Muldrotha leads the Sultai Elementals into battle! We may not be fast, or have the cash, but we have the pizazz! The goal of this deck is to utilize flash and proliferate and a whole whack of creatures tooled up with counters. Why budget? Because I buy the decks I build!

I think the deck feels pretty good on paper. It will focus on getting the elementals ramped up with counters while utilizing Muldrotha to keep the graveyard productive for us. Additionally there is a smattering of life sources that can be used to juice up.


Here is where the log of updates will go for deck feedback.

Update 2.2

A pretty fine tuning update here. I ended up deciding that the power of the sacrifice cards was worth more to me than the destroy cards. The new mana dork filling in for Commander Sphere is also more fetchable with the cards I have.

Update 2.1

We're here to sacrifice creatures and play elementals! Hard as it is, Proliferate was not a mechanic that was bringing home the bread. I'm hoping that we'll see an increase in functionality by leaning even more into our commander.

This advice is from my local card shop. The fellas there pointed out that ultimately I want to be crushing the board and protecting myself as a slowly chip away at my opponent.

Update 2.0

Changes everywhere! We've started by pulling in a small contingent of non-elementals that provide all kind of useful help. The overall focus of the deck has sharpened to get Muldrotha on the board early and protect her while we get our creatures built up.

Update 1.3

In the last update I wondered what kinds of things could be applied to all creatures, because we want to be playing Elementals as frequently as we can. To compliment our board presence, I have swapped in a number of effects to modulate our forces. Lifelink, trample, and tap for mana has all been brought in to help get the most out of the creatures we have souped up with proliferate.

WE ARE NOW AT POWER LEVEL 5! For the amount of cash we are playing with that feels super solid for this tribe.

Update 1.2

Shoutouts to Kret and multimedia for some top notch advice. Great users with thoroughly explained suggestions.

A more varied mana base, some tutors, more and bigger creatures! A ton of changes here to up our competitive potential. The non-basic lands alone more than cover the needed mana and being just shy of green doesn't feel too bad.

At this point we're still at Power Level 4 however I think the improvements made have all been for the better. My gut suggests we might be able to squeeze more performance out by leveraging cards that add abilities to the Elemental subtype. If there was a "Creatures you control have Deathtouch" type enchantment or artifact that would help get the most out of this Tribe.

Update 1.1

Adjusted in a few more creatures, a few mana rocks, a couple of scrying cards that we needed. At this point I am feeling pretty solid here. We have lands to grab lands, a number of proliferate cards to cycle through the deck and keep juicing some monsters, and some protection spells to ensure as we build up tokens we don't have an unexpected knockout.

At this point according to we are currently sitting at Power Level 4.

Update 1

The first iteration of the deck! The majority of the creatures have some kind of +1/+1 counter which should synergize with the proliferate cards. Then we have some land fetching magic to help fuel the ramp, and Muldrotha to help with Cemetery Tampering and Seal of Primordium to keep cycling in the bigger elementals at cost.


Updates Add

Muldrotha, the Gravetide, Urza, Lord High Artificer, Krenko, Mob Boss, and Sheoldred, Whispering One

Muldrotha takes 3rd after the other commanders decided to gang up on her!

The game started with Nevinyrral's Disk and Spore Frog which made the other commanders wary of the shenanigans to come. Urza was able to snatch away the disk because i wasn't able to hexproof it. A niche situation but annoying to say the least. Urza eventually fell to the Cavaliers attacking, before Muldrotha fell to Gray Merchant of Asphodel and Tar Pitcher. Then Krenko sent his goblins in for the win against Sheoldred.

Thoughts from the game:

  • You know you're mean when 3 commanders come after you and you kill one of them before going down.

  • Should I be looking at ways to make my permanents indestructible? That would really be a nice synergy with Nev's Disk.

  • I am thinking I need to get a few more creature to maximize my sacrifice fodder. I had Animate Dead in hand and nothing to use it on, and Spore Frog saw more trips to the graveyard and back than the local undertaker.

Thanks for reading!


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