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Retro Chainer Deck

Named after my favourite B.B. King song and inspired by my Volrath deck, this "Chains and Things" Reanimator deck became possible to efficiently turn old-school with the re-release of Gray Merchant of Asphodel and Zulaport Cutthroat as win conditions.

- To give it that sweet old horror-movie retro feel.

This is in essence a classic combo deck. Assemble your combo, depending on your starting hand - protect it and stay alive until you can kill everyone :) Since we only use old-school cards we are a bit restricted and we'll need stax/slowdown to make up for it - luckily most of the best stax pieces are of the old school.

So there are many bases covered, to put a stick in the wheel of our opponents strategies, while we succeed with our own.

  • Mindslicer - Great to use before you play your final combo piece, to prevent any interruptions so you can ensure that your combo goes off.

  • Faceless Butcher - There's a trick to this card since it's 2 abilities are put on the stack separately, so if you can sac it before the 2nd ability resolves, with an instant sac outlet like for example Altar of Dementia, then you permanently exile someone's creature :)

  • Coffin Queen Back-up free reanimator once a turn, a lovely little combo is; reanimating Wurmcoil Engine saccing it to Soldevi Adnate netting you 6x + two critters every turn.

  • Sengir Autocrat This sac fodder card is key to get a hold of, for combo or to feed the stax cards, it is very important. (Wurmcoil Engine also works for this :)

  • Necropotence This might seem like a nonbow with Chainer, BUT the cards DO go in the graveyard before being exiled, and thus can be reanimated by Chainer beforehand :)

  • Contamination Now this card is quite famous for being oppressive in games. You should be careful about playing it - I only play it for a couple of rounds if I'm far behind or if I can see someone is about to go off. Playing this just because you have it in hand will lead to bad games in my experience, and not necessarily make you win more often.

Because you're a retro, metalhead, comicbook, cartridge videogame, VHS tape, nostalgia driven bastard who likes to blow up the board multiple times, while messing with your opponents game with a cool old bordered deck that no one expected anything of ;)


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