Diplomatic Immunity

Diplomatic Immunity

Enchantment — Aura

Enchant creature

Shroud (This permanent can't be the target of spells or abilities.)

Enchanted creature has shroud.

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Diplomatic Immunity Discussion

Dammjan on Zur the Enchanter Budget Deck

1 month ago

Thank you for your advices DreadKhan. Sorry that I am answering so late but I had to learn for my exams the past few weeks. I looked at your suggestions and think Court of Cunning might be a good alternative win con. Slow but steady. But I am not sure which card to remove. Maybe Sun Titan? Diplomatic Immunity and Timely Ward seem to be better alternatives for Robe of Mirrors and Shielded by Faith so I will edit my deck.

DreadKhan on Zur the Enchanter Budget Deck

2 months ago

Diplomatic Immunity is probably a straight upgrade over Robe of Mirrors, offering the same buff, but also protecting itself from removal. If you toss in an Indestructible aura, Zur becomes pretty hard to deal with, requiring a non-destroy wipe, which is lots of fun depending on your power level. I used to run Shielded by Faith, but there is a better option now in Timely Ward, which has upside with flash incase you end up drawing it, it can protect your commander for free, provided he doesn't have Shroud yet.

Pikobyte on Another Muldrotha deck

5 months ago

Well, first you should get some protection since Muldrotha tends to be a huge target. Kaya's Ghostform , Diplomatic Immunity and Curator's Ward are some really nice and cheap pieces. You should also play some cards to mill yourself and some free sac outlets. Hedron Crab and Altar of Dementia are some awesome choices. Altar of dementia also forms an infinite mill combo with Kaya’s ghostform and Lotus Petal . If you want to play it controlly, Night Incarnate is nice to wipe out entire decks like tokens, elves or goblins. Can also be used at instant speed if you have a sac outlet on the table. Seal of Doom and Seal of Primordium also provide you with options to remove key cards or combo pieces during your opponents turn and at instant speed. Cards like Aura Thief and Mindslicer are extremely effective in Muldrotha too. Mindslicer takes your opponents the ability to deal with your stuff while you cast everything from your grave. Aura thief always has some nice stuff to steal, think of propaganda, rhystic study, mana doublers or even Theros gods. I could go on with suggestions but I think that’s enough for now. If you’re interested in more feel free to check my primer. It’s not a budget deck by far but plays a lot really good and inexpensive cards too.

PabloEsco666 on Zur's Enchanted Wonderland

7 months ago

Tom_Shackles this is a cool take on Zur - love the stax/pillow fort theme! Have you considered adding All That Glitters or Phyresis to your voltron package? Combining those with cards in your list like Diplomatic Immunity and Daybreak Coronet (and the 31 other enchantments/artifacts) would threaten a one-shot infect kill pretty quickly.

Feel free to disregard, just wanted to show support for a fellow Zur fan. Got my list here if you're interested.

Cujoman on Muldrotha, the Gravetide

7 months ago

Pikobyte Thanks for the suggestions. I didn't even know the card Diplomatic Immunity ! I will look into doing some tweaks.

Pikobyte on Muldrotha, the Gravetide

7 months ago

That looks a lot like my deck, Love that you kept the non-permanent count that low. If you would Altar of Dementia and Lotus Petal you would have a nice instant win combo with no dead cards outside the combo. I can reccommend more protection since Muldrotha is a big target. Diplomatic Immunity is cheap and great for that. Also consider more cards to control the game like Night Incarnate . It’s a board wipe for go wide decks and with a sac outlet even at instant speed.

PabloEsco666 on Zur, Master Alchemist [cEDH]

8 months ago

Nerdytimesorwhatever appreciate the feedback - got some responses for ya.

Vindicate (in my opinion) has more value in this deck as it removes any permanent without causing a loss of life that could be spent elsewhere. Anguished Unmaking is a great suggestion - now you've got me thinking about making the switch.

Illusionist's Bracers (again, personal opinion) has been pretty powerful in this deck, allowing you to tutor two enchantments at once (duh) and usually win with that interaction. I will agree, it is a bit slow/clunky for cEDH, especially with the 3 mana equip cost, but I've been able to consistently get it out turn 1/2 and have it equipped before Zur swings turn 2/3. All that aside, it is almost useless to draw into turn 4/5 unless the board gets wiped. There are a couple other targets for equipping this as well, with Dark Confidant and Hullbreacher coming to mind.

Diplomatic Immunity is usually the second enchantment I tutor out (after Necropotence of course) and has always provided additional security for Zur. It also combos well with the other equipment in this deck, and the nuances of shroud when Zur tutors out an equipment.

Daybreak Coronet , All That Glitters , and Phyresis are essentially a back-up plan for the Thoracle/TP/DC win condition. The look on an opponent's face when you swing for 20+ infect in an esper deck is always amusing as well.

Extract is almost exclusively a meta-include, with a bunch of the people I play with running Food Chain or Underworld Breach decks. Removing their win-con turn 1/2 is pretty effective.

Great point about Tainted Pact . Four Islands has never gotten in the way of it working for me, although you are absolutely right that in some cases that would stop it completely. I'll definitely have to revisit this and make some changes.

To be honest, this is the first time I've ever seen Spell Snare - need to add that ASAP.

Shimmer Myr is an excellent card, but this deck doesn't run any lines that win with artifacts aside from the obvious Isochron Scepter . Maybe I'm missing something, but most Shimmer/Zur decks focus more on artifacts than this does.

Been debating adding Necromancy or Reanimate to this list for a while - might be the time to do so.

I've got a vault copy of Mox Diamond , but am too scared to use it at the $800 price point. Proxying might be the move for that.

Miscast is another I've been debating, but haven't found a spot for it yet.

I decided to use Mystic Remora instead of Rhystic Study exclusively due to the mana cost, but that card has been floating back and forth on this list for a little while.

I threw Drannith Magistrate in here almost immediately after it was release to support the stax(ish) undertones of this deck - completely agree how absurd that card is.

Thanks again for the feedback!

Nerdytimesorwhatever on Zur, Master Alchemist [cEDH]

8 months ago

Vindicate , but no Anguished Unmaking ? Is there a reason?

Illusionist's Bracers This is not a competitive card, especially not in Zur. What function does it serve?

Diplomatic Immunity I love this card, but it doesn't have much purpose here. It seems to me like an additional counterspell would just be better in every scenario.

Daybreak Coronet , All That Glitters , and Phyresis ? Is this a voltron build?

What purpose does Extract serve?

You are running 4x Islands, and Tainted Pact , with a ThOr/Labman line. TP wont exile your deck for you.

Spell Snare *, Shimmer Myr , Necromancy , Mox Diamond , Miscast , Rhystic Study , are all notably absent. If you aren't going for a fast build, Drannith Magistrate is absurd

*Spell snare stops: Tainted Pact, Thassa's Oracle, Drannith Magistrate, Dockside Extortionist, Underworld Breach, Neoform, Isochron Scepter, and many more relevant game ending targets. I recommend it highly.

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