Revolutionary Rebuff


Format Legality
1v1 Commander Legal
Frontier Legal
Vintage Legal
Modern Legal
Standard Legal
Legacy Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Casual Legal
Unformat Legal
Pauper Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Kaladesh (KLD) Common

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Revolutionary Rebuff


Counter target nonartifact spell unless its controller pays .

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Revolutionary Rebuff Discussion

The_Baneslayer on Competitive Esper Control

2 weeks ago

why in gods name are you playing Revolutionary Rebuff, Spell Pierce is so much better in literally every way

KazicGreyhelm on Competitive Esper Control

2 weeks ago

Would probably be better to have more Drowned Catacomb and maybe some Concealed Courtyard instead of the Aether Hub being that you have nothing that produces energy. More than 1 Evolving Wilds would probably help Fatal Push a little more. It might work for you, but I am not a fan of Revolutionary Rebuff and would recommend Supreme Will instead despite it being 1 more mana.

TacoB4six on You could always use Gilly-Weed?

1 month ago

Your totally right, good tip Picklenutz. I have been debating on running Opt for a while accually. Now as far as Censor goes(hear me out please), I'm cool on it. I am leaning more twords a creature heavy crash out plan with my girl on the scry 2 \ card advantage tick. Besides seamed to me like I could rebuild quick enough at my locals to minimize my non-creature\non-land cards for her(Nissa, Steward of Elements). She is my deck's new obsession atm. Cycle on Censor is more than decent, and I get that. That kind of versitility can win you games its true, but I prefer my additional bounce plan against the most popular threats I been facing. So The Scarab God and Hazoret the Fervent strategies can now meet my own versitile card Failure / Comply!(Fail-Co)<3 The ability to hold up just two mana and know your opponent will more than likely be forced to wait another turn to recast whatever spell is cool. Eat that Carnage Tyrant.Lol fr tho I have been thinking of main decking a single copy of "Fail-Co." because of the low cmc and extensive list of targets. If I had desided to "explore" my counterspell options in Ixalan standard however.. My preference atm has to be the re-re anyways. I just really like the thought of Revolutionary Rebuff in a format this terrifide of Abrade dont you? Lol so What do you think bro? Ps. How has Your brew been doing in Your locals if I may ask? #TacoB4six

DeBro5 on Mermalade (Beginner's Guide to Merfolk)

1 month ago

Ok so i played this deck for 4 rounds on fnm overall 2/2. It got trashed by ranumap red due to the slowness. It went fairly ok against black blue control 1/2 again the slowness was a problem. I the shuffld around the deckReplaced the deeproot waters for Disallows and a negate. Got rid of a kopala and a herald for a 2 kumena's speakers and then removed 2 jade guardians for 2 Revolutionary Rebuff s

After this change the deck ran alot smoother going 2/0 against pirates and 2/0 against energy.

Overall the deck is nice but needs some faster cards to apply early pressure or bait removal. One card that i found largely irrelevant was deeproot waters.

w33m4n on Blue Black Capitalism

2 months ago


So I just got most of the cards in yesterday and started doing some testing. If you look back at the comments on Treasure Production Control I listed the results. As a note am still waiting for Mechanized Production and Herald of Anguish to come in. Early results show a really strong ability to keep the field very open pretty much the whole game well into turns 10-13 and not really losing any tempo. Marionette Master is now the main win condition. Backup is Mechanized Production needing 5 and 8 counters respectively to win the game. Herald of Anguish comes out on average turn 5 or 6 and definitely fills the late game get some damage and hurt the player farther by discarding cards every turn. Also the combo of having him and the Marionette out is fun. Pay 2, -2/-2 to a creature and since an artifact was sacked you also take damage from Marionette!! I'd say average the deck floats 5 treasures very easily and will get over 8-10 about 30% of the time. Also Depths of Desire has shown to be immensely valuable. Especially when someone goes to use a piece of removal against one of the creatures and instead of using a counter I bounce it back to hand and get a treasure out the deal. Next turn let's say the Marionette Master comes back out I now have an extra treasure to sac or if I need to I can chose to get 1/1 servo tokens off her then bounce her back get a treasure put her back out as a big body to sac treasures to with little chumps to block some stuff. Revolutionary Rebuff when used and opportune moments has shown to be quite effective in this standard format where most people aren't running many artifacts and if they are they are just supportive and don't play a main role in the deck like the days of Aetherworks Marvel

Titanco on Blue Black Capitalism

2 months ago

Dear w33m4n,

Your Treasure Production Control was indeed interesting. I never thought about using Revolutionary Rebuff or Depths of Desire, how are you finding those cards? Also, how have Mechanized Production and Marionette Master been performing? (I thought production would be a little vulnerable, but your deck is making me think otherwise).

P.S. That name does sound really metal, yo. I think it's time to settle down and choose the new name for the deck.

darkestdepths on Treasure Production Control

2 months ago

Intriguing deck! Your thoughts on Revolutionary Rebuff over Metallic Rebuke? What about some number of Revel in Riches in the sb as insurance? Too cute?

appsles on Cheap Izzet ($10)

2 months ago

take out all Revolutionary Rebuffs and another card.

add a playset of Rune Snag

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