Walk the Plank


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Walk the Plank


Destroy target non-Merfolk creature.

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Walk the Plank Discussion

SoulsSlayerKnight on B/W Vampire Token

3 days ago

I like your deck build going here, I love vampire decks, as for info on Vampires and tokens, here's the things I like so far with yours

  1. Procession and radiant destiny to increase the effects of doubling and adding bonuses + vanquishers banner
  2. Call to the feast is definitely a must have for this, not sure if your interested but there's also Queen's Commission as well
  3. If you could, try earning a Legion's Landing  Flip card because thats a amazing card for vampires and tokens especially

Here's my advice: I'd lower off some creatures a bit like Sadistic Skymarcher (costs 4 or 3 depending on choice but flying is nice with it except very little difference from aspirants for a quick token deck build), Ravenous Chupacabra (find sorceries or instants to slay off creatures, not saying its bad but vampires), Voracious Vampire (since its effect triggers only once and for a 3 cost it wont help with tokens much as it only affects 1 vampire for 1 turn). I'd also 2nd removing Moment of Triumph like Exodus2727 mentioned. In your case you'll want vampires to be fast, skymarcher aspirant to 4x, vicious conquistador to 4x kind of thing because it makes city's blessing that much easier. Keep Elenda, the Dusk Rose for sure, I even prefer 2 of them if you can manage to get two of them.

If your also trying a life gain method with Twilight Prophet I'd honestly take it out if for that reason, but for ascend reason would make sense. Thats up to you, Personally myself, I'd take it out. Moment of Craving isnt a bad card but not best suited for a token deck nor is it extremely useful later on. Charge isnt bad either but with all the anthems you already have, its not completely necessary. I mean Legion Lieutenant, Radiant Destiny and the banner are all you need really.

Forerunner of the Legion I'd rather have Dusk Legion Zealot for card draws, may cost 2 mana but as I mentioned to rid of quite a few of things, you'll only want to add in cards you really need, thats where zealot comes in handy.

Here's my short version because I write to much, thanks if you read if so

Take out - Mo craving, Mo triumph, charge, prophet, sadistic skymarcher, voracious vampire, chupacabra, arterial flow is better with more of but I prefer to take it out, and possibly vicious offering in replace for a Gideon's Reproach or even Walk the Plank sorcery. Fatal Push if can get a couple of those.

Have - 4x skymarcher aspirant, 4 vicious conquistador, 2 elenda (if can), 4x martyr, 4x legion lieutenant, keep mavren at 2x or 3x, 4x dusk legion zealot, maybe 2x-4x Queen's Commission from earlier mentioned. 2x-3x Legion's Landing  Flip radiant destiny 3x or 2x of depending, 2x procession, and gruesome fate. The rest should be lands

I hope this helps out a little bit or maybe to much because I tend to overdo writing alot.

zenozia on Sultai Counter

1 week ago

Hi really like your list really good for the money! for the main deck Greenbelt Rampager and Ridgescale Tusker could be good option I'm not a big fan of Implement of Ferocity I know it's sometime good but you can't afford the loss of tempo. For 2 mana this deck can do a lot. also Duress is in most case more usefull then Divest especially that you have 4 Putrefy if I were you i'll go more into the agro side of this deck dropping Walk the Plank for Blossoming Defense and maybe dropping 1 Duress and 1 Putrefy for 2 Attune with Aether if you feel you need a LOT of aditional card draw Lifecrafter's Bestiary

for the sideboard 2-3 Heroic Intervention. I know it's 5$ but against board wipe you have almost no hope to win. 3-4 Natural State are always a good sideboard option 1 Yahenni's Expertise is a little akward sometime but if all your creature are 4/4 it's a game changer Lost Legacy could be usefull for the rest you could put your copy of Divest

BlaineTog on No cards for you! -- budget hand disruption

1 week ago

Actually, it occurs to me that Treasure Map  Flip might be a great fit for the sideboard against Control decks. We're already pretty good against Control thanks to main-decking Duress and all our other discard, but we don't have a lot of great things to board in when our removal is mostly dead.

Hmm. If you went down Never//Return and a Walk the Plank / Cast Down in favor of 3x Vraska's Contempt, then you could ditch Hour of Glory and 1x copy of Lost Legacy from the sideboard for 3x Treasure Map  Flip. That actually sounds pretty solid.

BlaineTog on No cards for you! -- budget hand disruption

1 week ago


Thanks for the comments, glad you like the deck!

I didn't make many concessions for price with this deck so other than swapping in the Vraska's Contempts, I don't think you need to change anything up for that reason. That said, I haven't done much testing since Dominaria came out so it's possible there are places to tighten up the list. Cast Down is a pretty easy switch for Walk the Plank, for example. Of the 50 most-played creatures in Standard, the only creatures it can't kill that Walk the Plank can are Kari Zev, Skyship Raider, The Scarab God, Pia Nalaar, Lyra Dawnbringer, Ghalta, Primal Hunger, Gonti, Lord of Luxury, and Shalai, Voice of Plenty, and having to deal those using our other removal spells is probably well-worth Cast Down's upgrade to Instant speed.

To answer your specific questions:

More Torment of Hailfire: I'm running only 2 because I don't want to draw this card until later in the game. It's pretty bad with a low X-number and since we don't have ramp, we need a lot of turns of hitting our land drops before it's worth casting.

Duress: No, this card is great. You board it out sometimes but most decks play a number of important noncreature spells and being able to peak at your opponent's hand in the early game is very important for planning out sequences.

Dreamstealer: a fine card but it isn't a replacement for Duress and doesn't generally work with our artifact plan.

Dire Fleet Poisoner: I'm not very impressed by this card in our deck. You could play it and it might be fine, but it doesn't really do anything we can't do in other ways.

Sword-Point Diplomacy: I've tested this a little and have been generally unimpressed. Your opponent just has too much control.

Gifted Aetherborn: already in the sideboard, definitely better than Dire Fleet Poisoner in this deck. The life gain and extra point of toughness are really powerful against aggro decks.

Heartless Pillage: I could see this swap, but I really value being able to cycle away discard later in the game. Heartless Pillage has higher upside than Unburden but the fail-case is pretty bad. I'd say this change is up to you.

Treasure Map  Flip: I've done extensive testing of Treasure Map in this deck and I do really want to include it, but I want all our other cards more. You especially can't swap it out for Renegade Map because Map is why we get to run so few lands and Treasure Map is too slow to make up for dropping even lower. If you can figure out what to cut, though, I say go ahead. The obvious choice would be Implement of Malice, but then we drop below our critical level of forced discard, and everything else serves critical purposes. There's a chance that Wall of Forgotten Pharaohs is just too cute and we'd be better served by dropping Treasure Map on turn 2, but then we're setting ourselves up for really bad game-1s against aggro.

The Eldest Reborn: Might be fine in the sideboard for matchups against hexproof decks if those are a problem in your meta. Otherwise, it doesn't have all that much synergy with our deck. I could definitely see it playing an important role in a different discard deck that wasn't leaning into the artifact-matters theme.

Cruel Reality: Kinda the same thing as The Eldest Report, except 7 mana is a lot for this deck. We'll get there eventually, sure, but not until turn 7 at the earliest, at which point I'm concerned that Cruel Reality is just too slow of a finisher. I'd probably rather just run more copies of Torment of Hailfire, which gives us way more immediate value and can easily just win us the game on the spot. Cruel Reality makes more sense in a Golgari ramp deck that wants to stick in on like turn 4 or 5 so it can start nugging the opponent during the development stage of the game.

Gim on Mono black Aggro

3 weeks ago

Bontu isn't really worth it since you have to pay that much and sac a creature for such a pitiful effect. He isn't really conducive to an aggro strategy and only really fits in aristocrats. I would also consider moving two of Bontu's Last Reckoning into sideboard and the second Vraska's Contempt to the mainboard.

I would also consider Cast Down or Vicious Offering in place of Walk the Plank since they're instant speed.

It might also be worth moving Gifted Aetherborn to the mainboard as well while upping Duress to 4 copies and maybe adding in a copy or two of Dispossess and/or Doomfall to the sideboard.

Hope you find success with your deck!

Hobbez9186 on Taking All the Turns and All the Combats

3 weeks ago

So last night I ran this with my playgroup and things went pretty well. I can say that mono-red was surprisingly challenging with 4 Shock, 4 Lightning Strike, and 4 Fanatical Firebrand that came up 100% of the time to shoot down my Celebrants and Tetsukos, and the Summoner didn't come close to outracing the likes of Siege-Gang Commander. He never dropped a Goblin Chainwhirler but that would have been devastating as well.

Aside from that matchup, I did very well against Naya Dinosaurs, Dimir Treasures, and Izzet Wizards while pulling off two games with a turn 4 blowout. That was wonderfully satisfying. We did a 3 player game that was interesting because all three of us had counterspells but the other two had quite a bit of removal like Fatal Push, Walk the Plank, Wizard's Lightning, Shock, and Lightning Strike. I drew a ton of that removal and had very little chance of recovering because of all the control between the two of them. I took the compliment of being a credible threat, they were both really scared to let me do anything :)

Spell Pierce seemed like it would have been really good to stop all the early game burn against all three of those decks, especially against those Goblins and the burn. I want to put a pair of them in place of some Protean Raiders in the sideboard.

The games I played did run 4 Hope of Ghirapur in place of the Bloodlust Inciter and it actually worked out really well. I still think I want the Inciter, so I am going to split the difference with 2 of each and see what happens. I also put in the Mox Amber and it was turned on 90% of the time which was really nice. I had some turn 1 plays where I was able to Mox + HoG + Land and go into turn 2 with 3 mana. To fit it in I dropped to two Glorious End and surprisingly even with just two copies I was able to find it in most games. I think I will be going back up to 3 and go down one copy of Disallow because I found myself just short of the 3 mana to use Glorious End and protect it with Disallow, but Negate does the trick very nicely. Pulling in Spell Pierce would have worked too if I had it. I also think I can work in Karn's Temporal Sundering into the sideboard in place of the Helm of the Host since the Mox never had any troubles. Saheeli Rai was a credible threat and did exactly what I put her in to do. I am tempted to drop the Skinshifter and just have four copies of her, but the Skinshifter did its job very well too and I would like to keep them both.

I'll continue testing but I'm very happy with where the deck is. I was really frustrated against Goblins, and after some tweaks, I can't wait to try it again.


1 month ago

mikeb388 Valid choices; I'm finding versus any vehicles Gonti does not get me many places, and he's just dogfood and countered against control right now. I mean the same could be said of any creature, but Gonti is REAL gambling. Doomfall late game has won me some matches; and against control decks where one or two board threats are the only thing on their board it can win you match. Doomfall also allows you to pull cards from their hand and monitor the situation. I've used as that more than anything else; another intelligence gathering point. Gonti is a gamble, but it can payout, its just not paying out for me as of late. He's fetched me artifacts, or creatures, and occasionally a control spell; but rarely something that is going to turn the tide of battle at a 4-point mana cost. I then have to use MORE mana to use the card he pulls. Turn 4 he's at his most effective, and I'm not tapping out for him bc I'm naked, and I'm about control with this deck. I still might slot in Never over Doomfall at some point just because it is also definitive control. Denial of assets; that's my main goal. I need more from Gonti, Lord of Luxury and not gambling. I know what I'm getting out of Never; a dead creature or planeswalker. I know what I'm getting out Doomfall too; a dead creature or a valuable card out of their hand. I can't say the same for Gonti; but that's not my place to judge. Everyone is different. He's not a bad guy, I just want certainty of board elimination and control. His deathtouch helps, but I need more.

Monoblack aggro is a thing, I just don't like it much in the current meta. Pre-Dominaria it had more legs for me to satisfied with, post-Dominaria its a non-starter. I've seen some decks running Ruin Raider but I've caught them killing themselves with it. Bob's cousin Ned is what I call Ruin Raider. Bob = Dark Confidant.

Regarding Walk the Plank, I think that for 1 mana more and getting the option to kill a planeswalker is much more gratifying; no silly merfolk restrictions either...not that many exist outside of Merfolk Trickster. I've slotted Cast Down over it because of one phrase; end of turn. Cast Down works at instant speed, and that frees me up to do what I want with my mana on my turn. This is a CRUCIAL and harsh lesson for anyone playing control. Having some instant removal is needed. Leave some mana open, wait for them to play their board, then make calls on what to kill. Putting that choice on my turn not only opens me up for further waste; it means I might not be able to remove whatever they are casting behind my target. Of course, it matters if their tapped out too, and a variety of other factors, but generally some of the best time to do a bit of cleaning house is at the end of their turn. Again, take that with a grain of salt, and YMMV, and don't follow that fact like its a litany of the universe or some shit. You have to think moves ahead.

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