"You've Heard of Chaos Theory?"

When I read the Jurassic Park books as a lad, I was overawed by Ian Malcolm, the rockstar scientist badboy with a morphine addiction and zero fucks left to give. When I saw this card spoiled, I leapt into action to make a deck for him.

Water Drop

This deck aims to bring the essence of chaos theory to life, disrupting the predictable flow of the game and opening a pandora's box of possibilities and interactions. It adheres strictly to Izzet philosophy, relying heavily on instants, sorceries, and artifacts to control the pace of the game while employing the power of both Blue's cunning and Red's passion to manipulate the board state to its advantage.

Purpose: This section focuses on generating mana efficiently to cast disruptive and chaotic spells early and frequently.

Strategy: The deck incorporates a balanced mix of mana rocks like Arcane Signet and Chromatic Lantern, allowing for accelerated and flexible mana production. Cards like Coalition Relic grant additional versatility, ensuring the mana needs for both chaos and control are met promptly.

Purpose: To fuel the chaotic fire, and trigger Ian's first ability as often as possible, this category aims at forcing players to draw two cards on a turn, promoting dynamic gameplay and accelerating players' access to each others' components.

Strategy: Employing group draw mechanics such as Howling Mine and Fevered Visions keeps resources flowing for everyone, creating a fertile ground for chaos to blossom. Dictate of Kruphix can be flashed in to surprise opponents, adjusting the pace unexpectedly. Teferi's Puzzle Box and Forced Fruition can either interrupt predicability by forcing hand resets or deplete their libraries, driving the chaos to its peak.

Purpose: To fine-tune the randomness, ensuring that chaos does not completely override our strategy, and make sure we only exile lands or spells we don't mind opponents playing.

Strategy: Utilizing cards like Brainstorm and Scroll Rack, the deck manipulates its draws and Ian exiles to maintain a semblance of control amid the storm. Sensei's Divining Top is crucial, allowing peeking and rearranging the top of the library for Ian's ability. Commit / Memory can either reset the chaotic game state when needed or be manipulated to forced an opponent to exile a threat or combo piece.

Purpose: The heart of the deck, designed to disrupt normal game flow and create unpredictable and entertaining board states.

Strategy: By unleashing cards like Possibility Storm and Thieves' Auction, the deck reshapes reality, turning straightforward strategies upside down and leaving opponents scrambling to adapt. Warp World and Scrambleverse shake up board states, redistributing permanents in unexpected ways. The combination of Knowledge Pool and Confusion in the Ranks hijacks opponents’ strategies, turning the game into our own little Jurassic Park.

Purpose: To maintain a steady flow of resources and dig deeper into the deck for chaos enablers and control pieces.

Strategy: Utilizing powerful draw engines that trigger when opponents draw, like Faerie Mastermind Consecrated Sphinx, and reliable tutors like Mystical Tutor, the deck sustains its hand size and ensures access to its chaotic arsenal. Curiosity, when paired with either Niv-Mizzet, transforms into a potent draw engine, possibly leading to game-ending damage loops or a Lab Man win.

Purpose: To dismantle opponents’ strategies, paving the way for chaos to reign supreme.

Strategy: Employing a variety of countermagic and removal like Arcane Denial and Chaos Warp, the deck thwarts opponents' plans while maintaining flexibility to interact with various threat types. Stranglehold and Torpor Orb can completely lock down certain opponents, rendering them helpless in the face of unfolding chaos.

Purpose: To shield the deck’s key components and the player from opponents and the chaotic maelstrom unleashed.

Strategy: Using protective measures like Propaganda and Fog Bank, the deck safeguards its position, ensuring survival in the anarchic battlefield. Dissipation Field and Crawlspace each form a formidable defense, retaliating against aggressors and limiting the onslaught of attacks.

Purpose: To offer multiple paths to victory amid the pandemonium, exploiting the chaotic environment to the deck’s advantage.

Strategy: Thassa's Oracle and Jace, Wielder of Mysteries give us wincons if we've drawn out our deck with a curious Niv-Mizzet. We can rack up damage too with Psychosis Crawler and either Niv-Mizzet turning each draw and spell into another papecut.

That's Chaos Theory


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