This is an old-fashion weenie aggro with hard control. Winning against 3 other players with weenies is totally possible.

Meet Odric, Master Tactician :

  • PROS: combat damage assignment, unblockable creatures.
  • CONS: can't deal with opponent tapped creatures, leaves you open.
  • EXTRA: he looks like Sean Connery.
  • EXTRA PROS: this mana curve is pure perfection.

"Soldier Players Rise Up!"

Is all about early advantage.

Basically we want to maximize Odric's potential, he requires an high activation cost asking for at least other 3 creatures so we are playing creatures at most. We don't want cards like Honor of the Pure because i want creatures over other things gaining more consistency over raw power, also classic removals like Oblivion Ring are replaced with etb creatures like Banisher Priest and so on that provides control and synergy for Odric's activation condition.

remember that our priority is: creatures > everything else.

  • turn 1 to 4/5: board setup. the best setup you can have is 3 creatures + Odric.
  • TURN 5/6+: defend your army, secure your hand (don't play everything you just need 3 creatures out), MLD.
  • note: 4cmc-slot is reserved for Odric.

You're playing MONO WHITE, so...

STOP complaining about MONO WHITE weaknesses an lack of cards when you're playing MONO WHITE.

  • no need to ramp! you need only 4 lands to play ALL your deck.
  • no need to draw! you don't have all this mana to draw and play another card so you waste 1 turn doing nothing and drawing +1 land (-_-).
  • topdeck every time! draw a land? good i need to reach at least 4 lands. draw creature or something else? good in either case. so DON'T WORRY!


1cmc: the weenies.

2cmc: utility squad.

3cmc: synergy bombs.

4+cmc: superbombs & game-changing.

  • Luminous Broodmoth : biggo motho <3

  • Sunblast Angel : this needs a proper topic (part #²). you'll ever meant to attack with Odric leaving you open to attacks but he kills every opponent creatures attacking or tapping for whatever reasons. game changing, resort against aggro players.

Other spells, divided by category:

commander hate: Drannith Magistrate , Darksteel Mutation , Reprobation , Prison Term , Nevermore . those give you so much advantage in general and for board setup.

shenanigans: Reverent Mantra , Flawless Maneuver , Force of Virtue , Quietus Spike , Prismatic Strands . Enduring Renewal is used best when you have Odric + 3 creatures on the battlefield, at that point you don't need creatures anymore and you only draw land/utility. Worship synergizes well and lets you being aggressive with less worries.

heavy control: Armageddon , Ravages of War , Ravnica at War .

magic cylinder: Comeuppance , Entrapment Maneuver .

overkill: Akroma's Will , Crescendo of War , True Conviction .

planeswalker: Basri Ket , Gideon Blackblade . just synergy.

swarm: Promise of Bunrei , instant Odric trigger, Odric can force-activate this suiciding one of your creature.

removal: Seal Away for big attackers/tapping creatures, Grasp of Fate for mass oblivion ring.

ramp: Sol Ring .

protection: Lightning Greaves , Brave the Elements , Make a Stand , Rootborn Defenses , Unbreakable Formation .


+1 if you liked it, thanks. comments appreciated!

Have fun.

waiting for better releases...

  • Anafenza, Kin-Tree Spirit : slow setup, no synergy with tokens, bolster doesn't let you choose optimally.
  • True Believer : way too defensive.
  • Frontline Medic : virtually a clone of Odric but has no synergy with him cause Odric bypasses blockers, sac-ability is random and is a -1 board creature for Odric activation.


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