Mizzium Skin


Format Legality
Pre-release Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal
Magic Duels Legal
Vintage Legal
Modern Legal
Penny Dreadful Legal
Casual Legal
Leviathan Legal
Legacy Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Unformat Legal
Pauper Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Return to Ravnica (RTR) Common

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Mizzium Skin


Target creature you control gets +0/+1 and gains hexproof until end of turn.Overload 1U

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Mizzium Skin Discussion

Pieguy396 on Stormy Horizons

2 months ago

Hello there! I don't see anything huge you're missing (other than lands), but I definitely think you should at least consider Sol Ring, Cultivate, Kodama's Reach, Eternal Witness, Mystical Tutor, Plasm Capture, Counterspell, and probably Blue Sun's Zenith and Stroke of Genius as well. If you're looking for cards to cut to make room for lands, I would start with the following. A lot of those cards are for what appears to be an Edric subtheme; I'd stick to just one plan, making a lot of mana and killing your opponents with it.

In any case, good luck! Feel free to let me know if you want some more suggestions!

Jimmy_Chinchila on Wildfire Eternal

2 months ago

Artful Dodge or Distortion Strike are other options. Mizzium Skin good for if you have 2 Eternals in play.

Interesting build, +1

HashMasta on Let's Make this quick. I need BurgerKing

3 months ago

Thanks for the tips. However I like to use Shadow Rift Since It Replaces the card with draw and can basically protect from everything (cause honestly who uses shadow :p)

Mizzium Skin could be added though if needed but I think it is more of a sideboard since most of the things you will want are card draw and the combo itself

Again appreciate help :D

passimo on Let's Make this quick. I need BurgerKing

3 months ago

No way. +1

you could also use Apostle's Blessing or Mizzium Skin if you need some shielding, also because Mizzium gives a +0/+1 and the Blessing makes the creature unblockable if you are against a monocolored deck

wonderboyrox on Sea creatures

3 months ago

Counterspell control btw, is just one answer. There are plenty of other cards out there you could use to protect your Piper in place of choosing to let it be a sitting duck and not running any spells to protect it.


Mizzium Skin

Heroic Intervention

Simic Charm

Essence Flux

And many many more options. You have a plethora of spells you could throw into the deck to protect your enchantments and/or creatures. And ultimately, you need those cards to get your win cons out. In my honest opinion, your main concern should not solely be focused on simply getting your Quest for Ula's Temple out all game. That's all.

ZendikariWol on Turn 1: Weird, pass. Turn 2: ...50 damage!?

4 months ago

How about instead of Disrupting Shoal, you could use Dive Down or Mizzium Skin? Costs less or is less card disadvantage.

wonderboyrox on Drawing Calamari

4 months ago

How's it going, man? I am also fairly new to this site. Just finished uploading the last of my personal decks. I am a long time player of mtg however, and come here with 15+ years experience under my belt.

At first glance, I see two main issues. One is that you don't have enough draw power, and the second is that you literally have zero ways to protect your creatures. Here are the changes I would suggest:

-3 Abundance (Too mana intensive and does NOT count as card draw)

-3 Burgeoning (Doesn't flow well with the deck, imo)

-1 Hardened Scales (Only gives +1 counter/trigger)

-3 Spreading Seas (NO reason whatsoever for this to be in the deck, imo)

-2 Spellbook (Not enough constant draw to warrant)

-2 Venser's Journal (Not enough constant draw to warrant)

-2 Bloodspore Thrinax (Doesn't fit into the theme well enough)

-3 Champion of Lambholt (Costs too much mana, doesn't fit the theme)

-2 Island (New mana curve is not high enough to warrant 22 lands, imo)

+2 Horizon Chimera (Fits the theme, gives protection from flying threats)

+3 Betrayal

+4 Fate Transfer (Nice "Oh shit" card if creature is about to die, also synergizes with Hardened Scales.)

+4 Cartouche of Knowledge (Fits the theme, added evasion offers a win con)

+4 Mizzium Skin (A must-have source of protection)

+2 Lorescale Coatl

+2 Zameck Guildmage

Overall these changes would add a bit more consistency to the deck by increasing your # of playsets. It would increase the amount of protection you have from "kill cards", since you were previously at zero. And I beleive at the end of the day it would increase your card draw, (fitting the theme of the deck). I hope these suggestions help, let me know what you think!

Watertower420 on Modern-Illusions

4 months ago

Casting Mizzium Skin for its overload would work as well. I basically have this exact deck and am just looking through it naming the cards. Lol

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