Koskun Falls

Koskun Falls

World Enchantment

At the beginning of your upkeep, sacrifice Koskun Falls unless you tap an untapped creature you control.

Creatures can't attack you unless their controller pays (2) for each creature he or she controls that's attacking you.

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Koskun Falls Discussion

Pernicious_Dude on Nekusar - Hurtin' Wheel Bad

4 months ago

Without white you're a little hard pressed to find propaganda effects, but Collective Restraint and Koskun Falls are options, if you can find them.

Ophiomancer would be a good fit here; keep trading deathtouch tokens with their best attackers. I'll also mention one of my pet cards Hissing Miasma as a way to discourage mass attacks.

bushido_man96 on Kathril

8 months ago

No Mercy, Dread, and Ghostly Prison, and Koskun Falls can help from getting attacked.

I added some sac outlets to my version. I still need an early board state, and the sac outlets help me set up for when I cast Kathril. Greater Good is great for drawing and filling the yard.

I think you could cut Kaya's Wrath for The Great Henge, and pick a less good creature to cut for Carnage Tyrant.

sevro_b on You Know My Name

9 months ago

Thanks for the feedback, MatsumotoR!

In playtesting the deck, there are enough ways that this deck gains life that paying for Bolas's Citadel is not a problem, and the card advantage (so far) has been more than worth the pain. I have considered adding Aetherflux Reservoir as another life buffer, but have not done so yet. To me, Court of Ambition is even more incendiary in the deck, and is a quick path to being the first player eliminated -- I have found it just a bridge too far, but others' experiences may vary.

I am running Ghostly Prison. I don't own a Koskun Falls, and at this point I am not sure I need more effects like that beyond the first, but it is certainly something I will keep in mind. Underworld Dreams is also an interesting idea, though for now I'm considering it similar to Court of Ambition in effect; Liesa draws enough heat herself, and I already have enough other cards that ramp that up (like Painful Quandary, Kambal, etc.) to fill those roles -- but I will keep them in mind as well. I should also note, my typical playgroup does not have any LabMan-style decks that Dreams would really punish, but in other metas, I could see it being essential.

Thanks again!

Santiago1011 on Liesa, Mother of Monsters and Masochism [PRIMER]

11 months ago

Thanks for the suggestions Peoni. I added Sanguine Bond in place of Kismet because I already have other tap effects and I've noticed I needed the extra damage. As a personal rule though I don't run infinite combos, so I'm not adding Exquisite Blood.

GalaxyCat, I'm glad to hear you liked the deck :) I used an old pillowfort Kambal list I made a while back in conjunction with EDHREC's creature suggestions so I could have a bit more aggressive approach to it. I did add some pet cards like Koskun Falls, Archangel of Thune, and Painful Quandary that I've been trying to find a deck to play to utilize in. I also probably have a bit more spot removal/ exile than the average build.

gdm1989 on Toshiro the Vagabond

1 year ago

After multiple testing I will have to agree about liliana. While powerful in modern, but in edh no so much. Your opinion on Koskun Falls?

RiotRunner789 on Thrassios & Vial Smasher Pillow Fort Buddies

1 year ago

Fatespinner might be worth a try. In most situations your opponents just choose to skip combat. The downside is they possibly stop attacking each other but it is a major tempo swing to lose either your draw, main phases or combat step.

Torpor Orb: They still get there creature just without its extra effect. I think this falls more in line with your 'don't shut them out of the game' reasoning where you wouldn't want to play Cursed Totem.

Ankh of Mishra: Similar to polluted bonds. If most games you tend to have extra life or you tend to hit your life-gain pieces often then I would consider running this.

Meekstone: Let's the big stompy guys swing once but normally your opponent just won't tap them. Plus, your deck looks like it doesn't really care about dealing combat damage.

Bloodchief Ascension: A good card to simply bleed your opponents and gain life. You could run the combo Mindcrank but I don't think you want to mill your opponents. So, I'd leave the combo out unless you just want a combo win.

Koskun Falls: Great card. It's a black version of Propaganda. You have plenty of small creatures that you don't care if you tap down. Stack the pillows, comfy, comfy pillows.

Tainted Remedy: Sometimes this is a dead card but when it isn't it is glorious. Turns creatures with lifelink into, "When this creature deals damage it deals that much damage to you."

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