Lookout's Dispersal


Format Legality
Pre-release Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal
Magic Duels Legal
Vintage Legal
Modern Legal
Standard Legal
Leviathan Legal
Legacy Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Casual Legal
Unformat Legal
Pauper Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Ixalan (XLN) Uncommon

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Lookout's Dispersal


Lookout's Decision costs 1 less to cast if you control a Pirate.

Counter target spell unless its controller pays 4.

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Lookout's Dispersal Discussion

wisegreenbean on Grixis Pirates

3 days ago

Some decks will be faster than you, which means you'll need removal.

You have a LOT of 4 drops. Not enough early game action. Even the Dire Fleet Daredevil isn't a good 2 drop, since you can't cast it for full value on t2(no mana to cast a spell). 13 4 drops is too many, so you'll need to trip. Notably, if you reduce your overall curve, Ruin Raider becomes outrageously good in my opinion.

In my most pained and honest opinion, I don't think grixis pirates is viable. The mana is VERY strained and pirates are supposed to be fairly agro-tempo oriented. Look at that 2/2 for 1, that's a card that's designed to get under your opponent; it's not meant for a slow midrange strategy.

Basically, I'd suggest that you go for some 2 color variant, probably either blue black or red black. This means no Beckett, which I think is probably for the best.

Go lean and low, pack cheaper threats, trim the top of the curve, and get some interaction into your main deck. Fiery Cannonade, Lookout's Dispersal, Spell Pierce, Fatal Push, Essence Extraction, Walk the Plank, Lightning Strike, etc. Those sorts of cards. Look at what traditional tempo lists are supposed to be like for a clearer idea of what kind of cards are viable.

As a final note, I'm also a big fan of the pirates Siren Stormtamer, Fathom Fleet Captain, and Warkite Marauder. I think them and ruin raider are some of the best pirates in standard.

Chasedrk1 on Grixis Treasure Trove

3 days ago

I love that your working on the treasure possibilities. I have been working it for quite awhile. Immediate suggestions from Looking this over. Deadeye Plunderers are an IF trap. They slow down an already top heavy deck and take up valuable space in the deck. I know the IF is attractive, but it is to inconsistent to be competitive. I would recommend using those open spaces for some low cost counters, card draw, filtering, or board control. Metallic Rebuke Fatal Push, Lookout's Dispersal, or even Spell Pierce to protect your wincon casts from counters.

With Treasure you have a unique ability to play 2 styles of decks in one. I personally have chosen to focus on control- winning with my planeswalker Tezzeret the Schemer or Mechanized Production. Or I will play more ramp instead, and finish with a Torment of Hailfire or Marionette Master

The important thing is to figure out how you want to win and then trim that way. Looks like you have 17 cards over 5 mana right now. Maybe try to reduce that a bit for competitive?

xhuggels on Arrr

5 days ago

I think tempo is the way to go as well. Pirate themed cards seem to lean that way, Siren Stormtamer, Lookout's Dispersal, Admiral's Order, Dire Fleet Poisoner and Hostage Taker attest to that. Straight up aggro doesnt seem all that good to me, and pirates dont have nearly as much pump as, say merfolk, so i think trying to pump them is a failed effort.

They do have some really epic enter the battlefield and Raid abilities though. One spell that i think is key to abuse their entrance abilities with is Siren's Ruse, as it does everything you want it to do at 2 mana in a tempo deck. saves you a creature, gets your epic enter abilities to trigger again coughHostage Takercough aannnd replaces itself by drawing you a card.

Sadly though, their win-cons are all creature based in nature, and their stats leave much to desire for. they cannot fight proper aggro decks past turn 3-4, and they cannot finish the game soon enough against other stuff with their creatures alone. they need lots off help from non-creature sources, and i think stealing your opponents win-cons is probably the best way to go.

You got the right idea here. Hostage Taker is the key card, and Protean Raider can act as a possible win-con, but again i think the ruse will help you play him more freely too, as you can always change what you copy later on of they one-up whatever you already copied.

I kind of dislike Ruin Raider though, as i dont think you can go over 2 manna on 90% of your cards when playing him, for the risk of just killing yourself. you dont wanna be forced to Abrade or lightning strike your own creature, but i feel like at some stage you will be forced to, and you better hope he got you ahead enough to win before you do. He fits in an aggro deck, and i think even though ur not running much ,you are still running too much 3-4 manna cards to really use this guy with peace of mind.

Acute19 on Jace and the Sky Pirates

1 week ago

Thanks for your comment!

Jace, Cunning Castaway, Drake Haven, and Favorable Winds makes for a devastating combo. Most decks like to cycle for Drake Haven but this deck mostly utilizes the discard mechanic. With 4 lands you can curve Drake Haven into Jace to produce a drake turn 4 while also giving Jace a +1. If you can ultimate Jace then you're producing at least two drakes per turn. You won't hit this combo every game of course, and it's a little finicky to set up your board, but it's absolutely devastating if you can get it rolling (easier with 4x Jace). Skyship Plunderer helps pump Jace to ultimate as well. They can sweeper your board all they'd like and the drakes will return. That sustaining potential is easily worth the two slots for Drake Haven.

You want to establish a board with this deck but will often get stuck at three lands. Baral is clutch because you can continue building your board while still threatening Censor or Lookout's Dispersal. The threat of cheap counterspells can really mess with people. Counterspells with Baral can also trigger Drake Haven. I'm not attached to Spell Pierce but there always seems to be at least once per match where it would make a game-deciding difference. It's the perfect deus ex machina card.

Chart a Course is awesome cuz you can consistently attack with flyers. Two mana for an extra card is a great deal. It also has added versatility for producing drakes.

I've given Warkite Marauder a lot of thought, but he just isn't right for this deck because there's nothing in Blue (or colorless) that can deal the one damage needed to make full use of his ability. I really like Warkite Marauder but I think he's destined for a Blue/Red Favorable Winds deck alongside Fanatical Firebrand, Enigma Drake, and Rekindling Phoenix. The rest is just a ton of counterspells and burn. All the burn allows Warkite Marauder to topple anything from Hazoret the Fervent to The Scarab God (using Magma Spray). Jace and the Sky Pirates are surprisingly better without Marauder.

Countermage on Mono-Black Aggro Pirates

1 week ago

Pretty interesting brew, but I don't think Monoblack Pirates is a viable strategy right now. You're denying yourself on playing Warkite Marauder, Kari Zev, Skyship Raider, Daring Buccaneer, Dire Fleet Neckbreaker, Chart a Course, Lookout's Dispersal and so on. But if you insist on this take, I'd recommend switch Fell Flagship for Metallic Mimic and cut Heart of Kiran for more Bontu's Monument.

Pabs4444 on UR a Pirate!

1 week ago

Any time! I love your deck. Super creative name and great concept. I even like the Rigging Runner in a deck like this. I 100% Agree on Daring Buccaneer and Siren Stormtamer. Stormtaker may be worth taking out after game 1 depending on your game 1, but definitely deserves that mainboard spot. However, that may change because of your meta. With a lot of ramunap red in your meta, Soul-Scar Mage may eb a good option. Especially with typical burn spells like Shock or Magma Spray. Now, I know those are not in Ixalan. Do you have any cards from a standard set other than Ixalan? Amonkhet rotates after kaladesh block. Lookout's Dispersal seem's like a crucial card in your deck with your meta. Maybe more of that than Opt. Maybe Perilous Voyage could be included against Ramunap Red. Favorable Winds also seems very good in this deck.

Steeven1 on Dino Beater/Control UW (XLN)

2 weeks ago

What about some Pirate creatures to survive some time? You wont be able to win IMO just with Entrancing Melody. Try for example Warkite Marauder or Siren Stormtamer. With pirates you can play this Lookout's Dispersal more and easier. :-)

r3id on First Draft Deck

3 weeks ago

Hey man, saw your post on reddit and I'm going to try to provide some constructive criticism!

First off, for limited format you may want to stay away from cards with high Converted Mana Cost (Air Elemental, Ancient Brontodon, Colossal Dreadmaw) that are easily removed from cards like Cancel and Lookout's Dispersal among others.

I know with limited it's hard to control synergy (basically combos throughout the deck) but I'm seeing some glimpses of it with Wildgrowth Walker, Tishana's wayfinder , and Siren Lookout! You'd want to make more to capitalize this, but I know it's beyond out of your control.

This honestly isn't bad for a U/G Merfolk deck! I recommend reading up on some draft strategies by Channel Fireball and getting a good understand of cards in the set and other synergies! Definitely keep it up and and keep trying to draft different archtypes!

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