Dead Man's Chest


Format Legality
Pre-release Legal
Leviathan Legal
Penny Dreadful Legal
Magic Duels Legal

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Set Rarity
Rivals of Ixalan (RIX) Rare

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Dead Man's Chest

Enchantment — Aura

Enchant creature an opponent controls

When enchanted creature dies, exile cards equal to its power from the top of its owner's library. You may cast nonland cards from among them for as long as their remain exiled, and you may spend mana as though it were mana of any type to cast those spells.

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Dead Man's Chest Discussion

xhuggels on Plundering Pirates

5 days ago

the problem with Dead Man's Chest is its too unreliable and has too many holes it needs to jump through.

First, you want to target a strong creature...if your opponent has one. Then you gotta first inchant him, then kill him with a kill-spell since pirates cant kill stuff in combat easily, which will probably take 2 turns. And even then you may not find anything good, what if you draw 3 lands and 2 2 drops....hardly worth the trouble.

xhuggels on Plundering Pirates

5 days ago

Dead Man's Chest, though being a cool card, is too unreliable and has too many holes it needs to jump through. you use 1 card to enchant creature, which is only worth it if it is a powerful creature, so this is useless early on, then you have to kill said powerful creature, probably with that Vraska's Contempt you got there as pirates arent good at killing strong things in a fight, so now you already used 2 cards to get rid of their 1. (and 2 turns mind you)and even then you are not sure you will find anything good...

Murphy77 on Plundering Pirates

6 days ago

I like Dead Man's Chest and Vona's Hunger for this deck. I went with a splash of white so that I could add Angel of Condemnation, and once per turn flicker Hostage Taker or Gonti, Lord of Luxury.