Midnight Clock

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Format Legality
1v1 Commander Legal
Alchemy Legal
Archenemy Legal
Arena Legal
Block Constructed Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Casual Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Commander: Rule 0 Legal
Custom Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Gladiator Legal
Highlander Legal
Historic Legal
Legacy Legal
Leviathan Legal
Limited Legal
Modern Legal
Oathbreaker Legal
Pioneer Legal
Planechase Legal
Quest Magic Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal
Vanguard Legal
Vintage Legal

Rules Q&A

Midnight Clock


: Add .

: Put an hour counter on Midnight Clock.

At the beginning of each upkeep, put an hour counter on Midnight Clock.

When the twelfth hour counter is put on Midnight Clock, shuffle your hand and graveyard into your library, then draw seven cards. Exile Midnight Clock.

Taida on Shorikai Drift

6 days ago

Maybe you can include Unctus, Grand Metatect so you can dig even deeper. Midnight Clock can also help both being a mana rock and letting you draw quite a lot of cards. I also saw you have Minn, Wily Illusionist, and I think it could be in the mainboard. It cheats a lot of things into play with the illusions, and with Shorikai, Genesis Engine you draw the cards needed to trigger the ability.

Mystic Remora is also a very good card that you can consider. Although you will eventually need to sacrifice it, the card advantage it gives you is insane. If you also go for the route of mass drawing, Ominous Seas can flood the board very quickly, but you may need to include some cards to have no max hand size.

Another planeswalker that fits VERY well is Teferi, Temporal Pilgrim, and the illusions it creates are amazing with all the card draw from Shorikai, Genesis Engine.

Btw, amazing deck, I still have to upload my Shorikai deck here, but it is much less flavorful, just centered around tapping and untapping Shorikai, so I love the much more dedicated vehicle theme, it is definitely a +1.

RiotRunner789 on Void Shatter's Thousand Virulent Cuts

3 weeks ago

Yes, Ghostly Touch and Hidden Strings can tap or untap (useful politically) your opponents lands.

On ramp/Mana rocks: Most decks have at least a few but it depends on how it plays. You are only running 31 lands and (I think) two Mana dorks, and 1? Mana rock which is low. However, your average CMC is 2.66 which is also pretty low. I'd add a Sapphire Medallion if you have one laying around. Otherwise it should be fine. When you play it, if you seem to get Mana screwed too often then add Sky Diamond, Midnight Clock (great at refilling your hand) or other 2 cost rocks but you shouldn't need to many with how cheap everything in your deck is.

NV_1980 on Ghyrson Starn Shot First

6 months ago

I think your deck can indeed do without Gimli and Prankster. I'd also suggest considering replacing these:

  • Corrupted Conscience: there are more beneficial ways to grant Ghyrson infect (like Grafted Exoskeleton). And if it's not for Ghyrson, why is this in here? Your deck doesn't seem to have a thievery theme or any other thievery cards.
  • Midnight Clock: I'd maybe include this in a sideboard if the deck was much heavier on the non-permanents (compared to the permanents). Is your meta very mill-heavy or does it easily wipe your creatures? Then I would also get it. If not, this slot can be used better for something else.
  • Ovika, Enigma Goliath: in my view not really worth its CMC in this deck. It helps you generate the odd token to do what? Attack/block? That's not really what your strat is dependent on though, is it? It's much easier to kill lots of stuff with Ghyrson. I'd say something similar about The Locust God, though he's more reliable as you'll definitely draw every turn (and then some).

carpecanum on

11 months ago

I might trade out Opal Palace for colored mana and maybe trade Octavia, Living Thesis (or something else) for one more ramp item (maybe Midnight Clock). The only card that's hard to cast in this deck is your boss because of the all colored mana cost. All the cheap spells aren't nearly as cool if you aren't getting the benefit from you boss.

Goldberserkerdragon on

11 months ago

KongMing Indeed! Queza is a tricky one in that it only hits one person at a time. However, she isn't poised to win immediately and thats good. Once late-early/midgame is reached, opponent's life totals are knocked down enough by my other opponent's because I'm not the only one trying to get life totals down/win lol. Queza can generally get the job done killing or almost killing up to 3 opponents if not everyone in a turn or two. A Sturdy Peer into the Abyss + Psychic Corrosion will work; even Queza and Peer alone is enough that so much card draw will be generated, one can just keep drawing and finish opponent's that way. Even so, I have cards in deck like Day's Undoing and Midnight Clock. The clock generally gets a bad rap but in my experience it has always worked well. Play it at the right time and those counters will go. We are in the right colors to protect/counter. We can also pay into it to speed up the process. Elixir of Immortality seems like a good fit otherwise. Cheers!

eliakimras on The Horrarrr

1 year ago

Hey! Joey from EDHRECast commented on upgrades for Captain N'ghathrod here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=obGhfxKWkk4. He focus more on the mill side of things, so he has more targets for reanimation.

Doing my research on topics he didn't touch on, you might want to consider:


Just like what I did with Menacing Aura, it might be wise to stuff some utility into your lands, so you have more options when playing your matches.


Licecolony on Goaded With The Sauce

1 year ago

I really like your manifest take on Jon. Consider Dulcet Sirens. It's a clever way to mitigate risk of having those horrible creatures for yourself. I'll definitely be adding Crawlspace and Endless Whispers to my list.

Suggested removals from deck Plague Reaver. While it's a nice card to give away, the turn you play it you'll have to sacrifice Jon Irenicus to Plague Reaver's trigger regardless of which order you put the abilities onto the stack. You'd rather not lose Jon.

Gisa, Glorious Resurrector. It's something you can't give away, which means it's good when you're ahead, but not great when you're behind,. Your mileage may vary, but I think getting something more immediately impactful on the board tends to be best.

Mirko Vosk, Mind Drinker. You're not running a mill strategy, you'll only be filling the graveyard of dedicate graveyard decks.

Taniwha. I love this creature and totally understand running it for the memes, but phasing triggers before your upkeep, which means that when you give it away, it'll be phased out for the first turn under your opponent, so they'll keep their lands and you won't draw a card from Jon's ability. The turn cycle has to make two full rounds before Taniwha does anything.

Tergrid, God of Fright  Flip. Unlike Sheoldred, Tergrid doesn't make the opponent do either of its effects. It's another creature you don't want to give away, and Jon makes cards unsacrificeable. It just won't trigger much unless you're against a sacrifice deck.

Ensnaring Bridge. The creatures you donate will often be quite big. Ensnaring bridge will prevent them from attacking your opponents and deny you card draw.

Chromatic Lantern. It's only good if you need the mana fixing. You don't need the mana fixing. Try something like Thought Vessel or Decanter of Endless Water or Midnight Clock instead.

Assault Suit doesn't goad the creatures itself. Often they'll swing at you if possible.

Dissipation Field. Not as good as it looks. Doubles ETB triggers. Anti synergy with cards like Endless Whispers.

No Mercy Jon just has better options for this slot. If you can replace a non-creature with a creature in this deck, you usually want to.

Grave Betrayal. That's 7 mana for a card that could ruin your game by forcing you to revive bad cards you do not want.

Diplomatic Immunity. You want instant speed protection and protection from board wipes. Something like March of Swirling Mist is more versatile offensively and defensively.

Dark Ritual. I'm uncertain what you're trying to ramp into so quickly that you would need this. Maybe I'm wrong.

Countersquall. You may as well play the one mana version in An Offer You Can't Refuse.

Redirect may be bested by Narset's Reversal? That's a matter of opinion.

AEtherize risks bouncing creatures attacking other opponents such as those you've goaded but want them to keep. Try replacing this with a more versatile effect like Reins of Power or a more aggressive effect in Illusionist's Gambit.

Damnation. Jon prefers sacrifice board wipes so that your opponents keep their shit creatures.

Overall I think you could run less counter-magic in favor of more proactive effects.

Cards to Consider Creatures Generally I want to focus on adding creatures that you can give away and then steal back later to win the game.

With Jon, you often want cheap evasive creatures to give out for early card draw with his ability. Right now you have 1 two-drop creature. Throwing in a Changeling Outcast or a Slither Blade can mean you can give a creature away for cheap and still hold up mana for other things. Slither blade wouldn't die to Heartless Summoning too.

In the two-drop slot, you can run creatures that are more defensive like Baleful Strix, or give you card draw like Sygg, River Cutthroat or just more powerful creatures like Flesh Reaver which is a goaded 6/6 that can deal 12 damage a turn or Wretched Anurid. Heck, you can even add a versatile two-drop in Dimir Infiltrator which can be given away in the early game or used as a tutor in the late-game.

In the three drop slot, I think your idea of adding Steel Golem is a great one to make sure the only creatures your opponent has are the ones you're giving them. It's a brutal card. Rotting Regisaur is a card you don't mind giving away early, and can take back later to win. Phyrexian Soulgorger can be donated to an opponent as a goaded 10/10. They won't have to pay the upkeep, but that's a great body to give someone as a political tool. Cephalid Facetaker is also worth consideration though I personally don't run it.

In the four-drop slot, like you mentioned, Grid Monitor is a proactive creature counter. Abyssal Persecutor can save you from death. Archfiend of the Dross is risky but fun (it comes back to your control after the opponent dies).

In the 5-drop slot, both of the evil-eye cards are absolute ALL STARS. They work so well every game I've drawn them. They can also replace some of your weaker defenses like No Mercy and Dissipation Field

As a sidenote, I also like Deep-Sea Kraken as an unblockable 8/8 that can win you the game with homeward path.

Removal I recommend running more sacrifice-based removal since it'll mean your opponents keep the crap you give them. Things like Tergrid's Shadow or Vona's Hunger or All is Dust (one of my favorites) or Killing Wave. I also prefer Toxic Deluge to some of your other removal since it goes through hexproof. Curse of the Swine is also an exile effect that can be selective and works really well. You can also run single-target removal like Reality Shift or Pongify if you'd rather instant speed interaction. Feed the Swarm is quality. If you really don't care about cruelty, you can run Torment of Hailfire, but that card is honestly always too boring for me to want in my decks.

Card Draw Jon has access to some great card draw that most decks can't take advantage of. Fateful Handoff is a card draw spell that also donates (though does not goad). Sygg, River Cutthroat works well with evasive threats you give away (though should not be donated). Verity Circle works great with Jon's ability since it donates the creature first, and then taps it down. Teferi's Ageless Insight allows you to double your draw triggers from Jon.

Equipment Remember that you can donate creatures while they're equipped and you still control the equipment so they can't re-equip it. Pact Weapon makes the attacking creature bigger, while ensuring you can't die, and will draw you another card whenever the donated creature attacks. Dowsing Dagger  Flip works effectively on evasive creature to get you ramped. Vorpal Sword is a win condition on your unblockable evasive creatures.

Goad Dulcet Sirens, Bloodthirsty Blade.

Misc Graveyard removal is king. Throw in a Scavenger Grounds. My favorite card to run is Reality Shift. Make an Avenger of Zendikar spawn a dozen Wretched Anurids. It's not GREAT, but it is always funny. Cultural Exchange is a fun time too with all your manifest and shitty creatures.

That is all. Hope it was helpful.

FungalDominance on Millicent, Restless Revenant Upgraded Precon

1 year ago

gw1108 I think I agree on the mana ramp and lands. I'd like another 1 land and 2 ramp, just having a hard time deciding what to cut to get it.

However, devils advocate on the card draw, with Midnight Clock, Pull from Tomorrow, Bident of Thassa, Distant Melody, Skullclamp, Mentor of the Meek, Sire of the Storm, Ethereal Investigator, Bygone Bishop, Ghostly Pilferer, Drogskol Reaver, do I really need more card draw? Do the creatures not count as much for card draw since some of them have a bit higher CMC?

Thank you for the feedback, I look forward to your response!

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