Aethertide Whale


Format Legality
Modern Legal
Legacy Legal
Vintage Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Standard Legal

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Set Rarity
Aether Revolt Rare

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Aethertide Whale

Creature — Whale


When Aethertide Whale enters the battlefield, you get (six energy counters).

Pay : Return Aethertide Whale to its owner's hand.

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Aethertide Whale Discussion

Bano42 on Aethersquall Ancient Energy!

4 days ago


Just playtesting the deck on here a bit, I'm finding that a lot of the early-game energy is just feeding into cards like Aether Theorist and Shielded Aether Thief to generate really solid card advantage. Even the Deadlock Trap consumes a few points in energy dealing with creatures. Late game, the energy that the Aethertide Whale generates is almost always going straight into Aethersquall Ancient as well.

I'll definitely consider those cards though and move all of them into my sideboard/maybe-board. Thanks!

maikurr on Let me do something with Energy!

5 days ago

Have you considered Aethertide Whale over multiform wonder? It can power aetherworks marvel on its own and also protect itself....just a suggestion

RazortoothMtg on Aether Revolt Pre-Release MVC (Most ...

5 days ago

Aethertide Whale with Multiform Wonder was my MVP. 10-point life swing with evasion each turn, bounce whale, get more energy, etc.

Also Mechanized Production + Pacification Array was amazing.

RazortoothMtg on Aether Revolt Spoilers!

5 days ago

I went 3-1 at my prerelease with a sweet grixis control deck. I had 10 removal spells, not counting the Fireforger's Puzzleknot, 2x Take into Custody, Fourth Bridge Prowler, Dark Intimations, Cruel Finality, ad Leave in the Dust in the sideboard. Foil promo Gonti's Aether Heart.

1x Leave in the Dust

1x Unlicensed Disintegration

1x Daring Demolition

1x Shock

1x Die Young

1x Underhanded Designs

1x Vengeful Rebel

1x Cruel Finality

1x Subtle Strike

1x Pacification Array

1x Gifted Aetherborn

1x Prophetic Prism

1x Implement of Combustion

1x Implement of Examination

1x Scrapheap Scrounger

1x Experimental Aviator

1x Gonti's Aether Heart

1x Aether Chaser

1x Gearseeker Serpent

1x Multiform Wonder

1x Aethertide Whale

1x Mechanized Production

1x Freejam Regent

8x Swamp

4x Mountain

4x Island

1x Island

By far the best card in this deck is Multiform Wonder. When combined with any other energy producing card, like Gonti's Aether Heart, Aethertide Whale, or even Mechanized Production on it, it's an evasive 10-point life swing each turn.

I also had the most epic win ever. I was at 3 life, then played Mechanized Production on my Pacification Array, which let me tap out his board each turn and i got up to 8 Pacification Arrays once I was at 1 life.

JDegenerate on Assembly Line 1.0

6 days ago

As for blue creature threats in Standard to give improvise, here are a few thoughts: Aethersquall Ancient, Aethertide Whale, Sphinx of the Final Word, Guardian of Tazeem, and Gearseeker Serpent as you mentioned. (I stuck with a big creature theme here)

Insidious Will could be good with improvise as well, I believe.

Boza on Aether Revolt Spoilers!

1 week ago

Sealed is a different beast. Aethertide Whale is a serious bomb and one that you should strongly consider playing. However, it is not a game-defining bomb like say Herald of Anguish or Noxious Gearhulk. You do not get to choose your cards in sealed, so play to your pool's strenghts.

If you open Whale, but all of your removal is concentrated in BW, play a BW deck, rather than a medium deck with 1 good card.

Sealed and prerelease is about consistent card quality, ratheer than individual card quality.

Boza on Aether Revolt Spoilers!

1 week ago

Aethertide Whale is also known as "dies to Grasp of Darkness, with its trigger on the stack". Yeah, it is quite bad. Even if you dfo have 4 energy beforehand, every removal becomes Time Walk cause spending 6 mana to your opponent's 2 is a tempo nightmare.

Dece for limited, but terrible for standard.

My vote for best rare of the set goes to Greenbelt Rampager.

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