Changeling Outcast

Changeling Outcast

Creature — Shapeshifter

Changeling (This card is every creature type.)

This can't block and can't be blocked.

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Changeling Outcast Discussion

rt1205 on Budget Aggro Ninja

2 weeks ago

Hey Saccox, thanks for the suggestion.

I had actually replaced the Tormented Souls in my sideboard for Changeling Outcast irl, and have just never updated this deck list.

However, I prefer to have Signal Pest in the deck instead due to its colorless nature. Together with Ornithopter, it guarantees a turn 1 creature regardless of the type of mana I drew in my opening hand.

Saccox on Budget Aggro Ninja

3 weeks ago

Hi rt1205,Changeling Outcast? It's a ninja and unblockable for utilize ninjutsu ability

Saccox on Ravenmaster

4 weeks ago

Hi iangrlar,Changeling Outcast it's a bird XD

bl4ckb0l7 on The Many-Faced God - [Primer]

1 month ago

Why not Changeling Outcast for Evasion?

Durahan-Brewer on Modern Dimir Ninja Fae

1 month ago


I appreciate your suggestions & input, thanks! I've been teetering on swapping Mana Leak w/ Counterspell for awhile, but due to lack of tron players here I hadn't made the change yet. I am committing to swap, thanks! Familiar's Ruse I've ran before and it is nice, but often is also not optimal either particularly early.

I.e turn 2 negate/or against removal heavy decks. Plus Ingenious Infiltrator on board if being stonewalled, still good since Changeling Outcast can net me draws w/o committing any mana.

Dauthi Voidwalker I have ran before and have mixed feelings since almost never want to actually nin off of him (losing dmg most of time + turning off exile and hard BB recast) The card has good utility against certain decks and is nice w/ Brazen Borrower as 3 ticks to speed up clock.

Drown in the Loch I can't run w/ Dauthi, and is also not a card I want to see early game unfortunately (where this deck needs to be establishing something being more Mid-range) maybe if I ran Thoughtseize

I am thinking Counterspell is here to stay as you said Blue leaning. Testing Dauthi Voidwalker again since grave hate is good in current meta, if Dauthi was a ninja would be too clean. Excited for what return to Kamigawa (Neo?) will bring !

zapyourtumor on Formless Demons

1 month ago

I think cutting all the playsets of changelings down to 2-3 ofs and just adding more changelings would make the deck more consistent in general. Some good ones like Realmwalker might be worth keeping as a playset though.

For example I think you could add 2-3x of Changeling Outcast.

Saccox on The madnetaur pezzent! (10/12 Euro/$)

1 month ago

Ciao Yogei! I'm glad you joined my group of ultra-budget deck lovers XD. i don't play Kragma Warcaller because I prefer to be fast in my deck,5 mana for a card it's too much. i saw your deck,the problem in minotaur tribal is that there are too many 3-drop and few in 1/2 mana. i suggest you Burning-Fist Minotaur,Changeling Outcast and Gnarled Scarhide to play something the first few turns. I made a lot of decks, take a look ;)

GrimlockVIII on Tomb of Annihilation: Pauper Dungeon

1 month ago

Changeling Outcast and Tormented Soul combo well with Delver's Torch to provide a consistent source of Dungeon Venturing if you're into that.

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