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- - - Version 1.0 - - - 6/11/19

Legendary tribal. Going for aggro/value and plenty of pet legendary-creature cards. Converted an older pseudo-legendary-tribal deck, Ankle-Shanking, over to this new one.

There is a somewhat accidental +1/+1 counter theme which I may want to play up. Helps my creatures survive, be threats, and boosts Sisay, Weatherlight Captain 's power for better tutoring. There is a lot of card advantage and graveyard recursion to help my threats stay on board. Ideally the tutoring will get me to a value engine.

Many of my legendary creatures are humanoid, which was not intentional but a relic of the old deck. Almost all the new legends I wanted to include ended up being humanoids anyway, so here we are.

Legends that almost made it: Show

Cards with an SL are cards I own. Cards with an MP are potential cuts.

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