Aethertide Whale


Format Legality
Modern Legal
Legacy Legal
Vintage Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Standard Legal
Frontier Legal

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Set Rarity
Aether Revolt Rare

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Aethertide Whale

Creature — Whale


When Aethertide Whale enters the battlefield, you get (six energy counters).

Pay : Return Aethertide Whale to its owner's hand.

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Aethertide Whale Discussion

Cartby on Flying Servos

1 week ago

Hey! I like the idea of the creature tokens with flying, but I'd suggest more lords in the deck like Metallic Mimic, Master Trinketeer, or Angel of Invention especially angel given its ability to create more servos. Bumping Aven Wind Guide up to 4 copies might be better for consistency for flying servos. I definitely agree with the suggestions of Sram's Expertise and Reverse Engineer. Also, for more on color dual lands I'd suggest Irrigated Farmland. In terms of making room for these cards, I would try and limit the energy theme, especially with cards like Aethertide Whale not seeming like it has a whole ton to do apart from be a huge body, unless you have some huge energy payoff I'm just not seeing.

I hope this helps! Your deck looks great.

Pieguy396 on Flying Servos

1 week ago

Hi, there! For a first deck, this looks excellent! Well done! I have just a few recommendations:

Hope this helps! Have fun with your deck!

Bano42 on Ancient Energy

1 week ago


I have taken a look at your deck. Yours is very different from mine. A lot of your spells are white, and I'm going with a Mono-blue thing. So I won't discuss those differences in our decks.

I've realized cards like Aethertide Whale and Shipwreck Moray which you have in your deck weren't really working for me personally. High-mana, low-value outside of the actual energy they provide.

Deadlock Trap: I really really want to like this card. It would be extremely good if it didn't come into play tapped.

Dynavolt Tower: I'm just not running enough instants/sorceries to make this card worthwhile in my deck.

Furthermore, I'm a huge fan of Aethersphere Harvester, so I'm using this as my 3-drop instead. You should also consider Aether Meltdown as a fun energy card to sideboard.

Once I play this version of my deck, I'll let you know what I think. I'm waiting for a couple cards to come in the mail!

UlvMalvaron on

1 week ago

Best things in energy in present standard are Aetherworks Marvel and Ulamog, the Ceaseless Hunger. Both they make together really good win condition. The question is, what you are gonna reach - more aggro deck, focused on pumping Electrostatic Pummeler, where I would completely take out white (I guess, going just for Eerie Interlude in not worthy), or focusing on getting energy to get some funny resolutions (like Aetherworks Marvel, may be Aethertide Whale or even Aethersquall Ancient. Btw I don't really think, that Verdurous Gearhulk is a good idea - I guess your point is combining him with Panharmonicon, but overall he doesn't do the work. May be a sort of good trampler with energy would be Aetherwind Basker. All of that, I'm not rly sure if Panharmonicon is that necessary. I would rather go for cards like Paradox Engine, Aether Meltdown, Servant of the Conduit - is rly must have in deck like this, may be Sage of Shaila's Claim, Attune with Aether or Woodweaver's Puzzleknot. For sideboard I would recommend some Negates, Censors or for some interesting techniques (I'm not sure if it works, but can be good) new Nissa, Steward of Elements.

TheRedMan on Temur EEC (Energy-Ego-Coup)

3 weeks ago

Well, heart of Kiran is out! It did not fell generic in this deck. So everything that came with it is out as well: Greenbelt Rampager; Nissa, Voice of Zendikar. Instead i found THE creature for my deck. Altered Ego. Since i steal with Confiscation Coup i can copy&paste as well. Call it lack of imagination. But in my eyes there is no good "finisher" creature for the energy deck. O.K. There is Aetherwind Basker but it is too expensive. Even Aethertide Whale is a bit too big with six mana. Other creatures don't fit in so well. If i would play e.g. Gearhulk i do not need the energy creatures.

TheRedMan on Temur EEC (Energy-Ego-Coup)

3 weeks ago

No bannings in standard => that means again some changes for my deck. Lathnu Hellion and Aethertide Whale go in the sideboard. Empyreal Voyager and Greenbelt Rampager come in. And Heart of Kiran. As for the sideboard: i will try Negate instead of Blossoming Defense.

TheRedMan on Temur EEC (Energy-Ego-Coup)

4 weeks ago

Finally with Amonkhet straight ahead i think i figured it out. Confiscation Coup it is. And Aethertide Whale.---So in the end i finish my opponent with his own creature. In theory...

clayperce on Best Amonkhet card for sealed ...

1 month ago


And yeah, I'm excited to build around Enigma Drake for sure! It's worst (Consulate Skygate for 3) is pretty bad, but like you say, the ceiling is BONKERS.

I'm not sure about Scaled Behemoth. I love the Hexproof, but the boardstate is normally so clogged up in Limited, I'm not sure he's worth it unless you can also get that evasive boost you mentioned. Bottom line: He's no Aethertide Whale nor Plated Crusher ...

Also, I started a 2HG thread over here: 2HG in Amonkhet, in case you're interested.

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