Daring Saboteur


Format Legality
Pre-release Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Magic Duels Legal
Vintage Legal
Modern Legal
Penny Dreadful Legal
Standard Legal
Leviathan Legal
Legacy Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Unformat Legal
Casual Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Ixalan (XLN) Rare

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Daring Saboteur

Creature — Human Pirate

2U: Daring Saboteur can't be blocked this turn.

Whenever Daring Saboteur deals combat damage to a player, you may draw a card. If you do, discard a card.

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Daring Saboteur Discussion

Wood_Elemental on UR Unblockable Tribal

3 days ago

Possibly a couple copies of Daring Saboteur? Maybe some Slippery Scoundrels.

blindedbeast on Cartouché, sir

6 days ago

I really like the look of this deck! I've been playing a version of $10 U/W SRAM ENCHANTRESS that I've uploaded as Sram the Dwarf Enchantress and I think some mix of that plus this would work really well. Having Dowsing Dagger to pay Daring Saboteur's unblockable cost is awesome but I think I'm playing too many Desert's Hold and need to make room for some counter spells.

Blo on First ever MTG deck by ...

1 month ago

So requirements:
- Blue/Red/X splash
- Pirate themed deck
- Standard legal

Then there's some stuff to consider. Looking at your deck you have a lot of singles instead of a playset (4), which would increase the deck stability a lot. This is due to the nature of you being new, which is no problem at all. With the deck you currently have, you lack focus. As far as pirate decks go, you could consider pure aggro, a tempo based deck or a more midrange controlling deck. (see spoiler)
Aggro (aggresive) tends to curve out arround 4, with the majority of your cards being less than 4 mana. Decks such as Ramunap red are a prime example of it.
Tempo is an aggresive deck, but looking to bounce/kill/counter any impactfull plays of the opponent, and push damage through since you have a board and they don't.
A more controlling deck would run more higher drops and more counters or things such as River's Rebuke, Hour of Devastation and a few beaters with impact such as Torrential Gearhulk. As far as investment goes, I think control would cost you the most, and you'd be better of adding a bunch of black cards to the deck. So, I will continue with some more aggresive tips.

Some general tips though:
- Try to increase your copies per card and reduce the ammount of different cards.
- You don't really need copies of Unknown Shores, your mana base is good without it. The other land, Unclaimed Territory is great though, and you should try to get 4 in a tribal deck.
- Cards like Spirebluff Canal or even Highland Lake will improve your mana base, and running 4 tap lands won't hurt your deck most of the time. It's worth considering.
- Lookout's Dispersal is a good counter in pirates. It should cost 2 mana most of the time and is a hard counter most of the time.
- Hostage Taker is probably worth splashing for as you continue to play.
- Dreamcaller Siren probably has a place in your deck and isn't too expensive. You can use it to push through damage or tap their creatures before they attack. Either way, great tempo.
- Cards like Abrade serve multiple purposes and are great to sideboard in when you need it, or even play mainboard. - You need some removal. Fiery Cannonade will only hit their board and is great versus vampires or merfolk most of the time. Lightning Strike is just solid.
- Captivating Crew is also great in the sideboard, and a fun card to play.

Aggresive tips:
- Angrath's Marauders as fun as it may be, won't have a place in an aggresive version of the deck. The same holds true for cards such as Prosperous Pirates or Pirate's Prize.
- The raid mechanic is great! since you're attacking often and early you will almost always enable raid to gain benefit. This means that cards such as Chart a Course will outperform Pirate's Prize and Storm Fleet Aerialist will outperform Prosperous Pirates
- cards like Daring Saboteur are great, they are aggresive, can be unblockable and can draw you the cards you need in that match up.
- Warsail Marauder, Storm Fleet Sprinter and Marauding Looter are possible inclusions. The first one is great and very good in any aggresive deck. The last one gives you extra card filtering, to draw what you need.

So rather than giving you suggestions and make your deck, I gave some possibilities and hopefully you will enjoy the search to a more cohesive deck. Deckbuilding is something I enjoy a lot, so I dislike giving a decklist to copy ;).
Good luck and welcome to the game!

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Countermage on Azorius Auras

1 month ago

I don't mean to tell you what to do with your deck, but it's a bit weird you say it revolves around evasive creatures. To me it's clear it revolves around auras to pump your dudes, disrupt the opponent and draw a bunch of cards. As much fun as this deck looks, running no removal is almost suicidal in a competitive environment.

I'd switch Adorned Pouncer for Sacred Cat, which I think is the weakest creature in the deck. And Warkite Marauder for Daring Saboteur because this new pirate is going to be a star. And though I recognize the quality of Siren Stormtamer I'm not conviced with her in this deck. Maybe Mist-Cloaked Herald instead?

By the way, maybe Squire's Devotion is worth a shot. And congrats again for brewing with new archetypes ;)


1 month ago

Angrath, Minotaur Pirate, is not a legal commander because it is not a creature. Only Planeswalkers which specifically delineate that they can be used as a commander (example: Teferi, Temporal Archmage), or when they start as a creature (example: Jace, Vryn's Prodigy  Flip).

Another rule of commander is that all cards in the deck must exclusively fall within your commander's colour identity. Colour identity includes both the colorus to cast the spell, and all mana symbols in the text box. Even assuming arguendo your commander is legal (though it is not, as established herein), its colour identity would be Red and Black. Thus, you can only play cards with Red or Black colour identities.

I am well aware Boros Reckoner can either be red or white. Its colour identity is both Red and White--as such, it would be illegal with a Rakdos commander.

The following cards, would also fall outside Rakdos' colours, and thus would not be permissible:

You also cannot use any lands which have non-Red/Black symbols in their rules texts. Vivid Creek, Island, Dimir Aqueduct, Dismal Backwater, Swiftwater Cliffs, and Izzet Boilerworks are all no-goes. The same is true of artifacts, so Dimir Signet, Izzet Signet, and Sky Diamond cannot be used. While Fellwar Stone can produce non-Red/Black mana, because it does not have mana symbols in it, its colour identity is colourless, and can thus be used in any deck.

I think that covers everything. There might be more that I missed. I hope this proves helpful.

Shirubaurufu on Standard Unblockable Creatures

1 month ago

I understand wanting to build Boggles in Standard, though I don't quite think this is the way to go about it.

First, Deeproot Waters isn't going to be very useful to you being a 2 of in a deck that has 16 Fish and 12 nonFish.

Now, the point of Boggles in Modern is you take Slippery Bogle and pump it up with lots of enchantments and other spells.

Here, you have a card that requires 3 mana Daring Saboteur to be unblockable, as well as a card that gives unblockable upon a conditional requirement being met Herald of Secret Streams as well as a card that requires 4 mana to give a counter Shapers of Nature to make use of Herald.

My advice would be keep the Slither Blade and River Sneak is kind of debatable, but also useful as long as you can constantly pump out a lot of fish every turn. Kumena's Speaker is 100% a keep, as turn 2 you're swinging for 2 damage already. Storm Sculptor is pretty unreliable, and probably not necessary for this deck, given its a 1 of anyway. I'd also suggest dropping the Herald down to 3, at most.

Before I suggest cuts/additions, lets do a CMC breakdown.

1- 112- 183- 64- 5

So the majority of your cards rely in the 2 cmc slot, which some are unneecessary and should be in the sideboard (mainly looking at Essence Scatter and Negate). I suggest moving them to the Sideboard in favor of Larger Than Life & Blossoming Defense.

For cuts, I suggest removing the Sculptor, the Saboteur, moving the Stormtamer side as well, unless your meta is removal heavy (ie Settle the Wreckage , Fatal Push, Harnessed Lightning) and cut the Shapers, as well as bring the Herald down to 3, which should open up 13 slots, depending on what you do. Another sideboard suggestion I have is Shaper's Sanctuary so that way you can try and draw gas or a protective spell if your opponent tries to remove your creature with something.

In place of them, I'd add the new one drop unblockable Mist-Cloaked Herald, at least 1 more Waters and the new Simic Flip land Hadana's Climb as well as possible Kumena, Tyrant of Orazca. Kumena would go straight across for the Shapers, given his counter ability doesn't require holding mana back.

Since you're trying to be unblockable, I'd also suggest the Deeproot Elite as well which will allow you to either A) pump up an already huge unblockable more or B) be good defensive measure in giving a creature a bigger butt.

Other than that, I'd suggest looking around at enchantments and other spells that add counters to get the most use of the Herald, since he's basically where your curve wants to stop.

Now for your manabase, it seems you've more blue than green, so i'd suggest cutting down on the basics entirely, adding in Unclaimed Territory and switching the Woodland Stream for Botanical Sanctum and Hashep Oasis to give your guys that extra oomph you might need to close it out.

If you've anymore questions, feel free to ask. And just to note, these are all merely suggestions, nothing you have to 100% do without a doubt, so use them as you will.

xhuggels on

2 months ago

The difference between this deck and yours is that this one goes heavier on both kill-spells and control, so i don't rely as much on killing creatures with my creatures, as pirates generally are on the weak side when it comes to actual fights, but the main reason he is in there is because he is a 1 drop, so he can be played with my other cards, being more on the control-side i need manna open, so this deck doesnt really play on a curve. 2 drops need to be something special, of which Fathom Fleet Captain and Kari Zev, Skyship Raider are among the only ones out there im willing to consider. Daring Saboteur could also maybe work, not sure though. Kitesail Freebooter is another option,and Rigging Runner is another great 1 drop, but i really dont like the idea of adding red creatures.

As for the Harsh Scrutiny vs Duress debate. Sure Harsh Scrutiny is better for the meta right now, but other than Walking Ballista, there really isn't many creatures that outright kill stuff when they enter, and our focus with our spells is to protect the Admiral at all costs. I think discarding a Fatal Push, Walk the Plank or Harnessed Lightning is a much better use for this deck. Remember Admiral Beckett Brass can steal not only creatures, but artifacts, enchantments and planeswalkers too, so we don't really wanna discard their win-cons, as we wanna steal them so that their win-cons become ours.

Ninjew42 on Ixalan Treasure Pirates Blu/Blk v3

2 months ago

I added Kitesail Freebooter and will probably swap it out for Daring Saboteur.

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