Stubborn Denial


Format Legality
Tiny Leaders Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Magic Duels Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Vintage Legal
Modern Legal
Leviathan Legal
Legacy Legal
Frontier Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Unformat Legal
Casual Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Khans of Tarkir (KTK) Uncommon

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Stubborn Denial


Counter target noncreature spell unless its controller pays {1}.

Ferocious — If you control a creature with power 4 or greater, counter that spell instead.

Stubborn Denial Discussion

SeekerofSecrets on Modern Horizon

1 week ago

I think that we will get Counterspell . It is a strict up grade when compared to Mana Leak , Negate , Logic Knot (which are laughably week in the current metta) but it does not replace Cryptic Command , Remand , Spell Pierce , Spell Snare or Stubborn Denial .

Control decks still still need the card advantage from cryptic and tempo decks till need turn one interaction and the tempo gain from Remand .

Tempo/control builds also typically run more than 8 counters so i mean Counterspell will not be the only counter being used

DuTogira on Modern Horizon

1 week ago

As to whether or not Counterspell would be reprinted... I doubt it. Tolarian Community College did an excellent video about modern horizons, and covers why Counterspell shouldn't be reprinted, succinctly summarized as " Counterspell is strictly better than almost every modern legal counter spell in almost every deck that plays some form of counter magic". Exceptions might include shadow decks choosing to keep Stubborn Denial , but exceptions like that are very niche, and don't detract from the point.

The point of this set, as Emma Handy kindly pointed out, isn't to upgrade modern into a sort of "legacy lite." It's just to give modern new tools which might push the boundaries of what standard can handle. Counterspell isn't a "new tool" for modern. It's a strict upgrade to existing tools that are already heavily used. Somehow I doubt WotC wants to put that in modern, just on principle alone.

DuTogira on Modern Horizon

1 week ago

PlatinumOne "'modern counterspells cost 3 mana, or 2 mana with a downside' and 'wotc is anti-land destruction', I'd have to see sources before I believe those."

Bro... do you even play modern? Even the lands that blow up other lands either replace the destroyed land with a basic ( Ghost Quarter ) or have a cost of at least to activate. Tectonic Edge is an exception, but that qualifies more as "land management" than "land destruction" considering that you have to leave your opponent with at least 3 lands. Smallpox / Boom come in at , but they're symetrical, and Assassin's Trophy replaces the destroyed land with a basic (which sort of defeats the point), so again, not exactly in the spirit of "wotc supports carte-blanche land destruction for 2 mana". Fulminator Mage lets you destroy non-basics for and Cryoclasm / Blood Moon / Choke are all hate cards against certain kinds of lands, but again your opponent gets around it by playing not the kind of land you're hating on, so it's not "true" land destruction. True land destruction (of the "Destroy target land. That's it." variety) TYPICALLY comes in at with cards like Craterize , Creeping Mold , and Avalanche Riders , but Molten Rain and Rain of Tears do exist at . Even with that, modern doesn't have any COMPETITIVE lists built around pure land destruction, which should tell you something about the support (or lack thereof) that WotC has been giving land destruction as a strategy compared with other strategies since 8th edition.

As for counter-spells, the first counter magics you can play which can target ANYTHING (meaning aren't faced with some restriction such as Spell Pierce , Spell Snare , or Stubborn Denial which all fit the slot) are Mana Leak , Remand , Delay , Logic Knot and their ilk in the slot. The ONLY exception to this is Mana Tithe , but that's in white and sees next to no modern play, even in U/W control.
The first point blank "counter target spell and it goes to the yard" spells come in at with cards like Cancel , Dissolve , Dissipate , and their ilk.

If you would still like a source, here is mtgtop8's modern breakdown, which you will notice features no land destruction, and exactly 0 decks which use any "unconditional counter spells" which cost or less. The reason is that Land Destruction isn't competitively viable, and no carte blanche counters exists for less than ! If they did, the modern community would have found them by now, but instead, we find that WotC doesn't support these concepts and has been very careful not to print any cards that violate these patterns!

Welcome to modern by the way.

multimedia on Dimir Mill Budget Upgrade v6.9.1077

1 week ago

Hey, saw your forum topic asking for help. Do you own the cards that are in the maybeboard? There's several there that are much better than cards in the main deck.

Consider building this Dimir deck with Sultai in mind? If your goal is to play Sultai with Tasigur or Muldrotha later on then my advice is get playable cards that you can use in those decks, but for the time being get blue, black and Dimir cards and play them here with budget good stuff self-mill/reanimation strategies. Good stuff being playable spells especially creatures who have good ETB (enter the battlefield) abilities. Tasigur and Muldrotha use self-mill strategies not opponent mill strategies. Tasigur and Muldrotha abilities only work with cards in your own graveyard. Self-mill is much more powerful than opponent mill in multiplayer Commander.

Budget cards ($5 or less each) to consider adding that you can use in Sultai with Tasigur or Muldrotha later on:

If you like this idea then I can further help you to change this deck to make it easier to convert it into Sultai later on, but for now still being a good Dimir deck with Scarab God as Commander. Let me know your thoughts, good luck.

heckproof on W/U Curious Bogles

1 month ago

Kumi First off, thanks so much for the feedback!

While I do want to build W/U (mainly for the off-the-radar vibes), I realize that G/W is probably the better option just because it has access to Gladecover Scout . That being said, I have some reasoning for some of the card choices here:

(and a disclaimer: I do not profess to be a Bogles veteran, so feel free to tell me if I'm completely off on something)

I wanted to play W/U specifically to make the bad matchups less bad; these matchups include Ad Nauseum or Prison decks (decks that run Ensnaring Bridge ). I do see what you’re saying, that 5 counterspells might be too many. I just felt like I wanted to see one to two every game, and 5 felt like the right number.

I agree that Dryad Arbor is super important in the Jund/GB Rock matchups, but I assumed that the real key player was Leyline of Sanctity , because, from what I’ve seen of the matchup (and this is super limited experience here, so feel free to take it with a grain of salt), the real danger in the G/B midrange matchup is the discard that they have available. I feel like a turn 1 Thoughtseize or Inquisition of Kozilek taking a hexproof dude would be a much earlier game over. In terms of Liliana of the Veil , my plan was just countering it with Spell Pierce or Stubborn Denial .

In terms of Spellskite , I wasn’t even thinking about Burn or Scapeshift, but rather Infect. As Infect seems to me like a garbage-fire of a matchup, I was considering Spellskite as a way to slow them down and build my own clock. Also, Spellskite seems like it would be absolutely busted in the Bogles mirror. But, as neither of these decks are particularly prevalent in the current meta, I see your point. Faster is better.

I totally get the Gladecover Scout over Invisible Stalker argument. But going down to two Kor Spiritdancer seems strange to me, just because I’ve heard from several Bogles players that, depending on the matchup, it’s straight gas and better to have in the mainboard.

I also understand the concern of not having enough Auras, which is why I made the decision to run Curious Obsession over Unstable Mutation . I think I’ll be going up one Curious Obsession to have a full playset; maybe I’ll take out the mainboard Spell Pierce .

And...I think that’s about it. Once again, I’d just like to say thanks so much for the feedback. While I do adore W/U, I’m strongly considering switching to Bant Bogles because of the boost I’d get from both Rancor and Gladecover Scout .

Oh yeah! One final question: considering how prevalent Humans is in the current meta, should I keep the two Tocatli Honor Guard in the board? It seems like a ridiculous bomb against that deck.

CyborgAeon on Commanders by Power Level [EDH Tier List]

1 month ago

Hi Shammalamma, I'd like to say -- good question. Why are generals ranked as they are in this tier list? It seems strange that cards like Oloro - a classic pubstompy general isn't at the top tier, or the same with many other friendly decks.

This is designed as a guide for players on the most cutthroat decks available - abusing stax-based locks, infinite combos & game-winning strategies as fast as they can be assembled. Looking at some of the decklists in the top tiers will show you how crazy this can get - with the general in some cases (like General Tazri , Godo, Bandit Warlord , Sidisi, Undead Vizier ) just being used to tutor for a win condition.

Saitama (Shu-yun) is a one-punch machine gun. He's able to murder a player very quickly, with his own prowess meaning that cards like Stubborn Denial are more efficient negates. However, while he supports his own & is a very cool deck to play - he's not very competitively viable - as voltron strategies in this require three turns to hit three opponents generally. Whereas playing kiki-jiki and pestermite requires only one turn. Look at the speed of some of the 'flash-hulk' decks.

The generals are ranked as above with the card's effectiveness toward the strategy of the deck in mind and mostly based on the effectiveness/strength/consistency of the deck that it's paired with, rather than the colours that they provide.

kdurron on Bolas competative control

1 month ago

I saw your question about Emrakul and tron and decided to come here and give my $.02.

Modern is a fast and generally linear format, with a substantial percentage of the "meta" being powerful, non-interactive decks (decks like Titanshift, Tron, Dredge, Affinity, Burn, Phoenix, Hollow One, Amulet Titan, Breach Titan and some Spirits lists are either linear, non-interactive or both) and as such being a fair deck (e.g. Grixis control) can sometimes be tough slog as your answers don't always line up with what your opponent is doing (as modern is a very wide format, and modern "control" cards aren't the best...though they're getting better).

My advice is to be a little more proactive and run a few more "efficient" answers. Namely, I really feel that your deck wants Gurmag Angler as probably a 3 of (either alongside Tasigur or you could cut him) along with some number of Stubborn Denial , which goes great with the delve threats AND bolas  Flip (who I assume you want as part of the deck).

As far as cuts go if you go that route?


-1 Wrath (either Anger or Damnation)

-3 Remand

-2 Cryptic

-1 Spell Snare


+3 Gurmag Angler

+2 Stubborn Denial (A cheaper sort of "sidegrade" for the cryptics taken out)

+2 Serum Visions (I'd recommend 4 for sure - helps find what you need, albeit not right away)

+1 _____ (you could maybe cut one land with serum visions at 4, but as you're somewhat top heavy I'd advise against it)

In theory, Thought Scour could be good too, but then your deck starts going more tempo/midrange as you'd probably have to cut more removal to power out those 5/5s.

I know it's starting to look more like GDS now, but it's still quite control heavy (with just a little more punch). Anyway just my quick thoughts on the deck - I hope you get it to where you want it to be in the future!

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Stubborn Denial occurrence in decks from the last year


All decks: 0.13%

Commander / EDH:

All decks: 0.01%