Countervailing Winds


Format Legality
1v1 Commander Legal
Vintage Legal
Modern Legal
Standard Legal
Legacy Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Casual Legal
Unformat Legal
Pauper Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Hour of Devastation (HOU) Common

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Countervailing Winds


Counter target spell unless it's controller pays 1 for each card in your graveyard.

Cycling 2 (2, Discard this card: Draw a card).

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Countervailing Winds Discussion

Wahrghoul84 on Heartless Myr

6 days ago

@superhuman21: thanks for the upvote! Input is always appreciated. To your first comment: myr superion can be cast as long as Heartless Summoning is on the battlefield. The reduction it grants makes the spell free. To your second comment: that counterspell looks awesome! I wouldn't replace my other counters with it though. The combo is dependent on the graveyard. After game 1 the hate comes in. For that reason it makes Countervailing Winds less desirable. In a deck without a graveyard based combo where hate is less likely it would be a very good choice.

superhuman21 on Heartless Myr

1 week ago

You technically couldn't hard cast Myr Superion, so you would want to discard him then reanimate him. Palladium Myr may be helpful here. Also while not the best counterspell, Countervailing Winds can be dangerous if you have a bunch of cards in your graveyard.

superhuman21 on Gwafa, You're such a D!CK!!!!! (HELP)

1 week ago

If you want to run a control deck like this run Sen Triplets. Not only will you always be primaried, but also hated on endlessly. So choose wisely when doing it for casual edh, some people may not want you playing it again.
There is also Apprentice Wizard, Tinker, and some other great (pre-either edition) blue control/counterspell cards. I can list a couple really good ones later. Also underrated but great later in the game is Countervailing Winds.

Rex_JB24 on U/R Baral and Drake

2 weeks ago

Your deck is focused around Drake and wants cards in grave right? I think Countervailing Winds has a home here. Thanks to Cycling, and your various discard outlets, you'll have cards in grave early game and the spell only gets stronger as the game goes on.

5D_Phantom on UB-Hand of Desecration

3 weeks ago

Thinking about replacing Countervailing Winds with Dash Hopes.

Pappyy1369 on W/U Control

1 month ago

Updated the deck again after playing some FNM....(went 4-6)

The wins all came from using my Multiform Wonder + Untethered Express + Aethersphere Harvester

Card updates:

Removed:Cogworker's Puzzleknot, Consulate Turret, Pacification Array, Pressure Point, Confiscation Coup, and Spire Patrol

Added:Cast Out, Hieroglyphic Illumination, Fumigate, Approach of the Second Sun, Censor, and Countervailing Winds.

Also added in more lands with Irrigated Farmland

I am also thinking of adding in Gideon, Martial Paragon but am a little unsure.

Now there is an additional win con with Approach of the Second Sun if it doesn't get de-spelled.

Devinmlake on Mono-blue Engulf

1 month ago

If you drop the Commit / Memory in the main board and 4 Countervailing Winds you won't have to worry about big hitters because you'll have more counters. They also get better the longer the game goes for because you won't have to worry about your graveyard disappearing. I would also drop them because Memory screws up your Engulf the Shore. You could just move them to the sideboard for control matchups.

Devinmlake on Mono-blue Engulf

1 month ago

Looks like to side out Commit / Memory in almost every situation. Have you considered replacing it with maybe 2 Baral, Chief of Compliance and 2 Countervailing Winds

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