Domineering Will


Format Legality
Pre-release Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal
Magic Duels Legal
Vintage Legal
Pauper Legal
Leviathan Legal
Legacy Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Casual Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Commander 2014 (C14) Rare

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Domineering Will


Target player gains control of up to three target nonattacking creatures until end of turn. Untap those creatures. They block this turn if able.

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Domineering Will Discussion

chosenone124 on The Ultimate Budget Way to Troll EVERYONE

1 week ago

I figured out a way by combining Hive Mind, Mindslaver, Domineering Will, Starfield of Nyx, Clever Impersonator, and Fated Infatuation. I'm just fleshing it out and adding a little humor. I don't want to start adding extra cards into the deck because I run a tight ship ;)

Lord_Khaine on The Ultimate Budget Way to Troll EVERYONE

1 week ago

Donate, mate. Or maybe Domineering Will and Sundial of the Infinite interactions will let you leave opponents with a permanent permanently?

striker4395Isn't Harmless Offering a , thus can't be played in a EDH deck?

Rabid_Wombat on Step Into My Firemind

3 months ago

Good on you for trying a new strategy...Aggro eventually gets boring imho and with Control the challenges of pulling off infinite combos are always a blast!

You are correct - the deck requires more card draw:

Ponder, Anticipate, Brainstorm and Stroke of Genius are all budget cards and will greatly improve this list...Curiosity is also a must have as it is an infinite combo wombo when attached to Niv-Mizzet. Maybe ditch a few artifacts and creatures to fit in the above sorceries and instants.

Willbreaker is another cheap card that enables you to steal opposing creatures turn after turn. Domineering Will is great for this strategy too...use your opponents strengths against them ;)

Bxbx on "Did you just attack me?" spot removal tribal

3 months ago


your deck-idea is great! +1

I once thought about a similar deck, but it was more goofy. It tried to incentivize the opponents to attack each other and then cast pump spells and cards like Berserk or Blood Frenzy on the attacking creatures - ideally on their commander. Your deck somehow reminded me of that idea. I think, I'll have to start working on that again.

Some suggestions:

The following cards were in the deck I mentioned before and could be nice in yours as well:

That's all for now. Let me know what you think

Ashmed on Talrand and His Minions of Flying Doom

6 months ago

thatrhetoricguy, I can't say that it has ever occurred to me to mill myself with the Runechanter's Pike. Not sure if it is a strategy I will adopt if I am honest.

hoardofnotions I have considered them all. I may try and find space for a Dig Through Time and may reconsider Careful Study but I am not a huge fan of the others. I might test them sometime and see if my opinion has changed though!

Domineering Will is funny to use as people don't expect it. It's also useful as a political tool as you can give another opponent creatures to help defend themselves.

Mirror Match is similar in amusement to Domineering Will, especially if the attacking player is running an ETB effect deck! It does cost a lot, however it has saved me a few times.

Delta-117 I did think about Kindred Discovery when it was spoiled, I think I may test it out, however I very rarely struggle to draw cards in this deck and I'm not sure what I would take out for this.

hoardofnotions on Talrand and His Minions of Flying Doom

6 months ago

Treasure Cruise, Dig Through Time seem great! might be worth running more looting type cards like Mental Note and Careful Study to help fuel them

How has Domineering Will worked for you? Is it a triple kill spell alot of the time?

How has Mirror Match worked for you?

I saw what you said about Gravitational Shift and i think it could use some reconsideration. It slows down your opponents creatures and you'll generally have more flying dudes that benefit. I do like favorable winds, so maybe you only have room to run one?

maxon on Kami of the Rising Tides

8 months ago

Love-in-Theory,Both are awesome.

Illusionist's Gambit is a great trick. Being able to not only prevent the damage, but also force them to attack someone else always feels good. If you're only going to pick one of the two to try, the gambit is the one.

Domineering Will is a great way to use other peoples creatures to save your skin. Sometimes the cost feels high for the effect, but when someone swings at me and I steal other people's or their own creatures to block with I can't help but enjoy it. Can also be used outside of combat for other tricky shenanigans should the board present an opportunity.

Love-in-Theory on Kami of the Rising Tides

8 months ago

How well do Domineering Will and Illusionist's Gambit work for you? I play a lot of multiplayer magic too, so these might be what I need

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