Shrieking Drake


Format Legality
Tiny Leaders Legal
Noble Legal
Leviathan Legal
Magic Duels Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Vintage Legal
Casual Legal
Pauper EDH Legal
Vanguard Legal
Legacy Legal
Archenemy Legal
Planechase Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Unformat Legal
Pauper Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Visions (VIS) Common

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Shrieking Drake

Creature — Drake


When Shrieking Drake enters the battlefield, return a creature you control to its owner's hand.

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Shrieking Drake Discussion

shaftdiggity on Ezuri Claw of Combos

3 weeks ago

Aluren + Intruder Alarm + Cloudstone Curio + Shrieking Drake

Sword of the Paruns is like umbra mantel to go infinite mana

Blkandwhtlion on Ancestral Animar

1 month ago

Hello, Had one question: Could you explain the Kiri-Onna line? I don't see how it differs from the other etb bouncers like Shrieking Drake

I have been building Animar and just recently took to the web. I found this and it does what I was trying to do but better. I started as a big creature deck but my meta is removal heavy so it was terrible (the removal is why I chose Animar due to pro black and white). I started to realize the "storm" potential when I would cast some mana dorks and then started looking for ways to make Animar kill them in one hit with things like equipment to make him unblockable and give shroud. I think this is a great take on the deck, probably the best.

Arcean_Novalogic on $25 Ephara

1 month ago

Nice budget deck. I heartily agree with your upgrade list. You may consider Revoke Existence to replace Forsake the Worldly since it's a little easier to cast, but without cycling it would be a dead draw if you have no use for it. Depends on how much you expect to need the removal.

I'm working on a similar deck, Ephara's Bureaucrats. I'm taking mine in a bit of a different direction (see enchantments), but I got the idea to use Shrieking Drake from looking at yours so maybe you'll get some ideas of your own looking at mine.

Farycane on Ezuri, Claw of Stuff

1 month ago

Thanks for all the suggestions capshanks01

Edric, Spymaster of Trest has it's own deck and I don't have enough unblockable / evasion Maybe  Bident of Thassa because it  won't help my opponents.

Cutting cards like Avenger of Zendikar Myr Battlesphere Hornet Queen seems like a bad idea because they give me many experience counters and/or blockers. But worst for me seems to get less experience counters.

Cobra Trap is 1 mana most of the games

Deadeye Navigator can abuse most of my ETB's like the high cmc token makers.  Getting four Myr Tokens for just 1{U} seems pretty solid.  Or two cards with Mulldrifter

Fertilid was cut in my last deck change. Too slow,  too much mana. Getting two lands for 7 or 1 for 5 mana is just not good. Even if it's a creature. And if I have nothing to do with ezuri than putting counters on fertilid something went wrong.

Fauna Shaman discarding doesn't seem that good without recursion. And getting a creature is good  Protean Hulk or  Sage of Hours but revealing is a huge downside in my opinion.

Fungal Sprouting looks good, but I don't think 4mana for most times 1-3 Saproling is that great.  Also it is sorcery speed, that can be very slow.  And not sure when to cast.  First mainphase I will get less counters because ezuri hasn't put counters on something yet. Second mainphase I will get more saprolings because Ezuri could put something before this card.  But the amount he puts on a creature is lower. (I have this Problem with many cards in this deck to be honest)

Wirewood Symbiote I don't run that many elves...maybe okay to run.

Spike Feeder doesn't seem useful. Getting life instead of smacking faces/killing People

There is nearly no targeted removal, you are right.  I just need a day of and rebuilt this deck completly :( But takes time:D

Acidic Slime

Trygon Predator

Scavenging Ooze

That's all. I see the Problem, but bounce isn't the answer.

Broodhatch Nantuko I wanted a second morph,  so my playgroup always knows what's under the morph. And even getting only 2+ tokens out seems okay.

Glimmer of Genius is Instant speed, seeing up to 4 cards isn't bad. And if you don't scry away, the cards you get are good. And I may play an  Aether Hub so it may be more useful.  What draw spells would you play rather?

Fact or Fiction Instant speed, worst case getting only one card I really need, with the option to get  up to 5 cards. (Since politcs is a thing in my group there is a high chance of getting 4 or even 5 cards). Same for here,  what would you play rather? Needs to be instant!

Lightning Greaves yep had this Problem, thought of Neurok Stealthsuit because for {U}{U} it's Instant and I can remove it, by putting it on anything Else

Panharmonicon won't be in here.  It's an really great card,  but not in this deck.

Now to the more positive part :D

Sakura-Tribe Scout seems good, especially if I build more draw into this deck.

Snake Basket never heard of this card before.  Seems pretty solid  in my opinion!

Spellskite oh hell yes I need this card.

Glen Elendra Archmage if I get one, I totally play this wonderful piece of cardboard.

Inkmoth Nexus would be solid, but Infect isn't really my strategy. Blighted Agent has the unblockable thing, that's why he is in. If I ever trade an Inkmoth, he will have a place in this deck.

Shrieking Drake at first I thought this card is weak.  Than I realized that he can bounce himself  (I assume that's what you wanted to say) :D getting experience for just {U} seems broken. I need this immediatly! And if bounce one of my high cmc token dudes to replay them? Even better.

All in all I need to build this deck from zero, and I need to be sure what tactic I'm playing. I need to get cards that I don't have right now. That takes time/money. And then I need time to brew. You can always suggest more, I try to answer fast. But it while take a while to get everything, but I'll Update as soon as I can!

Thanks a Lot for all this help

capshanks01 on Ezuri, Claw of Stuff

1 month ago

I see that you usea a lot of expensive spells, sure they are cool but you need even more mana ramp, you can try Fertilid Sakura-Tribe Scout and for explosive tokens (experience counters) "maybe" Snake Basket or Fungal Sprouting Sure they are risky to use, but if you do not use counter spells I guess your game environment does not have much creature hate :D also if you are using Coiling Oracle the Wirewood Symbiote is a must! for card draw you can try the new: Beast Whisperer, imagine cast like 3 times in a row the Shrieking Drake X3 experience counters and cards! the sylvan library is a amazing addition..

cards to considerate: Spike Feeder gain lost of life, but is situational what you want is to attack. Fauna Shaman Throw your manadorks in late game and help you look for the hulk Spellskite good blocker at the beginning and help protect your ezuri Glen Elendra Archmage the philosophy of this deck is to win with fast and strong punches, but you need to protect your board while you build the experience counters, this car is expensive $ but it's worth every penny, it can make you win the game. Inkmoth Nexus infect support Edric, Spymaster of Trest maybe for card draw?

I don't see spot removal you can try some creatures whit bounce effect to buy time and build experience counters. AEther Adept, Man-o'-War Sidisi's Faithful even Venser, Shaper Savant

What to cut and why:

all the cards that cost more that five mana...just because they are to slow and predictable (except) Cyclonic Rift , at least cobra trap and protean hulk look's fun.

Lightning Greaves: amazing card but the shroud prevent you from putting counters on the equipped creature.

Glimmer of Genius: lot's of better card draw out there, the same to Fact or Fiction.¯_(?)_/¯

Phanharmonicon: cool card!! but slow :(

Broodhatch Nantuko: I do not feel that it is effective enough.

greyninja on Eldrazi in the Elements

1 month ago

+1 From me, animar is my favorite

Two cards that I would absolutely suggest you add in are Cloudstone Curio and Tidespout Tyrant. They can repeatedly bounce two eldrazis for free with animar making him infinitely large and getting infinite eldrazi cast triggers

Another is Shrieking Drake since again it can it bounce itself repeatedly to give animar +1/+1 counters or bounce another creature for extra cast triggers

Have fun! Feel free to check out my animar deck on my profile for ideas

HomelandsRares on Pauper EDH MonoBlue Control

1 month ago

If you're looking for value/chump blockers, there's always Man-o'-War, Mist Raven and Shrieking Drake

Jonas_Poponas on Yuriko, the Doomsday Shadow

2 months ago

Vela the Night-Clad is good for the turn you're able to play it. Since the board will try to build up against each other she gives evasion which can be helpful (there is always someone who easily gets intimidated) and the life loss trigger seems little and honestly wasn't relevant yet. But in theory he triggers with ninjutsu, mass removal and in late game you can use Shrieking Drake bouncing itself equal to your blue mana sources.

I already changed my list after your suggestions. Thanks for that.

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