deck to be able to work both with and without her. In this case I think it is too reliant since the only way to case cards from my graveyard is only with Muldrotha.

Honestly Mulldrifter is mvp, it is very good since cards + 2/2 flying blocker(and/or a sac body) = good in my eyes. I only took it out to try and test other cards. Also add my current unhappiness with yawgmoth, mulldrifter might be back in soon. Thank for that!

For Shriekmaw I think I have enough removal with 1 targeted removal, 1 mass creature removal, 3 sac effects, 1 mass wipes, and 1 Song of the Dryads . Then again I have been massively wrong about many things so I will test this out with Mulldrifter , and Kaya's Ghostform .

Thanks for the help! Will definitely check out your deck.

greyninja on Flip the deck, not the table!

2 months ago

Love it +1 from me!

What do you think about Secrets of the Dead ? I've been enjoying it in my build. Also Mulldrifter and Shriekmaw are neat.

After Primal Surge you can stack the triggers to have Mulldrifter do its thing after Jace or Lab Man are on the 'field

Please check out my Muldrotha deck and tell me what you think! Cheers

Andrewpayseur on Muldrotha to lend out

2 months ago

Here are some maybeboard suggestions: Lands: Field of the Dead - With all of the land recursion, it seems like this would generate a lot of value. You could get 2 2/2 zombies off of a fetch land. Plus, as I'm writing this TCGPlayer has it for $1.50.

Creatures: There are two creatures in the deck that I think have good recursive value, but are my least favorite in the decklist. I would replace either Reef Worm (doesn't do anything when it hits the battlefield, can be exiled), or Phantasmal Image (depends on another creature on the battlefield.) Consider these two as they're synergystic to a degree: Arcum Dagsson - Baleful Strix , Wurmcoil Engine , and Spellskite are all targetable by this dude. He can fetch any of your noncreature artifacts. TCGPlayer has it for $13.00. Corpse Connoisseur - Recursive Entomb . <$0.50.

Enchantments: Figure out a way to include Secrets of the Dead .

FunBun on Muldrotha, the „Fun“ in „Funeral“ *Primer*

3 months ago

I like Tamiyo and I prefer her over Greenwarden of Murasa :)

Secrets of the Dead seems to be a bit random after some goldfishing. It can do a lot at times, but at other times you just wish you had a basic forest instead!

Also, I stumbled upon Spike Weaver today and I'm going to test it. It seems like the perfect control card. Have you tried it?

FunBun on Muldrotha, the „Fun“ in „Funeral“ *Primer*

3 months ago

It sure does, thanks!

How do you feel about Tamiyo, Collector of Tales and Secrets of the Dead ? Have you tested/considered them? I'm doubting about the latter and there are some more cards I'd like to include in my first version but things are getting pretty tight already!

pidyon on Muldrotha EDH

7 months ago

I play Muldrotha too and I noticed you said you lacked a specific win con. I'm currently building my Muldrotha deck and I'm not aware of any commander based win-cons but I have a few in my deck. The idea is this:

1) Have Heroes' Bane , Corpsejack Menace , and Kalonian Hydra on the field 2) Pay and make Heroes' Bane a 12/12 because Corpsejack doubles the amount of +1/+1 you would put on him 3) Do that again, making him a 46/46 for the same reasons as before 4) Swing with Kalonian Hydra, Bane is now a 138/138 because Kalonian doubles Bane's counters and Corpsejack doubles the amount you would put on him 5) During your second main-phase, sac him to Jarad, each opponent loses life equal to the sacrificed creature's toughness.

The whole deal only costs 11 mana if you already have the creatures on the field. If you play heavy ramp you can pull it off turn 9 or 10, even earlier if you're lucky. None of the cards are super expensive, Kalonian Hydra is $6 and the rest are under .60 so everything should be more than affordable if you're low on spending money.

There's also a couple other cards you could add that just make sense in Muldrotha. Secrets of the Dead and Deadbridge Chant are necessary additions for Muldrotha. That also leaves room for another win con because of the color scheme; Exquisite Blood and Sanguine Blood. It's a bit pricier but it's a solid garuntee for a victory if you can manage to put them both on the field with something like Zulaport Cutthroat .

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Secrets of the Dead occurrence in decks from the last year

Commander / EDH:

All decks: 0.01%