Metallic Rebuke


Format Legality
1v1 Commander Legal
Frontier Legal
Vintage Legal
Modern Legal
Standard Legal
Legacy Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Casual Legal
Unformat Legal
Pauper Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Aether Revolt Common

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Metallic Rebuke


Improvise (Your artifacts can help cast this spell. Each artifact you tap after you're done activating mana abilities pays for .)

Counter target spell unless its controller pays .

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Metallic Rebuke Discussion

MoGoose831 on Weeping Thopters

1 week ago

Fun looking deck! I love Izzet!!!

If you're running so many Wandering Fumaroles you should really try to find a spot for at least one Crackdown Construct as it can get infinitely big. As far as your sideboard I would heavily consider the better counters... Disallow and Metallic Rebuke would be awesome in the deck too

Alemanf on My very first deck

1 week ago

I found this deck online and I really like the playstyle:

4 Glint-Nest Crane4 Ornithopter4 Baral's Expertise4 Reverse Engineer4 Engulf the Shore4 Paradoxical Outcome2 Whir of Invention2 Aetherflux Reservoir4 Bone Saw2 Implement of Improvement4 Inspiring Statuary4 Prophetic Prism4 Renegade Map18 Island2 Commit / Memory2 Dispel2 Metallic Rebuke3 Negate2 Vexing Scuttler

what do you think? If I buy these cards is there a possibility to upgrade it in the future? Thanks

Argy on U/G Energy

1 week ago

OK, here we go. I've got a lot of feedback for this deck.

First of all, it's REALLY fun to play.

I've always loved mucking around with

Be aware that this is quite "durdly". Make sure you play it at a reasonable pace: not so slow that you run out of time to complete a match, not so fast that your Opponent doesn't know what is going on.

You would run 20 lands in an EXTREMELY aggressive deck. This is not one of those decks.

I suggest you add 3x Attune with Aether to the mix which sort of acts like a land, colour fixes, and gives you extra

3x Aether Hub would also help this deck with colour fixing. Put them in and remove the Evolving Wilds.

In my opinion Nature's Way would be better than Haze of Pollen. Killing a key Creature will help to stall longer than preventing damage for just one turn.

I would like to see Appetite for the Unnatural in the Sideboard, because it is so versatile. It can get rid of Gearhulks, Liliana's Mastery, etc.

I like Supreme Will better than Metallic Rebuke. Same price for a less conditional card with two modes.

I would rather see Sage of Shaila's Claim than Scythe Leopard. With Evolving Wilds coming out the Leopard won't be as effective, and the Sage fits your theme better.

It also acts a little bit like Haze of Pollen in that you now have a chump blocker that you don't care about losing.

It works really well with Bristling Hydra

Aethersquall Ancient is so good that I would add another. I would take out one Thriving Turtle for it, as that card is a bit hit and miss.

I like the Fabrication Module very much in this deck, but the other modules are a bit meh. You don't want too many Artifacts. I would add a Fabrication Module and take the other ones out.

I would rather see a counter spell than Gift of Tusks. Much better to completely stop a Creature resolving than nerf it for one turn, or boost one of your Creatures. Again, the card is a bit too situational.

Here is a suggested upgrade:

3x Aether Theorist
3x Aethersquall Ancient
3x Bristling Hydra
4x Greenbelt Rampager
4x Longtusk Cub
3x Sage of Shaila's Claim
3x Thriving Turtle

3x Fabrication Module

2x Botanical Sanctum
3x Aether Hub
7x Forest
6x Island
2x Lumbering Falls

4x Blossoming Defense
1x Essence Scatter
2x Disallow OR Cancel
2x Nature's Way
3x Attune with Aether

This deck has a stronger purpose now - get as many as possible and use them to overwhelm the enemy.

I don't like Containment Membrane in the Sideboard. It doesn't tap the Creature, so if it's big enough they can just use it as a blocker.

Against a Control deck running Torrential Gearhulk it is next to useless.


2x Cartouche of Strength
2x Disallow OR Cancel
3x Essence Scatter
2x Negate (brilliant against Planeswalkers)
2x Plummet
2x Supreme Will
2x Appetite for the Unnatural

You'll have to playtest any changes to see how they work.

If you update the deck tag me in these Comments and I'll take another look at it.

KadonianHydra on $10 Standard Voltron

2 weeks ago

I love this deck and you can't argue with that price either, i would add more Reverse Engineer however since it is excellent card draw for cheap due to how many artifacts you have. Also Metallic Rebuke can be good against control spells that either destroy artifacts and creatures, or can bounce your attacking creature back to your hand. Maybe add some in sideboard?

Kaenon on Standard Tezzeret Control

2 weeks ago


Tezzeret's Touch ist something I've always wanted to tinker with and is a card stack of tech I need to try.

I just bought into MTGO, so I can test more readily.

Since artifacts are a sub-theme in the deck, Abrade isn't a huge concern, though the card is still very good and versatile.

Hope of Ghirapur can silence the opponent or set up you locking in a T4 Tezzeret the Schemeror whatever.

As far as the deck goes, my T3 could use some work, usually leaving up all Mana for counter, kill spell or best case - leave up 1 blue and 2 artifacts for Metallic Rebuke, cast Collective Brutality or another rock.

Getting into top-deck mode usually puts me at a severe disadvantage, so I will look to add either Jace, Unraveler of Secrets or Ob Nixilis Reignited to the Mainboard. I used to run multiple Reverse Engineer but I found it wasn't as good in multiples. I'd prefer something at instant speed.

gearturner27 on That isn't affinity...

3 weeks ago

Sly Requisitioner combos pretty good with grinding station I think if you're willing to tweak your mana base. Maverick Thopterist does an okay job too. Metallic Rebuke and add Spire of Industry to the manabase? Fraying Sanity helps mill out your opponent

Herald of Anguish Freejam Regent Bastion Inventor as additional win conditions?

aleister23 on R/U/G colossus fling

3 weeks ago

I played something similar, but without the energy theme.

I would take out Aethersphere Harvester and Gonti's Aether Heart as well as Attune with Aether and add 4 Prophetic Prism and another caravan, 2 key and some Reverse Engineer, the Rogue Refiner could be Metallic Rebuke or some first turn artifacts as Pyramid of the Pantheon or Pacification Array. This would speed things up and let you get rid of green

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