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, Mill a card: Gain . (To mill a card, put the top card of your library into your graveyard.)

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Millikin Discussion

multimedia on I like Fishies

3 months ago

Hey, good version, nice Sakashima and Quest. You have 1 too many cards, could cut Millikin.

There's a couple of mana rock upgrades to consider that are within your budget. By cutting Charcoal Diamond and Worn Powerstone for Basalt Monolith and Everflowing Chalice then you add an infinite cast combo with Hullbreaker Horror. The combo is Hullbreaker + Sol Ring + Chalice for infinite casts/colorless mana or Hullbreaker + Monolith + Chalice for infinite casts.

Sol or Monolith make enough colorless mana to cast themselves before they're bounced and by casting Chalice for 0 mana you can bounce them resulting in infinite casts/bounce of Sol/Monolith + Chalice. By controlling two or more Hullbreakers thanks to Krothuss then the combo can bounce all your opponents nonland permanents and you can keep doing this on each of your main phases on each of your turns.

If you want to copy big Leviathans with Krothuss then consider Stormtide Leviathan + Wonder? Stormtide is one of the better unblockable Leviathans because he can also disrupt your opponents from swinging back at you. Wonder is helpful to give all creatures you control flying and you have plenty of Islands as well as effects to get it into your graveyard.

A couple of budget land upgrades are: Sunken Hollow and Choked Estuary. Creeping Tar Pit is another upgrade, it's a little more expensive, but neat because Krothuss can copy it when it's an attacking unblockable Elemental.

Good luck with your deck.

rdean14 on Card creation challenge

4 months ago

Somehow Geist Snatch is the only source of a blue spirit token at all, which is weird given how many blue spirits there are overall. Also, Sinister Concoction and Millikin are the only two cards which mill as part of their cost.

Yumegawa River

Legendary Land

Yumegawa River enters the battlefield tapped.

: Add .

, Mill two cards, : Create a 1/1 blue Spirit creature token with flying.

I'd like to see another Land set in Kamiwaga

multimedia on Hello Beastie

5 months ago

Hey, looks good, nice cuts. Striped Riverwinder is a good add, I added it too since it's a fast way to setup Runo. I also added Waker of Waves as another 6 CMC + creature who can discard itself to setup Runo.

For some possible cuts how has Flood of Tears been? I just don't like mass bounce spells that will bounce Krothuss (have to transform Runo again) as well as all the tokens he's made. Kederekt Leviathan is a sea monster who does this. Why bounce your own stuff when you have ways to only bounce opponents?

Millikin is subpar and self-mill is less good with Dimir then say Sultai where you have green to recur any card you mill. Looting is more powerful because you draw and have control over what card(s) you discard. Lightning Greaves's has limited interaction since because of shroud it can't be a haste source for attacking creature who Krothuss wants to copy.

king-saproling on Dagsson Transformers

5 months ago

If you run Mirror Gallery and Honor-Worn Shaku you can make infinite Kaldras! While the Gallery is out, Tap Kalda to untap the Shaku, then tap the Shaku to pay for Helm of Kaldra's ability, repeat forever. Since Arcum can find all the combo pieces I think it's worth including. Even without the Shaku, Mirror Gallery lets you pay to make a Kaldra.

Also I think Manakin is worth running since he gets Arcum out faster and Arcum can eat him. Same for Millikin, Guardian Idol, Ornithopter of Paradise, and Plague Myr.

Omniscience_is_life on Olivia, Crimson Bride Commander

6 months ago

The more sources of ramp, card draw, and removal you have, the more competitive your deck will be. I would stretch for 13ish sources of solid card draw--such as the likes of Jeska's Will, Cathartic Reunion, and Sign in Blood--a similar amount of cheap ramp (just more of what you've already got going on, like Thought Vessel and Millikin), and 10ish efficient removal effects like Abrade, Deadly Rollick, Terminate, and Force of Despair.

Also, remember that each time you reanimate a sub-par creature, you're missing out on spending that trigger on a game-ender; try and make it so all your huge reanimation targets do lots of work and immediately have an impact. It's also worth noting that Olivia returns the creature to play already attacking, so if it has an attack trigger (like Drana, the Last Bloodchief or Master of Cruelties) that effect actually won't happen.

Like what you're doing here overall, though--keep it up! :3

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