Brineborn Cutthroat

Brineborn Cutthroat

Creature — Merfolk Pirate

Flash (You may cast this spell at any time you could cast an instant.)

Whenever you cast a spell during an opponent's turn, put a +1/+1 counter on Brineborn Cutthroat.

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Set Rarity
Core Set 2020 (M20) Uncommon

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Format Legality
Arena Legal
Unformat Legal
Limited Legal
Leviathan Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Legacy Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal
Historic Legal
Modern Legal
Custom Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Oathbreaker Legal
2019-10-04 Legal
Highlander Legal
Casual Legal
Vintage Legal
Block Constructed Legal
Pioneer Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Brineborn Cutthroat Discussion

libraryjoy on Training Wheels Izzet Spellslinger

2 months ago

I wonder about the adapt card, too. I actually dropped adapt out of my Simic deck, but since you don't have most of the cards, I'm thinking about putting it as the primary mechanic in that one, or switching to elemental tribal.

You might try Brineborn Cutthroat or Goblin Electromancer if you have one.

Thaleas on Fish Deck Featuring Tyrant

3 months ago

I think Deeproot Waters is must in any Merfolk deck:D and Deeproot Elite and Metallic Mimic help you put counters on your merfolks. i also think Mowu is not really great card for this deck since kumena puts counters only on mefloks...And i would cut Brineborn Cutthroat as well, hes great for control decks with loooots of interactions but i think you can find much better fit since you are playing only 14 instants and very few flash spells. If you are interested you can check my profile....i started brewing merfolks too....deck is nowhere near finished.... i basicaly throw every merfolk and triball spell i could find you can check your options there...i also have deck centered around +1+1counter shenenigans if you are interested in upgrading that way instead of tribal. Good luck with your deck!:)

MrBoombastic on

3 months ago

While I hate playing against counter-heavy decks, and probably shouldn't help them improve, I do have some ways to (hopefully) make the deck better:

  • If you're going to play any of the eternal formats, I think Ice-Fang Coatl over Ambush Viper and play snow lands is better, if you want an instant-speed deathtoucher.

  • As is, you're running too few lands, given the amount of 4-drops. Also, I'd play some amount of Rewind, as it lets you counter a spell AND play a threat on turn 4+.

  • Brazen Borrower is probably the best interaction this deck has access to and it's definitely a stronger card than Faerie Duelist. Unless you're going for a budget deck.

  • From my experience, Brineborn Cutthroat is better than Wildborn Preserver. You're not always sitting on mana to pump the Preserver and they get worse in multiples. Cutthroat doesn't.

  • Sea-Dasher Octopus could be nice in some amount, as it can start drawing extra cards as soon as turn 2 off of a turn 1 Spectral Sailor.

  • Titanic Growth is underwhelming in flash decks. They just need to tempo out the opponent, which is best done with value creatures and bounce and/or counter spells.

  • Frilled Mystic is a great tempo play. If you up the land count, you should play all 4.

Hope that helps. Good luck with the deck!

BigCountry64 on FLASH! AHAAHA!

4 months ago

I've considered running Blackguard, but I am perfectly ok with them targeting using removal on Enforcer, as she is just in there because of her synergy with Brazen Borrower and Brineborn Cutthroat as well as contributing to the flash aspect of the deck.

abby315 on Dimir Flash Bat

5 months ago

You should consider 4x Spectral Sailor - they're absolutely nuts with the Octopus and the other mutaters, they're cheap ways to trigger Brineborn Cutthroat, and the 4-mana ability means you can always choose between drawing, playing a creature, or countering.

I think they're much better than Lochmere Serpent and probably the two Greatshark, or perhaps two Pouncing Shoreshark.

Also, I'm surprised to see no Slitherwisp?

Finally, 1-2 Castle Vantress might be a nice addition.

Minousmancer on Surprise Fishing (Flash Tribal)

5 months ago

Creature (26) I'd go:

4xBrazen Borrower; 4xBrineborn Cutthroat; 4xCunning Nightbonder; 4xLochmere Serpent; 4xSea-Dasher Octopus; 4xSlitherwisp; 2xThryx, the Sudden Storm;

But that is just my play style. I like your deck.

SmarmyMarmy on Flash Tribal

5 months ago

Okay, move the Tricksters to the sideboard to put in a couple Singers and Sea-Dasher Octopus. I like that Singers fly, which along with an early Octopus on a Singer or Sailor can really help get the card flowing.

Also in the sideboard I kicked out some non-creature counterspells for some Greatsharks. Obstructionist and Notion Thief got moved there too to make room for Dirge Bat in the main board. The bat is nice later on to both kill stuff and give flying to a pumped-up Brineborn Cutthroat.

TriusMalarky on Why do people hate Blue?

6 months ago

magwaaf draw-go is one of my favorite archetypes. I have a $30 pile of way-too-good Blue cards just because I can. Gitaxian Probe, Treasure Cruise, Gush, Counterspell rounded out by Delver of Secrets  Flip and Brineborn Cutthroat is an amazing deck. I'm working on finishing a full meta of 8 $30 high-power decks(all of which should be balanced within the mini meta), so Mono- Pox and t2 Infect, as well as Rituals Red and Free Stompy will be coming along sometime(once I get the money), which all should beat it. But I built Blue first 'cos it's just so fun.

Gleeock I guess a lack of decent stax punishers is a problem... they could definitely print something like for an enchantment that says "At the beginning of each opponent's upkeep, ~ deals 1 damage to them. If you have one or fewer cards in hand and that opponent has 6 or more cards in hand, ~ deals 2 damage instead." and Hexproof would be pretty balanced.

Course, Stax in general is bad for the game. Any card that hates out Lantern Control or stupid stuff like Infinite Turns or Stax decks is fine by me. It wouldn't work well against tempo, but the best tempo cards got banned into oblivion so now nobody can use them.

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