Whenever a player plays a spell, that player discards a card.

LoneSniper72 on 12 Rack Diesel

1 month ago

Hey, I love some of the combos that you have in here. I noticed that someone already suggested Waste Not and I also think that it is a huge advantage having it down. Also have you considered Quest for the Nihil Stone? Oppression is also another card similar to Bottomless Pit, I've noticed that it basically makes it so people don't want to play cards so it can also hinder the game some. Another card that could be of some use is Noxious Vapors, it is super deadly against mono color decks. The only other cards that I can think of are Sangromancer and Phyrexian Arena. Sangromancer can basically single-handedly keep someone alive for a ton of turns if you get it down early. Phyrexian Arena I feel is a super competitive card for the amount of advantage it provides.

Good luck with the deck I hope you find maybe one of these suggestions useful :)

JoeSullivan718 on The Song of My People

2 months ago


I hadn't thought of using Scrapheap Scrounger, I'll have to consider that. I've tried Raven's Crime and it's works okay but I typically prefer passive effects like Necrogen Mists or Oppression that effect all opponents rather than just one.

Glad you like the deck! I'm doing some experimentation and some changes may be coming soon.

RiotRunner789 on Curse of Memory Fatigue

3 months ago

It would probably work better as an Oppression style curse, as discard every cast.

Niko9 on Stax Colony

4 months ago

Ahhh, Cover of Darkness! I remember you : ) That's a really good find and brings me back to that era of magic. Glad you are having fun and experimenting with the deck. This definitely feels like one of those, take cards I love and make them work as best as possible decks, and those are my favorite too.

And yep, Maralen stacks is so oppressive : ) The fact that they can't draw under Maralen combined with hand disruption and the fact that you totally control the pace is painful/wonderful. It's not just that you are Winter Orbing people, it's that you can grab it with Maralen and you always get to choose when to winter orb people. That plus the fact that she's always a Jeweled Lotus away makes it really precarious playing against Maralen. I know, I've played against her many times and it's a total mind game down to the last mana.

Oppression looks like a really sweet add. I've never seen that before but I can imagine it's just nuts.

Ha, I'm really liking this deck. I may actually borrow a few ideas for the future if that's cool with you. It's like power, but totally unique power : )

d_iros on Stax Colony

4 months ago


Awesome suggestions and Maralen tech! Your comment really got my brain working and I made some updates. I'm making too many changes to list them all but I took most of your suggestions and also added some hand disruption in Oppression and Thoughtseize. I'm still looking for evasion possibilities but so far I found Cover of Darkness, pretty sweet! Thanks for your help!

anton6776 on Tergrid's Terrible Thievery

7 months ago

Oppression, Desolation, and Painful Quandary are all quite strong. Deserted Temple and Rings of Brighthearth can give you an infinite mana combo with your Cabal Coffers to win with the lantern. Sangromancer can give life as fuel for citadel and aetherflux.

KiefyWonder on An Old-School Nightmare

9 months ago

Oppression would seem to fit thought it's a lil spendy.

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