Countervailing Winds


Format Legality
Pre-release Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Magic Duels Legal
Vintage Legal
Modern Legal
Standard Legal
Leviathan Legal
Legacy Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Unformat Legal
Pauper Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Hour of Devastation Common

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Countervailing Winds


Counter target spell unless it's controller pays 1 for each card in your graveyard.

Cycling 2 (2, Discard this card: Draw a card).

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Countervailing Winds Discussion

Ragon_Wolfbane on dimir cycling

1 day ago

I really like the idea of this deck. It looks pretty fun to play. There are only two things I'm a little worried about for this deck is the low amount of mana. Sure you can cycle multiple cards in order to get to your land drops, but that isn't always reliable. My suggestion is to increase the number of lands at least by 2-4.

Outside of that I'd recommend playing 4 copies of Hieroglyphic Illumination just because it's such a sweet card. Seeing you aren't attempting to be a combo deck then maybe remove New Perspectives? It's a nice card that does draw you 3, but with your deck going pretty low to the ground I just can't see it being as useful. Especially with the low amount of lands in your deck currently.

This is just a preference of mine, I'd think that you should remove two of your Countervailing Winds in favor of 2 more copies of Censor. I think the Winds is a great counter in this deck, but at 3 mana it really is awkward for your spells. Yes you can cycle it away, but being at a cycling cost of 2 still makes it feel clunky. My recommendation is to keep one and use it as a means to defend against wraith effects and use the Censors as a way to keep your enemy off balance with their curve while you beat them down with your other creatures. The cycling for only a really helps as well.

The final thing that I'll point out is that instead of the Horror of the Broken Lands I think you should run two copies of Cryptic Serpent instead. Most of the time it'll be cheaper than the Horror and it does a better job of working with all your instant and sorcery spells filling your graveyard with cycling.

REMEMBER! These are all just suggestions and if you like the deck as it is right now then have fun and I hope it goes well.

Unicornsareevil on Cheaty Cycling

4 days ago

First Standard Tournament Results

Round one: W/U control. (Not monument)Game one - Found the combo relatively quick and won. Was concerned about about my Cunning Survivor getting tapped by his Fan Bearer but luckily he was tapped out when New Perspectives entered the battlefield.Game two - Sided in Countervailing Winds for Haze of Pollen. Pulled of the combo again and won.(2-0)

Round two: B/W Zombies.Game one - Got run over fast. Without either combo piece and missed land drops meant the combo flopped.Game two - No sideboard. Had a faster hand but the zombies were too fast. Managed to pull a Haze of Pollen during one attack saving 6 life but a In Oketra's Name from the opponent the next turn killed me.(0-2)

Round three: R/B/U/W/G Planeswalkers.Game one - Seemed pretty even but ended in a lose. The game started slow for both despite the turn three As Fortold by the opponent. I waited a couple of turns before playing New Perspectives while Cunning Survivor was out so that i could afford a Censor.I did pull of the combo but Cunning Survivor only became a 15/3 after i got stuck with three New Perspectives, three Cunning Survivors and four basic lands in hand.Game two = Sided in Shadowstorm Vizier for Haze of Pollen. The second game was not as slow after my opponent used Deploy the Gatewatch and got a Nicol Bolas, God-Pharaoh and a Nissa, Voice of Zendikar out. I played Shefet Monitor to try and kill them but it kept getting blocked by plants. Grrrrrrrrrrrr. game ended when he hit me for seven with Nicol Bolas, God-Pharaoh -4 ability and played another copy of Nicol Bolas, God-Pharaoh and hit for another seven. (yes he did sac the old one.)(0-2)

So the deck went 1-2 overall. I didn't expect much from it but wanted to see what the consistency of the combo was.

I found that i need Supreme Will to protect or dig for New Perspectives. Some removal would be great but there is none with cycling, unfortunately. Control seems to be my LGS's metta at the moment with almost half of the decks being R/B/U bolas control. For this reason i'm considering putting Haze of Pollen in the sideboard since it only stops some aggro decks. Also wondering if Canyon Slough and Sheltered Thicket would be worth adding to splash for Sweltering Suns. it would be risky and would remove Beneath the Sands from the deck but would increase the number of cycling cards.

LevahnTaupe on U/B Cycling

6 days ago

I would runCountervailing Winds in main +1 from me

Zooby9 on UW cycling

1 week ago

I have a deck that is purely based around cycling, so it's a little different than yours, but I have found Countervailing Winds to be an incredible counterspell. Our decks work the same in that we cycle things sometimes, which allows cards to get into our graveyards, and you cast a lot of instant and sorceries which get into your graveyard. You wouldn't think it would end up being good, but it can get to impossible for an opponent to pay for by turn 5, so I would really suggest Including it. Here's my deck if you're interested: You Remember That Censor I Cycled... It is BU so some different cards but it still might be useful. I like your deck though!

landofMordor on UW cycling

1 week ago

I would cut your Cunning Survivor for Countervailing Winds or another utility creature. Riddleform is an evasive enough threat that you might not need the additional threat, and that change would boost your cycling percentage, which seems a little low here.

landofMordor on Self Mill with 3 ways to win

1 week ago

Countervailing Winds, Nimble Obstructionist might help you cycle through faster. There's a new HOU card, Fraying Sanity, which you can use on yourself.

Legendary_Crush on May We Be Found Worthy

1 week ago

Working with what I've pulled/traded for now. I honestly can't justify buying a $20 Nicol Bolas over putting gas in the car ;)

For now, that is... once I can get my hands on more cards I will update the decklist. Otherwise everything I have here is what I physically have without spending any money.

As for The Locust God... I have 2 of The Scarab God that I wanted to try out, but it looks like that is the way most of these control decks are going, so I thought I would try The Locust God instead, if he doesn't work out then it will be filled with something else (likely more Supreme Will) and yes, I was testing out Countervailing Winds, I thought maybe this could work but... nope. Of course not. For now I placed in an Abrade since I somehow only have 1 Supreme Will in inventory.

Anyways, I'll check back in after the weekend when I can hopefully get more pieces.

Nedon31 on May We Be Found Worthy

1 week ago

Thought you're rid of me huh? I like to see things through with the decks I comment on.

That's a pretty big revision. Let's work our way through this.

So first up with Chandra: If Xmage is any indicator you're in for a rough time. Aggro burn is pretty popular, including the lands that deal damage, and other pings here and there. So if she drops down and removes something she sits on 1 loyatly, and instantly gets killed off by your opponent. So it's basically a 4 mana deal 3 to target creature heal for 1. If you're convinced that it works wonders in slower matchups though, you can leave it in I guess.

Otherwise I'm happy that my advice was helpful, let's see if I can help again.

Unlicensed Disintegration is actually a very nice catch, I kind of forgot about it, and was annoyed that I couldn't find a 3 mana instant speed destroy that wouldn't rotate out with Ixalan. I'll have a look if I can include it somewhere in my own deck :D

I'm kind of confused by the removal of one copy of Bolas. I get that you have more win conditions, but you didn't add any and Bolas, albeit the slowest one, is actually the hardest to get rid of, as a Planeswalker with a decent chunk of Loyalty more than Chandra.

I can mostly agree with the changes in the instant section, except for the single Countervailing Winds. It's only really good really late - but thats also when it's not good because your opponent has a lot of mana to spare. You probably won't have 3 cards in your graveyard on 3 mana, maybe on 4, but not even that's save. And the cycling is... Okay I guess? I'd much rather have another Supreme Will, since it's always "unless pays 3", so it's better early, and it's the better draw effect, even though it costs one mana more, which isn't too much of a problem late, and that's the time where you would want to cycle away Countervailing Winds because the counter effect becomes super unreliable.

The Locust God... Oof, that's hard. I guess his effect is really good in a more midrangey style, since it spawns additional creatures (that also immediately chip) to the mid-sized body. But that's also where the problem lies: 4/4 is pretty easy to remove. I guess most wipes deal only 3, but there's cheap hard wipes and a bit of pings and stuff that can clear it up should it survive a soft wipe with 1. And then ofcourse there's the instant speed removal which you probably can't counter having played Locust. But I guess in a midrange build where your opponent has a hard time dealing with all the threats you have you can get away with it. Funnily enough I'd say it fits into an As Foretold deck.

I'm btw still not happy with only a single bontus last wreckage. I think thats too inconsistent to have early, and it's kinda eh late since yes you wipe hard for 3 mana but if your opponent plays enough stuff to drain your mana in his turn you're in for a bad time.

Also I kind of apologize for bashing Torment of Hailfire so hard, if you like it you can leave it in of course. It's your deck not mine after all.

I hope I could help you out again!

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