At the beginning of your upkeep, you may put a soot counter on Smokestack.

At the beginning of each player's upkeep, that player sacrifices a permanent for each soot counter on Smokestack.

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Smokestack Discussion

tetsuothecat on Treasure Island with like Pirates and Stuff

2 months ago

My Suggestions...

Also you could try and grab Negan, The Cold-Blooded ... but that's up to you.

SO then the other thing. What do you do if someone throws Null Rod or similar?

JimmyInferno on How to Be a Kwain-ker

3 months ago

I just saw this post cPute so sorry for the late reply!

At the moment I am unsure on how else other than Slash the Ranks we would self-sacrifice the Academy Rector but if you have any ideas I am certainly open to them.

I love the suggestions and I am looking for space to add them now, the only issue with Back to Basics is it really affects my deck as I run minimum basic lands. If you are running a deck that can suit it more by all means make your opponents cry (then tell me all about it mwahaha).

What I am considering is adding in High Market , Diamond Valley and Smokestack as these cards still synergise with our plan to pace, pretend to make political friends (for those who play politics - who would hurt a bunny) and also stax stax stax!

Honourable mentions to Claws of Gix and Martyr's Cause as it would protect Kwain.

HyrdaDOOM666 on - Beledros -

3 months ago

Smokestack my bad

PikaPrince on Gravebloom

3 months ago

Thanks for your suggestions Epicurus! I did overlook Crop Rotation when I was building as I thought it wasn't worth wasting a permanent slot, but I think that I'll definitely give Elvish Reclaimer a try, as the effect is very powerful. Do you think a Dark Depths + Thespian's Stage Combo could be added?

I put in the infinite combo as I found that in my first iterations of this list I didn't have many win conditions, I also try to avoid them when possible.

My playgroup generally dislikes Storm Cauldron effects which is why I tried avoiding stuff like Contamination and Smokestack . Thanks for the suggestion though, first time seeing the card and I will definitely try it out sometime in a different deck :)

MagicStu on Purphoros Burn (C?)EDH

4 months ago

Edit 1 Got rid of copy effects as getting a free tutor/ ad naus was too rare and countering spells was too reactive for such a proactive deck.

Added Lightning Bolt and Galvanic Blast for early game removal/ tempo plays vs faster commanders

Added Chandra planeswalkers for draw, damage, and devotion to red

Removed Slower stax pieces like Smokestack

Testing out Endless Atlas and Sensei's Divining Top for slower, grindier games that arise, and to make Mox Opal more reliable.

A55Destroyer69 on The Marit Lage Life

5 months ago

honestly going RG base with a WU splash is what I find to be the best. You have access to things like Academy Ruins and Hall of Heliod's Generosity to get back your milled moxen or Exploration s as you need.

Anyway, I would argue that, even with no black mana in the deck, that Smokestack is much less powerful than Nether Void in most matchups. Dredge will still function, of course, but will not be able to cast too many spells. Even something like Sphere of Resistance is a better alternative. The worst matchup for lands is Storm, so making them have to start sacrificing their lands after they've probably already gone off and killed you seems pretty impractical. Sphere of Resistance makes them need to deal with it before even thinking of going off, since the entire power of storm bases itself around making enough mana to go off, rather than making overly excessive amounts, so leeching 1 mana per spell seems really strong (and it is in practise, too)

I also find that 4 Dark Depths and 4 Thespian's Stage are both sort of overkill, as when you're functioning fully you're effectively drawing 3 cards per turn with loam putting the top 3 cards of your deck into your bin. I do find that Field of the Dead is a really good alternative too, and even against 1 lands spy or manaless dredge or whatnot you can still make a board with it - wasteland your own things and replay them through the power of loam. It's really sketchy, but if that's all you can do then so be it. It does give you quite a boardstate quite quickly in any case.

Propaganda is a much worse version of Glacial Chasm , and yes glacial chasm has a cumulative upkeep cost, but if you have loam and Exploration available then you can just sit and control the board with Punishing Fire s to chip down your opponent and their boardstate. If you have another exploration out then you can advance your own boardstate althewhile too.

ObIviom on Endrekh Sahr

6 months ago

Well, a good classic card for storm decks is Aetherflux Reservoir and you aren't running a Bolas's Citadel which imo is too good to pass up. Also some bombs in this deck is Endless Cockroaches , Cloudstone Curio , Ayara, First of Locthwain and Priest of Gix . Demon's Disciple and Plaguecrafter are also good cards, can't have too many Fleshbag Marauder effects.

I also enjoyed playing Painful Quandary , Smokestack , Descent into Madness Bitterblossom and Contamination when I built Endrek Sahr, Master Breeder and Tergrid, God of Fright  Flip would probably fit here too.

This commander I used as a sac stax deck with a storm win con, Exsanguinate is another win con you can use for this deck.

Good luck, hope your play group keeps playing with you haha

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