Aethertide Whale


Format Legality
Modern Legal
Legacy Legal
Vintage Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Standard Legal
Frontier Legal

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Set Rarity
Aether Revolt Rare

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Aethertide Whale

Creature — Whale


When Aethertide Whale enters the battlefield, you get (six energy counters).

Pay : Return Aethertide Whale to its owner's hand.

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Aethertide Whale Discussion

GabeBurch on Fog Tower

1 day ago

The maiden voyage of this deck did pretty well - 0/2, 2/1, 2/1 - 4th place out of 8

The first match was against a blue Aetherworks Marvel + Paradox Engine + Aethertide Whale combo deck and I got shut down pretty quickly. I think I may need some artifact removal in my sideboard.

The second match was against a red/black Vampire Madness deck. He beat me in game 2 due to his Vampires with haste and lack of fogs in hand, but I took him down in game 3 with a Torrential Gearhulk and Dynavolt Towers.

Match number 3 was against a black Metallic Mimic + Animation Module servo deck. Fumigate performed very well except when Yahenni, Undying Partisan was around because he just sacrificed all his servos. Game 3 wasn't looking too good until I drew a second Fevered Visions at the end of turn 5 and a third one at the start of turn 6 and played them both that turn. Three Fevered Visions on the board is wicked.

521nub on Temur Energy

4 days ago

What is Aethertide Whale for in the sideboard? You could probably lose the blue and get better mana as well as more sideboard space for things like Release the Gremlins, and maybe even Larger Than Life so that you have the option of pivoting into a pummeler deck. Just ideas :)

kellen.rice on Nissa Energy

2 weeks ago

great deck! i think you should add an Animation Module, because although your deck doesn't revolve around servo tokens, it combines with Decoction Module and Fabrication Module to go almost infinite. if you have all three of these one the battlefield, you basically can pay any amount of mana and get that much energy, counters, and servo tokens. i also think Aethertide Whale would contribute to this deck.

jawz on Marvelous Paradox

2 weeks ago

Interesting combo. I didn't really get it until I tried it out a bit. With Paradox Engine you can machine gun Aetherworks Marvel activations when you're pulling Aethertide Whales and Peema Aether-Seers.

I think your sideboard is ok. I'd probably swap out one Appetite for the Unnatural for one more Confiscation Coup. And I'd probaly swap out two Negate for two Horribly Awry. But those are fairly tiny adjustments.

I'd really want to find room in the main deck for Altered Ego though, to increase the number of Marvel targets you can pull to reload the Marvel. Maybe take out one or two Aetherwind Basker which is much worse when in your opening hand.

n0bunga on Luci's Temur Energy

2 weeks ago

Definitely take a look at Longtusk Cub, maybe some big fatties like Aethertide Whale or Aetherwind Basker. If you went that route you could also do Aetherworks Marvel. Faced a janky Temur Stompy deck that way.

If you went that approach, definitely consider a playset of Attune with Aether.

Shwang on [Community Discussion]: What makes a ...

2 weeks ago

The specific format and deck determine how good a card is. Within each format and deck, different cards can be powerful for different reasons. But if I were to come up with qualities for a good card in general, I would say cost efficient, versatile, and supportive.

Format: in sealed or draft, a card like Aethertide Whale can be devastating. Most opponents will not have an answer for it. In modern, you won't see a super competitive deck ever playing Aethertide Whale.

Deck: every card in a deck depends on its surrounding cards. Even a card "universally" good like Sol Ring wouldn't be nearly as useful in a white weenie deck where cards all cost white mana and can be played by turn 2 when compared to a card that supports a white weenie deck, like Crusade.

Randomguy006 on Insert witty izzet title here

3 weeks ago

Here's my take on this deck: UR Energy Control

It's similar to yours, but the two big differences are using Aethertide Whale as my win con, so I can focus less on burn and more on control. Once the whale hits the battlefield, that's basically game.

The other big difference is Aether Meltdown. It'll shut down anything that Mardu Vehicles can throw at you.

amhood on Last Stand

3 weeks ago

This list looks really good now. keep everyone up to date on how its doing. I am currently testing out a Standard Combo deck that has Aetherworks Marvel/Paradox Engine + Aethertide Whale + Aetherwind Basker + Saheeli's Artistry = super fun and super budget (after you have the fast lands, marvel, paradox engine) I saw it on MTGGOLDFISH. Looked fun and I'm not looking to play it for competitive play but I do like playing with a bunch of big dumb creatures :)

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